Hey feel like I haven't talked to you in a while it's really good to see you I know I've said this before but I'm not really into the idea of me being like a source for health questions so if you guys have specific health questions I know people reach out to me quite often with specific health questions I wish I could help but this isn't really my area of expertise that said today I'd really like to share with you my own source of health information lately have you guys ever heard of Anthony William he is the medical medium and he has such an amazing story he has two books out right now and he has a ton of free resources free information free content all online on his Instagram and on his website and he has a radio show that he posts weekly and everything that he puts out there is so useful I personally haven't even bought his book books yet to be honest and Anthony if you're watching I will buy your book soon I just prefer to read novels I want to buy the books because they're even even more loaded with information I don't really want to take time to explain who Anthony is and his story because I would prefer if you guys check it out because it's kind of like in-depth and long and I'm sure you guys have lots of questions but today I really just want to focus on the things that I have learned from him that I have personally incorporated into my life and I hope it inspires you to do the same and to check check him out because he he's incredible so Anthony really specializes in chronic illness and particularly miss mystery illnesses this is like someone goes to the doctor they don't feel well that had these aches and pains maybe they feel foggy maybe they they just they can't figure out what's going on the doctor can't diagnose them because they don't know what's going on Anthony really specialize in specializes in identifying what the problem is in addition he talks about things that are diagnoseable but like what are the causes of that and why are they happening so something that I've learned for my own life is that almost everything that I personally want to heal is actually viral and this was totally new information to me because when I think of viruses I'm probably like you I think of like when I have a cold or when I have a flu or something like that and I think of them being like temporary I never thought about viruses as being long-term in my system but apparently a lot of us have viruses in particular he talks about eb b which is epstein-barr virus he talks about shingles he talks about strapped things in the herpes family epstein-barr virus is like the number one virus that he talks about because apparently 70% of Americans have epstein-barr and if you don't know Epstein bars it has four different stages and in the second stage it's actually mono so when someone can tracks mono like in their teens or college years that's epstein-barr and that's only stage two and if you don't take the time to fight that virus though it needs to be fought it can can you continue to stage three or four and that's where like really like big problems start happening so the things that I in particular want to heal um I feel I feel really good I feel better than I've ever felt in my entire life um I don't know if I've shared this with everyone yet I don't see can't remember but uh growing up I suffered with horrible digestion problems and I had moderate anxiety and depression and the digestion was really like the worst thing and the anxiety depression was manageable it wasn't so bad but it was always there and it's definitely affected my sleep because I've always had sleep issues I have healed my digestion tremendously simply from eating a high fruit diet and cutting way back on alcohol and cutting way back on processed foods not to say I never drink not to say I never go out to a restaurant or something but like on a daily basis I'm eating whole fresh ripe raw organic fruits and vegetables and not has helped my digestion so much it's helped my anxiety and depression as well for sure however there are still ways that I can heal and I can feel even better one thing in particular that I want to heal is my acne and I not look like I have acne but I would like better skin I have like bumps like residual bumps from a history of acne in the past and um I just want like a more even skin tone I'm sweating right now because it's really hot in here those are essentially the the things I want to heal our acne anxiety and depression and my sleep issues digestion is one of those things that occasionally comes up if I'm really stressed or if I have been bad in the eating department but the three things are acne anxiety depression and sleep issues and apparently all of these things are viral which is crazy like I never thought of any of those things as being viral you know I first started really exploring Anthony Williams information and recommendations when I got sick in March do you guys remember when I got so sick for three weeks but ever since then I've been so focused on my immunity and I'm fighting the virus either way these things these like tools that I'm trying are helping my health in so many ways it doesn't matter if I actually have the virus or not if I do I'm fighting it and if not I'm just building up my immunity to prevent myself from catching it in the future one of the biggest things that I learned just from like walking away from learning medical mediums information and recommendations is kind of refocusing my life and my food choices and my supplement choices to be antiviral and luckily fruit is like the number one antiviral food out there and I love fruit so fruit is a huge part of my diet I always have fruit for breakfast because I love it and it's hydrating and I live in California where I can get a lot of really good fruit and I do a lot of like frozen banana smoothies I do banana ice-cream almost every day lately I've also increased the garlic and onion that I add to my dinner meals cuz garlic onion are super antiviral and like I add them