[Music] hello everyone today I wanted to make a video that would inspire coziness and also to just get in the mood for sweater weather so I'm going to be showing you the makeup hair and outfit that I'm wearing right now for me personally I feel like this really embodies the sweater weather vibes I am feeling this year so I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you guys also enjoy my Christmas pajamas because I'm really into those too you're about to see them in three two one I'm going to start off by washing my face with a gentle cleanser [Music] next is toner and I really like this one because it's hydrating so it's great for this time of year but a little bit in my hand like that and then I Pat it onto my skin if you really want extra hydration you can layer up your toner three to seven times and it really hydrates your skin then I like using this serum for redness it also helps with breakouts I use this day and night time for moisturizer and this is my favorite right now because it's really hydrating but it's not greasy plus you can get it at Target so that's awesome a little bit of eye cream you guys have seen this one a ton still one of my all-time faves and last but not least on my skin even though we are entering cooler months and the Sun may not be out in full force I still make sure that I wear sunscreen everyday and I like this one because it's a hydrating light lotion consistency that goes on completely clear then there's no white cast left behind I like to let my skincare products sink into my skin before putting on my makeup so in the meantime do my hair you guys know that I love new me products I've been using them for so long and they are just the best hair styling tools and I just want to say thank you to new me for sponsoring this video I'm going to be using the new Mia Love Wins 25 millimeters styling tool this is so awesome because it's rainbow colored and it works really well so I already have heat protectant in my hair right now so I'm gonna go ahead and get started one of the things that I really love about this curling wand is that it heats up super fast so it's already fully heated right now and I can just start curling my hair so I like starting at the front and working my way to the back curling away from my face and you'll see that it only takes a couple seconds for a curl to form if I left it longer I would get a tighter curl and I really love that you have control over what you want to create so I want something that's a little bit looser so I only keep it on for two seconds and then I just keep grabbing sections and doing the same thing and I like leaving the ends out a little bit then I'll brush through with my fingers to kind of loosen them up when I had shorter hair it was a little bit more difficult to wrap my hair around a wand so this is great I'm definitely going to be taking this with me over the holidays when I'm traveling I like to keep my waves a little bit on the Messier side so I don't grab every single section of hair I'll just leave some as they are because I let my hair air dry last night before I went to bed so I kind of already have a little bit of a natural wave happening and then I just come in with the wand and create waves where I want that moving on over to the other side do the same thing I also recommend brushing out your hair as you go along as opposed to brushing everything out once you're finished if you want looser waves because you want to loosen them up before they fully cool and set themselves so I usually do one or two and then brush my fingers through oh that rhymed love it alright so my hair is finished one of the best things about using a nume curling wand is that these curls will last until my next wash so I don't have to be curling my hair every day and I love that so if you're interested in trying out this wand or anything else from nume you can get 20% off the entire new me site by using the code ingrid at checkout so you could get a discount on this for anything on the new me site that is so awesome especially if you're curious about their styling tools like I said before I've been using them for years I'm super loyal to the new me styling products and there are also really great gifts to give since you know hurts my shopping and all that for makeup I'm going to keep things pretty simple today so obviously I'm starting off with my NARS eye primer then for eyeshadow I'm going to be using my Urban Decay Naked heat palette I'm gonna start off by using a mix of ounce and chaser and I'm gonna put this all over my lids this has been my favorite thing to do recently because ounce has a little tiny bit of shimmer I really love how subtle it is it just kind of brightens up your eye area then I'm going to mix a little bit of sauce with a tiny bit of cayenne and I'm gonna put this in my crease I've really been enjoying having a warmer color in my crease then I'm gonna go back to using a little bit of chaser and I'm gonna use that to blend out the edge here now moving into my face makeup I'm going to be using my Smashbox photo-finish pore minimizing primer I always like applying this in the center of my face because I feel like that's typically where my pores are the largest and this just helps smooth them up over so then that way if my makeup doesn't fall into my pores I'm going to be using some tinted moisturizer this is the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer and I'm mixing together bisque and ochre ogre is the slightly darker color bisque is the lighter one and in the dead of winter I'm bisque and then in the summer I'm ochre so right now I'm just kind of like teetering between these two shades now I put about that much on the back of my hand and then I mix them together and then I like applying this in the center of my face everything just goes in the center Beautyblender time I want a little bit more coverage so I'm putting on a little bit more next I'm using the NARS radiant creamy concealer and I'm going to be mixing the shade caramel with custard I just use a tiny tiny tiny bit of this because this is only going on one little spot on my face it's a little tiny bit on my finger mix it together it's going right here where I just have a little scar from a cut that I had on my face for underneath my eyes I am going to use the RMS uncover-up in number 22 I like to focus this on the center like this and then to add a little bit of a peachy tone to it I'm using this Shawn Takei camouflage stylo so I just put this right over the top and then I use my finger to blend it all out I really love how these two products work together to brighten and conceal at the same time and they're not drying either they really just blend seamlessly into my skin for setting spray I'm using the Smashbox primer water this is really great especially for this time of year because it's a little bit more hydrating but it also helps your makeup stay in place to set everything I'm using a glossy Aizu outer in the shade light/medium i've used this quite a bit and there's still a lot of product left so i'm really happy with how long this is lasting [Music] now I'm going to fill in my brows with my sera eyebrow pencil to keep them in place I'm using a little bit of glossy aids boy brow and I like to comb what my brows up just so they're a little bit thicker and fuzzier gonna curl my lashes with a Seurat eyelash curler and then of course I'm using CoverGirl's plumpify mascara [Music] for blush I'm using my hourglass palette this is the ambient lighting edit palette I am going to be mixing together these two colors my fav you know I always try and use other blushes but I always come back to my hourglass palettes finishing up with lipsticks this is the YSL rouge pur Couture in number 54 I really love these lipsticks because they're so smooth and I'm just using my finger to kind of sheer this out a little bit and then over the top I'm using a little bit of Charlotte Tilbury Slon girl apparently I'm really into mixing right now Bond girl is actually one of my favorite lipsticks on its own alright so this is the finished look and now all I have to do is get dressed as much as I love my Christmas pajamas I am going to change into some non pyjama clothing for my outfit I wanted to keep things on the lighter side because this winter I've just been gravitating more towards cream and white and lighter Gray's I'm wearing a white turtleneck with a pair of really comfortable jeans this is actually a sweater that I have in gray and I wear it all the time this year I got it in this cream color because I've been wanting a cream sweater like this and I love it it's super soft really cozy and when I travel I use this as a blanket for shoes I am wearing a pair of pointed toe loafers these are by Nicholas Kirkwood I've had them for two or three years now and I really love them because they're so comfortable and they immediately kind of dress up an outfit in a subtle way and for my bag I'm really excited about this because I am obsessed with my black cloven rebel backpack and recently I got the port color which is a really a pretty color that actually matches the lipstick that I'm wearing today so why not coordinator lipstick with my backpack so that is gonna be it for my video today I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you guys feel really snuggly and cozy and inspired to wear your sweaters because I know I am I cannot wait to just be all snuggled up in my favorite sweaters this is the part where I remind you to go to Instagram because I'm doing giveaways all month long and you can win some prizes and you can also win prizes for your friends too so make sure you're following me on Instagram so you don't miss the giveaways if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because I have more videos coming your way okie dokie I will see you guys later bye okie dokie where did that phone