oh my gosh that hurt for dipping here oh I have to do me burst I'm sorry we think you should subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe hit it the button subscribe on the Bell [Music] [Laughter] [Music] hey you guys it's Christina hey you guys it's Sandra and we're so excited to be here with you today because I'm gonna be showing you my favorite vegan face care products I know many of you are always asking me what I use to clean my face do I use masks and I'm really excited to show you the three steps that I do three or four times a week to keep my skin fresh clean exfoliated and bright and I love these products because there are no heavy chemicals in them they're vegan and they make your skin feel so soft and good this video is done in collaboration with Bodi Vita facial care products and I absolutely love this company because they're family-owned they're small and there's so much love and integrity that goes into every single one of these bottles they're made with love and I feel it and I know that you'll feel it if you're interested in any of these facial care products you can get 20% off of your order by going to the bodhi via the website and typing in fully raw as your promo code I'll be sure to put the link in the description below for you the first thing that we're gonna do is we are going to apply the mask and it's called the transform mask and I love it because even on the bottle it says I express my creativity with unrestrained enthusiasm and joy I give voice to my heart and communicate clearly and openly that is a beautiful affirmation and manchanda that's really pretty so you're supposed to say that as you put it on your face and I just want to read this it says transform is a resurfacing mask that improve skin texture for tight glowing and incredibly smooth skin this powerful mask deeply purifies your skin clears blemishes exfoliates and softens the skin thus revealing a radiant and healthy complexion oh I can't wait can I put it on it has rosewater in here it has apple cider vinegar it has coffee in here I can tell that's anthe it's very dark yes flower essences I that there's also like volcanic minerals and this as well from what I was reading so this truly is a gem to put on your face the directions say apply generously to damp clean face and neck a tingling sensation is normal allow the mask to dry and leave on for 3 to 12 minutes then wash off with your fingertips and upward circular motions the volcanic sand granules will further exfoliate your skin you already do the you alright you can do me first oh my gosh that hurt oh I have to do me bird I'm sorry can't wait on you it looks wonderful it smells wonderful so my I feel the little granulars and there the exfoliators when you rub upward motion it'll exfoliate the dead skin on your face and just rub rub rub so I can get all that dead skin okay and Jean you just left me hanging I know I'm sorry I'm gonna be really good so you lift your skin you lift instead of pulling down the gravity you go upward motion let's do the neck upward I think that's why they say pat wet your hands with your face cuz it's kind of dry you want a little bit of wetness to help it apply to your face you're like I have a lot on me that's good you feel I feel it now beginning to tingle and tighten do you feel it drying not yet okay I'm gonna put it on your neck you're gonna have a hard time doing my neck I'm really ticklish okay well hold on this let me gently just guide you okay where you going okay what how does it feel Chris I'm starting to feel the tingling and the drying some sation yes I really like it I feel it's really cool and it feels like it's really tightening and maybe it'll make me look five years younger let's hope for 10 years well we have to wait for 3 to 12 minutes so let's start the clock use like some type of a superhero with like crumbly face you're like in the Avengers are you today I am so tight alright our masks are officially dry my face feels really tight right now look really tight yeah and and your neck and the neck fans right it feels lifted it feels very it's kind of like when you're in the wind and the and the when is blowing your face back and you know it force your skin back which is great it feels really good it really and I also want to say I know it says to leave it on for like max 12 minutes but sometimes like at night if I'm working on my computer and I'm like getting things done I'll leave it on for 30 minutes and I'll still notice great benefits all right so it's time to take it off we have a bowl of water here warm water some rags and we are going to scrub in a circular motion to remove the mask let's go and you feel the granulars in there doing that I do foliate II scrubbing scrubbing getting all the dead skin I definitely feel the exfoliation happening how does your face feel yeah my face feels very clean very tight and it's ready for the toner in the moisturizer you still have a little granulars on your face because I feel that I still probably have some on mine but it's okay so what we're gonna do next is we are going to put on the awakened toner and I want to read the affirmation on it because I think that's beautiful it says I accept my path as I release all