today we are doing a wrap-up of the plastic talent challenge and if you participated with us thank you so much thank you this is my friend Evan she and I have a podcast together called Earth s and our last episode was all about narrow waist and reducing our trash investment and pot like we really were just focusing on plastics we think it's the worst offender so we did a plastic Tyler challenge check out my video all about that if you're curious you could do it on your own and now we're going to reveal our numbers these are seven days worth of plastic usage from both of us so neither of us know each person's number we got to see grant have this here's her inner ear of a lifetime to do not 321 32 how doesn't I do my voice sorry that sounds good thanks I'm really freaking hard okay I kept my lifestyle pretty much the same to be honest I didn't change much I like didn't do things a lot this isn't by a lot well not set okay we'll be fine a lot but by you kids I mean I thought you're gonna win I tried really hard yeah so there's like competition is good but that really only applies for like so we can join doing like a weak competition yeah and so if you are doing the challenge might be a good idea to just like not change your lifestyle you know to me because then it's like counting how many but I feel like for me like it made me so much more aware and now I'm like so plasticware yeah it was good incentive like it gave me a challenge that kicked me in the butt to like actually notice what my classic in ticket is that make sense I think one of the biggest reasons I lost is number one I wear daily contacts yeah and the reason is I'm legally blind in my left eye so I my I doctor said if you one of our contacts you basically have to wear dailies because it's less risk to inspect my right eye every day that's two pieces of plastic so the the case and natural contact and I think are lost because of the packages I yeah but oku back that was something that we both went through every day could we have hats I'd like some blueberry containers I did have a couple water bottles which is bummer also I can't stay away from kombucha and there's the little plastic piece that covers the top of manager i learnt one there are some of my favorite brands and don't have it done true about a Dell net and it came in a classic Asian I made PETA's egg so the pizza crust mom came in plastic but that is pretty much it which would wait except rice did have a like an airport side follow-up Jim I don't have what I guess he did oh yeah I like written again I would've draws every single bit when I go out so much only two times does enemies drop the very first day of the challenge I totally didn't think about it until I had thrown away two things it's crazy that really I'm just like letting I got it was like the poop bags yes literally was crab puffs and then and then also my contact container and I was like oh my gosh does the plastic challenge today like I've been counting like it so it really made me aware of those two things because the playa there are obsessed cities in my life I mean one could argue conduct but not a necessity but I don't like glasses my best friend lives next door and her husband with her next door I was doing the challenge and she texted me on Tuesday and she was like oh my god I can't go anywhere I'm so aware of plastic right now like everything is made of plastic what you are you and I was like I'm really sorry it sucked like yeah I've got to go today and I had a friend she was doing the challenge and then she texted me like halfway through it was like I had to put the challenge because like I realized I used so much plastic that I was like I don't even want to do like with everything around jazz like bumming around that is also like I don't want like keep tally wear life again again again I know what she's using this elastic Eddings food packaging so something she and I were talking about was like Trader Joe's is a really affordable place to shop but their packaging is working everything from plastic of it it's really impossible to avoid there so I think food packaging is like the number one thing that people were noticing like the hashtag you guys are using a lot of it worth posting about like food packaging like oh I had to go this way I didn't realize pasta or I was to Whole Foods and like had like this horrible moment where like video about it later because I just like I couldn't find what I wanted I tried to buy reusable utensils they only have toxic reasonable utensils so I'm thinking to buy those this whole food it's like the bombing supposed to go supposed to be like eco-friendly and this and that and like and they aren't decision stuff like that but what I realized like the amount of plastic they use like I was really getting frustrated I was feeling really bad about it because it's stuff that I can't for you I feel like it can it's really easy to get overwhelmed and feel like oh like I'm just like I can't do anything and then you just maybe you like give up or maybe you just get like hyper obsessive about it and I think they're I think that it's important when you're beginning your journeys like take baby steps and like yeah if you just use a reusable water bottle and Henryville bags and we involve utensils and then when you go out to buy other beverages like juices or coffees is to bring a container for that you're golden let's drop two and no straw yeah like that those those tips will reduce your pasta quite so much for not doing those already something I knew would be better about is like not just bringing a Hydra flask and something for like liquid but also bringing containers just really leftover again ever like we go to my mom's house sometimes and she always says Telmex leftovers so now I'm like bringing something instead of her like putting in a pocket things that I'm going to throw away congratulations to you heaven thank you it's 30 Q of my this is my connection boy my little roller coaster promotions for me because I thought I won I was like huh wonder like thrive it's time here is what everyone else got cuz I can be another cipher where it tell us what you got did I lose by a long shot like did did anyone get 53 hey anyone beat me did any would be Evan yeah for someone why am I going do it because every time here you really competitive you know you put it in my head you don't win have at this time I work in an industry where you talk a lot of plastic and you can't control it that's a little you know like like a food business like when I worked at mothers in Manila genuine or where we use with Punisher and rap thank you for watching thank you this is Evan isn't she amazing yeah I know you should listen to our podcast you can hear her voice all day long or that are sad you don't really like us that's if you will do another type of zero waste type challenge in the future I don't for now relax chill out be you take a lota into the oil the weather treat yourself treat yourself like empty how'd you know