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– Hi. – I'm Eden. – I'm Alisha and we are the Laughing Moms. – Thank you so much for joining
us here on Millennial Moms. (bright music) (smooching) – Welcome. We are so excited to be talking
to you about beauty trends– – Yay. – But before we get started, go ahead and click the
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up if you like beauty trends. ♪ Beauty trends ♪ (vocalizing) Okay, we're actually going to be doing some beauty trend reviews. Some of the most popular
beauty trends of 2017. – And we're also going to talk
about upcoming beauty trends to look for in 2018, if
our sources are correct. – If Google is correct. (laughs) Our sources.
– Our sources. – Let's get started. (cheering) – Yeah, magnetic lashes kept
popping up in our Facebook feed and I was a little
offended because I'm like, Facebook, I have pretty good eyelashes. It's one of my better features. (laughs) The Lord was like, oh, we
gave her bad skin and… – But we'll give her good lashes.
– Yeah. (laughs) It all balances out, I guess. – I'm gonna try and put these on and let's just see how
realistic this is, right? So I feel like this is the top because you can kind of see the lashes lay on top of the magnet, and then on this one the
magnet is on top of the lash so I feel like when you
sandwich it together, your eyelashes should be
sandwiched between the two magnets. Oh my gosh, what in the world do they
have us doing this for? Oh, maybe I'm happy with it there. Come on, find each other. So I'm gonna place this
on top where I want it. Okay, don't move, don't move, don't move. Oh my gosh, this is gonna be hard. Oh, they found each other, look at that. That went right on. I think I like where these are better. These ones seem a little
far out than that, but look, they found
each other right away. I mean, I can definitely
tell there's something on my eyelashes. Which one do you like better? The left or the right? This one I feel like is farther out and this one is more, but who wants a perfectly
symmetrical face? Not this girl. (laughs) Another super popular trend
last year was the cat eye or eyeliner wings, and I love
that look, but I struggle– – I'm not very skilled. – I'm not skilled. I know there's a lot of techniques. I don't know how to do
liquid liner to save my life. – I also don't love just darkening
the wrinkles on the sides of my eyes now. (laughs)
– Exactly. – But I finally found an eyeliner that I think I would
use to attempt cat eye. Just so you know, this
is not a sponsored post or video at all but these
were some of the products that we wanted to try. This is by Thrive Causemetics. It's called Infinity Waterproof Eyeliner and the reason I wanted to try it was because it said that
they'll stay in place because I was starting to have problems with my makeup smudging all over my eyes. It sets in 30 seconds for
all-day fade-proof wear, so let's see. – Yeah, prove it. – Prove it. And also, this color
is Lauren Black Matte. I put it on this morning. I'll show you that up close in a second but I'm just gonna rub
it on my hand and see. – That looks like it
went on pretty smooth. – Yeah, it glides really nicely. See if I can wipe this off with– – See how well it stands the wipe-y test. – That's pretty good, but it's definitely not smudging. I don't want it smudged all over my face. I'm okay if it wears off eventually.
– Well, we live in such a human place
too that that is huge. – Yeah. – A trend that I'm anticipating for 2018 which does have to do with your eyes and eyelashes is Brooklyn & Bailey's new Lash Next Door–
– Lash Next Door– – Mascara.
– Yeah. – If you have seen them and their lashes, they're like– – Buh-bang. – Envy-worthy lashes.
(laughs) You won't even need these and you probably won't even need that, so go to their website,
brooklynandbailey.com, and check out how you
can get their mascara. I'm sure that's gonna be
a big trend coming up. – Yeah, looking forward to it. – I have some teenage girls
looking forward to it too. (laughs) – I'll take my glasses off so you can see. I actually put this eyeliner on hours ago. I put it on this morning. It's my first time using it and I wanted to see how it would hold up. I really like this eyeliner. I think it's held up well for me today, so I think it's a win. I'm gonna be using this some more. – So to try to mimic
the mermaid hair look, I just have some hair chalk
and I have my daughter here. Darby has beautiful blonde hair. We're gonna see how hair chalk works. Obviously when you see
the mermaid hair trend, they're actually using real hair dye but I'm not gonna do that to her hair and so we're just gonna try some chalk and see how that works. This is far from the mermaid look, folks. Far, far, far. – [Darby] It's good chalk. – But you can still see it there. So I feel like, yeah, this is cute. This is just a quick and
easy fun thing to do. Could maybe do some along, like– – Here, do you want me to try?
– Where you pull it back. Maybe right here, let's try– – Oh no, like in the root? – Yeah, let's just see. – Orange is the new trend. – [Alisha] Yeah, it's like
the new strawberry blonde but blorange. – Blorange, there you have it, folks. You saw it here first. Blorange. Now, lips were also big. Lots of things happening with lips. – Yep, matte, not matte. – I know, to matte or not to matte? But it's kinda fun to try new things and so we're going to try glitter lips.
