hello everyone alright today I am talking all about skincare specifically drugstore skincare I don't think I've ever done a video like this before where I'm just talking about the best drugstore skincare products but I really wanted to do this because skincare is something that I really care about and there are so many amazing products that are now available at the drugstore if you watch my videos then you know that I am very particular about what I use on my skin for a long time it was really hard for me to go to the drugstore and find products that worked well on my skin but with technology changing and brands really striving to do better there are so many wonderful products available in comparison to the days when I was a teenager going to the drugstore and everything just wrecked my skin something else that you will probably notice is that there are only four brands in this video and that's because they have worked the best for me and I just don't stray from them because everything else that I've tried just doesn't really compare to these products [Music] obviously if I'm talking about drugstore skincare you can probably guess that simple is going to be in it I have been a huge fan of simple for years I seriously love like every product that they make but I really wanted to narrow it down to my absolute favorites and the simple makeup wipes are definitely something that I keep repurchasing I use these almost every single day they're really gentle they're super soft and I find that they're well saturated with products so they're not too wet but they're not too dry and if you've used various makeup wipes then you know that amongst the different brands out there it really varies in terms of the level of product that is in the actual wipe and the wipes also feel different themselves too like the texture and I really think that simple has nailed all of it they're also really gentle on the skin they're not oily because there are makeup wipes that leave an oily residue behind and I find that they do remove makeup well although I would not ever recommend only using a wipe to remove your makeup but I do think it is a great supplement to like a cleansing oil or some other kind of makeup remover also great to use after working out to just quickly refresh your skin obviously I am a big fan of the simple micellar water this is the one with the water boost so it's a little bit more hydrating but I also really love the original as well this is a large bottle but you can get it in a smaller size and this is great to use every single day you can use it morning and night it really removes any kind of gunk that you have on your face whether you've worn makeup during the day or you haven't worn makeup I find that this will remove like the gray film of pollution that just sits on your face if you haven't been wearing makeup it's shocking to see what just sits on your face during the day just by simply existing in the world especially when you live in a metropolitan area this is so gentle and if you are experiencing any kind of irritation with your skin like redness or breakouts I always recommend using the simple micellar water because it is so gentle and it won't be stripping your skin but it will cleanse your skin and you don't have to rinse it off so it's the perfect lazy person product for a more traditional foaming cleanser I really love the wah Mesa buy glow recipe green tea foaming cleansing gel and this is a little travel size that I have but you can get it in the full-size at Target the hua Mesa buy glow recipe products are only available at Target but luckily targets are pretty much everywhere this is a really wonderful gentle daily cleanser you can use this in the shower you can keep it at your sink you can use it in both places you can use it morning and night and it's not gonna strip your skin but it really cleanses your skin and just leaves it feeling super clean and balanced for toner I love the one Mesa buy glow recipe green tea serum toner this is amazing because not only is it really hydrating but it just helps to plump up your skin so then when you put on any serums or moisturizers afterwards it really just sinks into your skin and feels so good I wasn't really a believer in toner for a while but now that I've started using toners that actually work I have noticed a huge difference in my skin my skin just feels more balanced it's brighter and it feels better this is the full-size and I also have it in a travel size as well and one of the best things about the WHA Misa and glow recipe line is that you can get every product and travel size so if you want to try it out first before committing to the full size you can do that and it comes in a little kit at Target so all you do is you just pour it into your hand and it has a cushiony texture to it and I Pat it onto my skin and if I want extra hydration I will layer on three to seven layers of this and that just provides extra hydration for me and makes my skin feel super smooth and moisturized for special treatment I really love this simple water boost hydrating booster so this is something that I use on its own and I also enjoy mixing it in with my moisturizer this is a clear serum that's super easy to use it feels really refreshing when you put it on the skin it's instantly soothing and hydrating so if your skin is going through a rough patch quite literally like you are experiencing rough patches and just dry patches on your face this is awesome to use because you can put it all over your face or you can spot treat and just put it in the areas where you need it the most and if you're thinking well I have oily skin so I don't need to use something like this think again because oily skin can also get dry and it's actually kind of the worst when oily skin it gets dry a lot of times products that are made for oily skin don't actually hydrate your skin this is a great product that all skin types can use and I