hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a massive target haul we went shopping at Target and I got a lot of sweaters and winter wear for me and Julie and the boys didn't really need much Ross got a lot of hand-me-downs and he's still able to wear a lot of things that he wore last winter so he's pretty good on the winter wear but me and Julie really needed some stuff and we're having a particularly cold winter here in the south about two weeks ago we were in like 70 degree weather but all of a sudden were in like 50 degree weather and I know that doesn't sound like much to some people out there I know that there's a lot of people out there with way colder weather than that right now but we were very unprepared normally in the beginning of November we are not having 50 degree weather so I'm expecting it to only get colder if it is already this cold this early so I went a little crazy getting at some winter wear for me and Julie and I did pick up a few things for Ross as well so I'm gonna share with you guys everything I got there the very first thing is this sweater this is the softest sweater that I got it is just this like chevron pattern up here and below it is just like this charcoal it looks kind of black on camera but it's like a charcoal gray color oh just the way this feels is so soft and almost like squishy it feels just like a blanket but it is perfect and it feels so cozy this was $27.99 I believe the next thing that I'm gonna share with you guys is this sweater that I was wearing in my video that went up yesterday and I also posted a picture on my Instagram of this sweater but I thought that this was perfect for not just Christmas but I really think that you can wear this even past Christmas because it has those Christmas colors in it but it's just roses so it's not really like Christmasy like it looks Christmasy but then I think it's totally acceptable to wear this after Christmas too but this is what it looks like like I said I've posted a full picture of me wearing it on Instagram so if you don't follow me there you definitely should you can see some more pictures of me wearing this and I'm probably gonna post some more pictures of me wearing like all these sweaters pretty soon but this one was $29.99 so about $30 and I got it in a size small I believe I got all of these in a size small but they're a little bit oversized that's just the way I like it the next thing that I got for me is also super super soft and it's just this it looks like a whitish gray color sweater and it has like all these specks in there this like deep dark green and some reds and some golds and some sparkly gold and so it's just super pretty this is also very oversized so I just cannot wait to wear this with some leggings this one still has the tag on it and this one was $24.99 the next thing I got was this really cute leopard print cardigan and I figured I could wear this with a black tank top underneath it but it looks like this it just has a blush pink color like inside of the leopard print which I thought was so adorable one is also very long this goes that like way past my butt kind of like in between my butt and my knee but I'm also very short I'm only 5 foot 0 so it might be a little bit shorter on some other people I don't still have the tag on this one but I believe it was $24.99 and the last thing that I got for myself is a very versatile piece I figured I could wear this with a lot of different tops underneath it but it's just this cardigan and it is like this tannish almost rosy tan color it's hard to explain but I figured I could wear this with lots of different tops underneath it and I do still have the tag on this one this one was $29.99 next up we'll go through some of Julie's clothes and I just got her this cute little sweater dress in this blue and gold and gray color oh I am in love with it and it is super super warm yeah this one in a 5 T so I think that this is going to fit her even next year when she is 5 because she's 4 now and she fits into like four to five teeth so I think that this one will end up lasting her until next year as well and this one was $17.99 so this is another really warm sweater that I got for her and it also came with gray leggings and it was only 1199 for the whole set so these gray leggings and also the top and the top has these cute little like metallic stars on the bottom and she has blue eyes so I've always loved blue on her she loves wearing pink you give her the option she's gonna pick pink every single day but I just love her in blue next thing that I got for her was also a very versatile piece and it's just this gray cardigan and I thought that she could wear this with lots of different things and it's got these specks of like this metallic like silver color in there super pretty and then on the inside it has this little like hot pink strip there I've got hers in a size 5 T so it should fit her next year as well and this was $17.99 too next up I picked up a little Christmas dress for her I thought that she could wear this whenever we'd go down to Justin's Nana's house and it would be super cozy to like travel in because we will be traveling around that time so I picked this up for her it's just a red little sweater dress and I love the sleeves and how they go like a bail out so cute this one is in a size 5 T as well this one was $17.99 next up is another little cardigan that I got for her this has lots of different colors in it and it has her favorite pink in there so I figured she's gonna want to wear this and this also has some metallic like silver strips in there too I don't know if it's picking up on camera I feel like everything is really light on camera um but how adorable is this I just love it this does still have the tag on there and it was $17.99 so the next outfit that I got for her came with a shirt and also some pants and so I figured she could wear these pants with lots of different pieces as well as the great leggings that I got for her too um this says always chasing wonder I just thought it was adorable and this down here is what sold me on this out fit oh that is just so cute to me and this feels really warm so I think that this is going to keep her nice and warm in the wintertime this one was 1699 and I got it in a size 40 so I haven't told you guys but we are actually going to Disney World for the very first time with the kids Justin my husband he has never been before and the kids have never been before I'm the only one in the family who has been and have only been one time when I was ten so it has been so long for us so we figured we would go to Disney in December and we're super excited about it so I picked up this dress for Julie and it says Sparkle all the way and it's got Minnie Mouse on there but I figured it didn't really need to be too warm because we will be in Florida so I think it's gonna be kind of like 70 degree weather maybe in the 60s but I don't expect it to be any colder than that but I thought that this would be really cute for her to wear when we are there last but not least I picked this one up a few weeks ago but it was from Target so I wanted to share it with you guys and it is this sweater dress right here and it's just got the ruffles and it is mostly gray but it's got the pink on there so I can get her to wear it this one is also a five tee and I can't remember how much this one was I want to say it was $17.99 so now we are moving on to Ross's stuff so speaking of Disney I picked up him a little shirt here and it's just got Mickey Mouse on there this one was only $8.99 so super cheap like I said this is just a very light long-sleeve shirt because I think we will just try to wear like some light long sleeves and then bring some jackets and coats too just in case it does get a little bit cold there next up I got him this sweater I just love these I call these like the old man sweaters I even got one for Justin not too long ago for our anniversary actually but this one is a 3t as well and we do still have the tag this one was 1499 but I thought that he could wear this with lots of different stuff it is a grayish color but I feel like it does have like a blue undertone so just be aware of that if you want to like get it and make match it with other things then just be aware that it does kind of have like a bluish tone when you see it in person and last but not least I got him this sweater and this one was $15.99 I got it in a 3t as well and I know a lot of you guys are gonna ask if this is a separate shirt underneath and it is not it's basically just a collar and it goes to about here so you won't be able to wear this as a shirt by itself but I thought it was really cute so my camera totally died on me but hey at least we were at the end anyway you guys do me a favor and leave this video a thumbs up if you liked it it really does help me out a lot and subscribe to my channel if you are new and would like to see more videos from me and I will leave some cleaning motivation up here on the screen for you guys and I will see y'all in the next video bye