– Glitter lips. – Now, glitter lips was
just kind of a recent trend in 2017 so it's supposed to– – Continue. – Continue over into 2018, so we're going to try glitter lips. – Yeah. – And you're supposed to just be able to put on your own lip gloss and then take the glitter
color of your choice and dab– – Your ring finger. – Your ring finger and and then place it–
– Put it on your lips. It doesn't sound like a really permanent– – You're pretty much guaranteed
if you do the glitter lip, you can't eat or drink. – Or make out. – Or make out.
(record needle scratching) (laughs) Which could be a deal-breaker for some. – It could. – So let's see.
– So you definitely wanna pick and choose– – When you're gonna use–
– When you glitter-ize. – The glitter lip. Oh my gosh. – So I'm using a rose gold
sort of pinky glitter. – And mine's legit straight up gold. It's kinda fun though, oh. (laughs) – It's all– – Gonna have to floss
glitter out of my teeth. It's not gonna come off. (laughs) (smooching) (upbeat electronic music) When you're done with
all this glitter madness- – Not that you would wanna be
done but you might need to– – I'm already done.
– Go to sleep without getting glitter everywhere.
– I'm pretty done. (laughs) A mask is a great way
to cleanse and detoxify and that's another huge trend in 2017. Masks were everywhere and so we're gonna kinda do two in one. We're gonna do the same lip
mask which is supposed to plump your lips.
– Pucker, yeah. Or plump.
– And then I'm doing a charcoal paper mask,
which, you just put it on, and Alisha, you're doing a– – Coconut paper mask 'cause
I'm married to a Samoan. and I like coconuts. – And I'm married to a tomato. (laughs) So that's why I'm doing that one. Now, these have to sit for a while so we're gonna do the lip one first and then we're gonna add the face masks so watch us go. – Whoop whoop. – Apply scrub in the
small packet to dry lips and massage gently to exfoliate. Rinse with warm water or wipe
off with a wet washcloth. – I am over the scrubbing. – Thank you. Okay, this is supposedly
a one-time use but– – There's a lot in there.
– There's a whole lot of stuff in here. I don't know what you
could put it in to save it. Step two, apply the lip mask
to fit the curves of your lips. Leave on for 15 minutes
for plumper, softer lips. No need to pucker, that pout
can be seen a mile away. – Oh boy. – Tingling? Yes, it's working. Hey. My lips are not this big. – We are going to add another mask to this so we're gonna look awesome. – Okay.
– We're gonna look awesome. Let's go downstairs and scare the kids. – With the masks? (shrill sinister music) – Okay, so mine is a charcoal paper mask. I'm not sure if combining
masks was a good idea but, you know, I feel the
coolness and the tingling. Okay, Alisha, your turn. – Okay. I've never used a paper mask. It's cold. – Mm-hm. (laughing) We're gonna let these sit for 10 minutes and then we'll be back and take them off so you can see how it works. So, 10 minutes has passed (laughing) and it's time for the reveal.
– Sorry. – I did feel tingling. – I did feel tingling. – Masks are definitely a classic trend. – Mm-hm. – Trends are hard
because you wanna do them but you don't wanna go overboard and you always wanna
kinda stay in the middle and do classic things that will last– – Timeless. – Because you wanna look
back on pictures, you know, we all have those pictures
where you wear the trend and you're like, ugh. – '80s bangs.
– Years later you're like, what was I thinking? So anyway, but you can never
go wrong with skincare. – Yeah, so these masks in particular, these paper masks, I had
never used one of those before but they do not peel off
the top layer of your skin like some of the charcoal masks
you've seen out there lately where you like (groans) peel it off and it takes down to your skeleton. (laughs) – But my lips still feel a little tingly. – My lips are also tingly. – Because that's one of the–
– Are they plumper? – Yeah. Maybe. – I think they are, a little. What do you guys think?
– I really don't know. – Comment below. (laughs) – Plump or plump? – Plump plump. – Yeah, I like it. – Yeah. (laughs) Masks. – So, Alisha, what are some beauty trends that you're gonna try in 2018? – I would really like an
excuse to wear more glitter. I am glad that glitter is trending.
– Glitter's making a comeback. – It's making a comeback. I don't really have that many places to go where I should wear glitter, so–
– You don't need an excuse to wear glitter.
– Okay, good. (laughs) – Glitter year-round. I'm excited to dive into some
more color for eyeshadows. I think that would be fun to play with. – Mermaid eyes. – The mermaid eyes. I don't know if I could pull it off. I have this anxiety of
age appropriateness. Is it appropriate for an
almost 40-year-old woman to wear mermaid eyes? I don't know but I am gonna try. I'll try it and see what I can do. – I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be one of those 90-year-old women
with glitter and mermaid eyes. (laughs) – Well, leave a comment below
on some trends from 2017 that you were super excited about and that you totally
got onboard with, or– – Maybe some that you were
like, what were you thinking? – What the– – Who came up with that? How did that become a trend? – How did that even happen? And maybe something in 2018 that you're looking forward to trying. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on upcoming trends for the new year. – Yeah. Thank you guys so much
for joining us today. We hope you had as much fun as we did. – To see more from us,
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– Bye. (bright music) (smooching)