attachments from wanting it my way I trust the wisdom that dwells within me I follow my intuition I'm aware that my thoughts create my reality and I examine situations from my Higher Self before I choose how to react I see there has been beautiful affirmation I love that and you say it as you put it on and the directions for this are awakened is a potent liquid skin tonic if that cleans the skin provides anti-aging nutrients and lightly moisturizes it soothes and firms the skin while reducing pore size using awaken prior to applying the serum or the cream enhances your skin's ability to absorb nutritive trick nutritive moisture this gentle antiseptic toner helps control and balance sebum production making it great for both oily and dry skin types it will remove any residual dirt makeup or mask residue after the cleansing all right okay give it a try it's almost like a sea green I think what does it smell like to you smells amazing it smells like flower essences but it doesn't smell like a fake flower essence it smells very pure mmm I love it it feels very refreshing to the skin after the mask you know the math kind of pulls your face tight and dries your face and this is like a quick refresher you know the mask is a bit rough because it has all those granules in it and this is like yeah feels like cucumber cream so there are two more steps but one final step really and the final step is the serum that you put on top if you want to put the light cream or the rich cream on after that you can as well I'm gonna go ahead and read to you the mantra or the affirmation that's on the serum I am at one with myself and the earth i express myself without imposing my will upon others I am in harmony with all things and the serum the serum is called rejuvenate rejuvenate lightweight serum absorbs immediately into your skin stimulating collagen synthesis tightening pores and providing a super antioxidant barrier against an our mental toxins instantly skin appears visibly healthier firmer and glowing with daily use the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles may reduce wonderful so the mask and milk Li a pea-sized drop to fingertips and smooth evenly over cleansed and toned face and neck use morning and night preferably before applying the moisturizer yes okay so basically the mask and the toner are like a cleansing I mean they get your face all totally cleanse and type in the serum Riya is another level of firming and tightening your skin so you take your two fingertips you put a small little drop and what I like to do is I like to rub my two fingers sets of fingers together so it can help equalize applying the creams to both sides or the serum to both sides of your face make sure you go underneath your eyes so it pulls up and lift up your eyes and you pat you pat your eyelids just Pat them hmm oh you look you look very fresh fresh fresh yes you look very glowy thank you wonderful my skin feels really glowy and so clean am okay now it's moisturizer time all right mom let's do the final moisturizing okay gross Tina let's do it do you want to do the light cream or the rich cream I'm gonna do the rich cream I'm gonna do the light cream okay cuz I need more heaviness I'm gonna read the mantras okay mantra first one says I expressed my sexuality confidently and openly I celebrate the creative exchange of sexual energy in the universe I honor the union of the masculine and feminine as I acknowledge and integrate these principles within myself that was as a mine was I cheer so yours is I love and approve of myself I strive to feel compassion for myself and others I'm willing to try to transform pain and suffering and others thereby transforming pain and suffering within me I have the courage to give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally Wow how interesting that each one really applies I mean is true to each personality and an ounce right yep apply a pee drop to your face remember always in the circular motion oh this light cream actually feels pretty rich mm-hmm well I feel a luminescence oh that's a good one that's a good one you know you have a lot on the sunnier base so I love these videos with you the face video oh this is great I'll do this every day all day long you look very innocent dude I know do I look younger do it doesn't move tighter don't look five years yeah all right you guys how does our skin look does it look good if it does be sure to give this video a thumbs up comment below and don't forget if you want to try one of these products you can go to the link in the description and use the promo code fully raw for 20% off your order we want to thank Bodi derma for these amazing face products they feel so good and seriously you're my favorite I love this product I use it two to three times a week and I know you guys will love it too all right you guys if you haven't already be sure to hit the subscribe button and you can follow me on my other channels on Facebook Pinterest Instagram and Twitter all it fully raw and fully rock Christina what do you think mom you ready to go we wish them good bye let's say all right you guys we love you we appreciate you and we'll see you in our next video sending you all our hugs that are loved bye [Music]