hey guys do you have teens and tweens am I the only one or does it seem like they live in their own alternate universe they even have their own language well today in our video we're going to decode some of what they say in tEEN TOP translation [Music] hey everybody I'm Eden welcome back to millennial moms before we get started you want to subscribe to our channel by clicking this button right here and give this video thumbs up please please please please please please please give me a thumbs up so at my house I have two tweens and one teenager all girls so it's very high drama all the time and communicating with them can be kind of complicated usually our interactions go three ways it is exhausting well I've enlisted my teenage daughter and a couple of her friends and they're gonna give me a list of things that they say is teenagers to see if I can decode them and then hopefully help you figure out what the heck so this is my daughter Savannah and her friend Riley and a net and they are my teenage translators they're gonna give me a list of the latest teen lingo and slang and I'm gonna try and guess what it means probably have to use it in a sentence so I can try and understand the context of it so give me a clue in a sentence okay and then we'll translate it for you so that you can be an insider – ready yes okay okay so the first word is good greatest of all time yes okay you actually say go yeah okay yeah James Arness ago James Harden at the goat I'm built like built like can I have that please how it's built like and dad that means his body some babies do with his body he'll be like you're built like a giraffe and that means they're like okay okay okay salty means like kind of grumpy cranky [Music] they use it for me no sentence she was salty because her boyfriend didn't text her back it's kind of like pain it's like okay I'm having attitude with you no pain yeah like you get annoyed by the stupid stuff that's probably the actual definition of petit petit means someone does something and so in return you're like like it's like Big Ben and salty is like like you're upset something happen I like that cranky okay so a super skirt escape or skirt sentence weirdest gear out here it's like eight leave ditch bail kind it's okay so it's like something that you say when I was like a really awkward situation or something you'll be like [Music] okay okay get out of here okay Artie again we with letters again are okay Artie right real-time okay use it I mean like yes okay so means retweet so when someone says something like little a the bullet you're like our teen like you're like yes okay when you agree yeah okay oh my gosh vibes vibes is this meaning like when you're talking about how you're feeling or like cool vibes like energy yeah kind of like so like what you say it's like we vibe together it means like together you guys are like and then like too you know okay but like and then you'll be like our vibes don't match like like how they present themselves and like what they do and stuff versus like it's like almost personality but more like I said oh yeah we don't we don't vibe like we don't like got it I got it blend yeah all right okay okay stylish right stylish on trends good try it's it's kind of weird it's just like um some people are like that's coochie-coochie so it's kind of like it's good it's okay just like it's not okay Gucci means good now connects word it's week week on I'm betting that it has nothing to do with what it actually means like I'm straight arm muscles okay like lame maybe like he's not solid ok sentence take on me oh my gosh you're so tired [Laughter] what does week really need what does it mean like I feel like it's been something so funny like your kid you can't nobody you can't move this video is like they're so weak right now yeah I'm so happy to hear you say that okay next word hey basic like you know I'm thinking about like not high end just kind of basics which is kind of like like he's basic there's nothing special about him usually it's like basic white girl is like one of the things they say okay I'd be like me obviously I'm a basic white girl that's okay it's like how they go to Starbucks all the time and like they use the dog filter on snapchat it's like they're kind of trendy they're just friending and so basic cupcakes please yeah okay like expected Kyle yeah okay and I swear does Pete not the Easter candy mislead marshmallow Easter candy yeah okay um Pete people like my Pete no she's my Pete okay you sweat a bit like Pete me in the back or something like that Petrey over there like you saw somebody kind of it's like so like someone like put something on their story and then you're like comment on and be like keep me in the back up there's me or like keep that hot boy over there but it's like who over like you know like a location like good honest and like kind of how I imagine it is like you're there's like right here like woke woke I woke up okay what is it use it in a sentence well I stay woke dude stay real stay it means like socially aware like okay someone will say something like is you know Kim and Kanye are married and I'm gonna be like stay will like I'll say like up with it okay like oh wait socially okay pop culture's yeah be know what's happening all of don't live under a rock yeah hey know what's going on okay alright okay so next one is dead [Music] dead you're dead to me dead how could you possibly use dead and any other way that it or like to see ya done tired over it okay what's like it's kind of like like don't die like okay so it's for comedy not for like you actually feel tired you can say for that – you're like oh I'm dying yeah okay done like I'm done okay you might use that I guess that I'm r.i.p oh yeah this is so much to remember I don't know how you do this I don't know how they do it I say whoa gotta stay woke and I say so there you go I hope my translations helped you in trying to talk to your team that way you can be the cool hip mom and know exactly what they're talking about when they come to you leave a comment below on some of the crazy things that you hear around your house and I'll see if my teen translators can help you out to see more for millennial moms click this right here to see more from me click right up here and don't forget to subscribe by clicking our kissy face right here until next time yeah [Music]