[Music] this time of year can be kind of tricky with skincare because we're not full-on into cold weather yet but we're also not smack dab in the middle of summer so today I'm going to be showing you how I get really glowy hydrated skin and I'm using a mix of drugstore and high-end products and the key element is really the drugstore products because they're inexpensive and really easy to integrate into your already existing routine pull my hair back so it's just out of my face a little bit this routine is really about embracing hydration and my natural skin and just taking care of it so it feels good I'm going to start off by using these simple water boost micellar cleansing water and you guys know I am a huge fan of the original micellar water but since I'm focused a little bit more on just really hydrating my skin I've been liking this one so I put a little bit of this on a cotton pad this helps remove any kind of night treatments that I may have on my skin still and because I've been using things like sleeping masks this just ensures that all of that is coming off before I really start to wash my face so you can see that there was definitely stuff on my face and the micellar water just really gently removes it I can feel that my skin is instantly hydrated and I have oily skin and there's definitely a misconception around oily skin a lot of times people think oh you have oily skin you don't need to use things that are hydrating but that is false because while I do have oily skin not like that oil is a moisturizer I can experience dryness while still having an oily skin type which I know can be difficult to wrap your head around but if you're somebody that has oily skin then you know exactly what I'm talking about and it is so weird when you do experience it because it's like your skin is doing two different things at the same time I noticed that when I focus on hydration my skin is just a lot more balanced and hydrating your skin doesn't mean that you're clogging your pores I've been using the original version of this micellar water for years you guys have seen it in my videos and that's why I was really excited when simple reached out and wanted to sponsor this video so I could try out the new water boost and just let you guys know what I think next I'm using the simple water boost micellar facial gel wash and this is really awesome because it's a super gentle cleanser so this is a really awesome because it's made with plant extracts and there are no dyes or perfumes in it I also really love how gentle it is but it's effective so my face feels clean and hydrated no I just made sure that I get this all over my face so fresh and so clean now I'm going to be using the fresh peony of brightening up moisturizing facial toner I've been loving this it's actually almost gone I'm having any kind of hyperpigmentation this really helps lighten those spots and I love how this is just a really great base for anything else that I'm putting on top I just kind of Pat it into my skin after the toner dries I like to follow up with the simple water boost hydrating booster if you follow me on my Instagram stories then you may have seen me using this while I was on vacation I have just been loving it and especially on vacation when I went from a dry plane to a completely different climate this just helped keep my skin balanced and feeling hydrated the entire time today I'm just going to be putting probably like a nickel sized amount I would say onto my face and I just like to Pat it into my skin but there are a couple of different ways that you can use this booster you can use that as a spot treatment so if you have a spot that is particularly dry you can just like put it on that spot and you can also use this as a primer for your makeup too because it just really helps everything stay on and if you want you can mix this with your moisturizer as well next I'm using the fresh of vitamin nectar moisture glow a face cream and if you are familiar with the vitamin nectar mask it smells exactly like that mask it smells really citrusy and fresh and I've been loving this moisturizer because it just leaves my skin super hydrated and really glowy it's basically like if the mask were to be a moisturizer this is it and I think that's what they were aiming for when they made this so I just put a little bit of this all over my face and I love that I don't have to use a lot of this to get the full effect of moisture so a little bit goes on way I also love using this in the morning because this smell just really wakes me up and to wake up my eyes I'm using the origins ginseng eye cream which you have seen me use before I love this stuff because it's hydrating but it also brightens up your eye area and because I'm not wearing any foundation today this eye cream is especially awesome because it just adds extra brightness and extra glow all right for makeup today I'm keeping it really really simple and normally my makeup is pretty simple but this is even more simple I have really loved just embracing my natural skin no matter what state it is in and just working with what it does naturally so right now I'm not breaking out but even when I have been breaking out I've still been going completely foundation free I really love not wearing foundation because my skin just feels really good it