really really recommend it for just adding a little hydration boost to your already existing routine [Music] for moisturizer if you prefer something that is on the lighter side so if you have combination skin or oily skin or maybe it's summertime or it's hotter where you live and you just don't like thicker moisturizers I definitely recommend the WHA Mesa by Clos recipe green tea mooster Iser this has the perfect light lotion II gel consistency it goes onto your face so smoothly sinks in immediately so there's no kind of greasy nough slef behind the set is really fresh and light and isn't gonna linger on your face all day it works well underneath makeup or if you're not wearing makeup at all I think this is the best option at the drugstore for something that's going to be light but hydrating at the same time and it's going to be taking care of your skin now if you're looking for something that is super hydrating and a little bit thicker definitely go with the make prem hydrate me micro tension cream this is actually what I'm currently using right now especially because it's winter time and this is a really interesting consistency I describe it as a gel and a cream but with a little bit of a bone like it just has a slight balmy consistency to it and I really love that I love how this feels on my skin you are going to have a glow on your face for the rest of the day which I really like especially in winter time and when I'm in colder climates and I'm typically not gonna be wearing foundation or any kind of face makeup because it just irritates my skin it's nice to have a moisturizer that is going to add a little bit of a glow to my face I think it's an amazing moisturizer especially if you're looking for something really really hydrating and you want to be able to use the same product morning and night [Music] now I have gone on quite the journey with drugstore eye creams because I'm picky with eye creams in general and I don't like most high-end eye creams and I haven't found a drugstore eye cream that I really like until I tried the WA Mesa buy glow recipe chai tea eye cream and this is for brightening and smoothing and it's also hydrating as well when it comes out of the tube it actually kind of reminds me of the green tea moisturizer in terms of its consistency so it's like a lotion a gel and when you put this underneath your eyes it's immediately soothing so it feels nice and refreshing and it's also hydrating but it's not going to leave a thick layer of moisturizer behind it really does sink into your skin and I find that it works really well underneath makeup if you wear makeup underneath your eyes the eye cream that you use it makes a big difference it can either wreck your makeup or make it look even better this is definitely something that won't be messing with your makeup and acts as a really great base if I had to choose one face mask from the drugstore as the absolute best it would definitely be the one Mesa buy glow recipe green tea claim mask and this is for clarifying and brightening I've talked about this mask before I have sung its praises and I think that this is better than so many high-end masks out there this is such an amazing product that you can find at Target and it works so well the texture of this is really lovely it's a whipped clay so it feels really light and you can actually see little pieces of green tea in the mask but the best part about this mask is that it works so I put this on my face typically after I get out of the shower so my pores are nice and open and I leave it on for about 20 minutes and I love that this is a clay mask that dries leaving your face still feeling flexible and when I wash it off I feel like my skin has really been clarified and clean but it doesn't feel ride or stripped and with regular use my complexion is just so bright I feel like this is the best face mask because it does multiple things it clears out your pores it brightens your skin and it just leaves your skin feeling more balanced overall I would say this goes beyond just a drugstore recommendation if there is like one mask that I really think everybody should try it is definitely this one it's one mask that does so many things and it's really accessible to [Music] wear body moisturizer the soap & Glory righteous butter has been a favorite of mine for years this stuff is incredible it is just one of the best body products that you can find at the drugstore in terms of a moisturizer and it just leaves you smelling incredible I love the smell of soap & Glory products like the original scent and the texture is so lovely it just melts into your skin it doesn't leave you feeling sticky and it leaves you smelling so so good and I wear Joe Malone's peony and blush suede perfume I love how the two scents work together and this is actually a brand new tub that I just bought and I'm really excited to dig into this something that is a little bit newer to me that I have fallen in love with from soap & Glory is if you righteous butter creamy body wash it feels really thick and luxurious and hydrating and you can also use this to shave and typically I will use like a hair conditioner to shave but this is awesome because I can clean myself and shave at the same time and it's hydrating enough that I can use it on my skin with a razor a lot of times I can't do that with soap because soap is just too drying and so this wash is awesome because I can just save time in the shower alright so those are all of my picks for the best drugstore skincare products I am going to be doing another video after this one where I talk about the best makeup and hair products from the drugstore so make sure you look out for that thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss my follow-up and because I just have other videos coming your way in general I hope you guys are having an awesome day and I will see you later 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