I don't know if you've noticed what this has kind of been the trend lately with my vlog making is I'm vlogging on the days that I had podcast so that it will promote the show so you guys will listen we're doing another podcast episode today we're seriously killing it I don't want to brag or anything but Evan and I are like brought a little bit of podcast out right now because we think we're doing really well and we're actually like like we're doing it oh hi our guest today is Genesis Butler and her mom Janelle Genesis is an incredible young lady she's 10 years old and she's a beacon activist and so we are going to talk to her to Devon just pull up I can't wait to see what this interview is gonna be like because Genesis is like the cutest little girl ever I kind of want to steal her it's so bright it's really hot we're just showing up and look how cute she's activating all over the place I love it [Music] [Applause] I guess I didn't record yes can give me like a thumbs up for the camera okay so Genesis is showing us her anti mission project Wow that legit looks like great interior design that I want in my house this is Genesis Butler she is the most incredible girl so it was amazing just like how the questions learned some of the questions I never been asked well really it was like I just have like think of that moment but it was just like a great experience yeah yeah she's honestly so well-spoken and smart and inspiring someone what are some of the things you like to do that we didn't talk about in the podcast like what are some your favorite things I play football nice nose with all the place I was on the girl on the team and then I played sorry I'm so cool for any kids listening can you recommend like top 5 vegan meals mac and cheese young vegan crab cake tacos with Gardein crab cake picking on its with buffalo sauce just regular vegan tacos in general so delicious snickerdoodle ice cream all right well I'm gonna link all genesis stuff below you gotta go check her out she's so inspiring she's really passionate about talking about how anyone can be vegan and there are so many things to eat when you're vegan and you want to save the animals yes I know save the world so let's save them together sound good okay this is Janelle Genesis's mom thank you so much for joining us for the interview you it was so much fun he's so much I'm so glad we had like both of you guys to talk about this that was great to have folks yeah I agree okay bye-bye little eggy it's like oh yeah oh you play [Music] [Music] I'm working okay see you Tuesday I just heard back from Long Beach and I wanted to tell you about what I was listening to because I'm kind of an audiophile I love listening to podcast I listen to music too but I I really like listening to books and things are informative and that's why I want to talk to you about audible yes this video is sponsored by audible but I have been using audible for a long time now I read a lot of books as you guys know I like that I can be doing something while I'm listening to the book I love to just do chores around the house and listen to books and podcasts what's really cool about audible is it's a monthly subscription and then each month you get to download a free book in addition to that you get all these discounts to other books so it's totally worth checking out right now I'm listening to this book called the idiot it's really really good it's about a college freshman who is going to Harvard it is so funny I'm like laughing the entire time it's good and I do think we should listen to books more I really like that I can just listen while I'm doing so many other things I love listening to music and stuff but there's something about listening to the book check out audible it's really great raise your hand if you guys have a favorite audiobook another favorite audiobook of mine is Harry Potter I've listened to it about four times if you click my link right down there then you can get your free month and your free book I do most of my audit audible listening in the car hence being in the car right now Eric is one week away from his ultra race and he's tapering this week but I'm gonna run with him just because it's hot outside and it's really fun to run in the heat are you excited yeah Eric doesn't like talking on camera Eric people asked us to do it a marriage Q&A no I told you guys you don't like that [Music] [Music] this cat she talked about elephant wieners last time she was in my um video this is what we're having Keri noodles [Music]