feels like it can breathe and also it's less pressure because it's one less step to worry about I just want my skin to feel nice so the first thing I'm going to do obviously is use my NARS eye primer I'm not really putting on that much eyeshadow I like putting this on my eyes regardless because my eyelids just get so oily if I'm wearing mascara sometimes the mascara will just transfer onto my eyelids because the oil is like well take some of that let's go all over your eyelids and I'm like no let's not that just helps keep my eyelids in check next I'm using the Laura Mercier foundation primer this is the radiance foundation primer and I'm still using a primer even though I'm not wearing foundation because I am going to be putting blush and other things on my face so this just helps keep everything in place so I use about that much and I really like the radiance primer because it makes your skin extra glowy but it doesn't look like you have glitter on your face [Music] for eyeshadow I'm using Mac's rice paper and this is one of my favorites for highlighting and just really making your eyes look bright and awake so I'm going to concentrate this right on the inner corner of my eyes rice paper has always been one of my favorites because it has just the right amount of shimmer and when it catches the light it looks so natural then I'm gonna take a fluffier brush and I'm going to put just a tiny bit of rice paper and just Pat it across my lids so I don't want a really thick dense layer of this I just want something that's really nice and translucent look who's been using a new eyebrow pencil this is one of my new favorites it is the Seurat eyebrow pencil in the shade Raven so I'm going to be using this to fill in my eyebrows today this little brush on the end so I'm just combing through them and I've really been liking this pencil because this color matches my eyebrow color I was recently given the tip that I should match my eyebrows to my actual eyebrow color and I've been liking it a lot better than going like a couple shades lighter because I feel like it's just less noticeable that I'm filling in my brows it looks a lot more natural to hold my brows in place I'm using glossy haze boy brow now I'm gonna curl my eyelashes I feel like my eyelashes are going through a new growth cycle right now just not really doing what they normally do especially this side I'm using CoverGirl's so lashing mascara in the waterproof formula recently this side has been okay but it's when we go to the other side they like want to clump up together and I think it's because new lashes are coming in there's just these like open spaces all right here we go see you can kind of already tell that the mascara is going on differently on this side you just really want to stick together a little better today though for blush I'm going to be mixing a too glossy a cloud paints together this is beam which is a peachy err color and then puff which is a really nice pink pretty even amount of both on my finger and then I'm just mixed them together as you can see I'm still really loving the cloud paints they're just so easy to use and I have every shade now so I just really love all the combinations that I can create through mixing them together and for some extra glow I'm going to be using my Becca highlighter in opal this is one of my all-time favorites I've used this like all over my body and it looks great everywhere and I'm just gonna put this right on my cheekbones above my blush so normally I do this earlier but I forgot it today so RMS uncover-up I really love this because it's super sheer and hydrating and gives just the right amount of coverage so I'm just gonna put a little bit of this underneath my eyes [Music] and last but not least on my lips I'm going to be using the Too Faced sweet peach creamy peach oil lip gloss in peach sickle I really love them because they're hydrating and I love how glossy they are I'm gonna put a little bit of Papa don't peach on top of it [Music] you all right that's it I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I achieve a really glowy skin without using foundation I have been loving wearing my makeup this way because it just makes me feel like myself and because I'm someone with oily skin I'm typically told that I need to not be shiny and not be oily and I feel like I'm really just working with what my skin naturally does and that puts me at ease and makes me feel really good something else that made me feel really good is a video that I recently did with Jen M it was my first time at doing a video with her ever she is so cool we did a little get ready with me / us and it was so much fun Jen is awesome and she has amazing style so I will have that video down below for you guys I've been following her for a really long time and it's just been cool to see how she's evolved over the years also if you want a little discount which who doesn't want to discount right I'm gonna have a coupon code down below in the description box so you can save up to three dollars on the simple products that you saw in this video alright a tow always behind me hiding but very happy look at that tail potato when are you gonna show everybody your glowy routine wasn't he just glowing thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you later bye oh he likes it [Music]