into soups like I used to I'd like one clove of garlic but now I had like four these are just things that fight viruses really well also leafy greens I've always known leafy greens are good for you but that's another anti all food it's good to know I have salads about five times a week most of that information I was already doing I was already eating lots of fruit I was already eating salads almost every day but I really tried to like focus on the idea that like when I'm eating this I'm killing viruses and fighting viruses and I don't know why but somehow I think that helps you know using your mind a lot of people talking about like the power of your mind and I totally buy into it actually think it's real let's talk about supplements I started taking supplements when I got sick back in March and I've just continued most of them throughout and kind of like added things in and switch things out a little bit um so you might have heard me talk about these things before but I'm just gonna reiterate them I'm still taking vitamin C everyday I take two or three in the morning these come in capsules like this and the best way to absorb them is actually to take out the capsule and dump the powder into a smoothie or banana ice cream or something like that and a parent orange like orange juice even and the liquid helps the absorption helps you to consume it better vitamin C strengthens the entire immune system it destroys epstein-barr and specifically in the liver and it flushes out toxins that have built up in the liver it also supports and restores adrenal glands the next thing i take daily is zinc and what I've learned from Anthony is that most people are zinc deficient apparently it's um it's rampant zinc deficiency and what zinc does is it boosts your immune system by strengthening white blood cells and also suppresses viral growth and reduces inflammation another thing I take daily which most vegans do and everyone even meat-eaters should is vitamin b12 apparently everyone is deficient in vitamin vitamin b12 apparently so we should supplement with it this is the one I use it's called vegan safe it's actually super tasty it kind of juice like candy I just squirt this in my mouth and let it sit under my tongue for a few seconds and absorbed in my mouth and then I swallow it and I do that right after I brush my teeth b12 protects the entire body from Epstein bars neurotoxin damage it boosts your immune system and boosts you mentally and emotionally this is why I just started taking daily I literally just got it today but I'll let you guys know how it goes it's lemon balm and I've actually been taking lemon balm tea this is the lemon balm tea that I use and Anthony recommends lemon balm specifically in connection with acne and that's why I started doing the key and then I just got the tincture as well lemon balm fights epstein-barr and strap and it kills off viral and bacterial cells in the organs the last supplement I'm gonna show you is goldenseal a lot of you probably heard of echinacea goldenseal this is like what you take when you're sick goldenseal and echinacea is really good as well but golden seals what I'm taking to fight the strap it's an herbal antibiotic and immune enhancer and what Anthony recommends you recommended the Siddons radio show that acne is to take it two weeks on and then two weeks off and then two weeks on and then two weeks off the way I take the supplements is I take the b12 right after after I brush my teeth and then I will add two dropper full of the goldenseal lemon balm and zinc into a glass of water and then I'll drink that with my vitamin C what are these called capsules I'll add the capsules to my smoothie or banana ice cream if I remember the next super important thing I learned from Anthony William is about heavy metals um this is something I kind of knew about but I didn't think that it even really applied to me but apparently all of us have heavy metals in our systems it's in our body it's in our brain it could cause ADHD ad D autism depression OCD mood disorders Alzheimer's focus concentration and memory loss issues and buy heavy metals I mean mercury alumina copper calcium lead arsenic nickel chrome alloy and steel if you want to heal from like any chronic illness Anthony suggests doing his heavy metal detox every day because even if you don't deal with any of the things that I listed if you do have a viral issue um having heavy metals in your system does not help it just like exacerbates the problem essentially so he talks a lot about um like why do we have heavy metals he explains it all and I'm not gonna take the time to explain it I've linked a post below so you can check it out but essentially we are if we're not consuming the heavy metals if you're really strict about your diet you're still exposed to them in the environment and even if you're really good about that it's passed down generationally like from our parents so it's kind of unavoidable and that's why he talks about how important it is to remove it from our bodies and you can do so and that's what's really exciting the heavy metal detox is five foods that you want to eat within 24 hour basis and I do it about four to five times a week and that's just like what's doable because sometimes my day doesn't always look like a normal day the five foods are spirulina barley grass juice powder wild blueberries that have to be wild not regular blueberries wild blueberries which are available in the frozen section of your grocery store most likely dholtze and cilantro doses it's an Atlantic scene vegetable and it's delicious so what I do is I make banana ice cream or smoothie in the morning with frozen bananas and then I add in spirulina barley grass juice powder and wild blueberries and then later in the day I'll have my salad with like a whole head of lettuce and lots of delicious vegetables and avocado and tahini and then I'll make sure I'll include fresh cilantro and the dulls the dose is like salty and I love getting the pieces instead of the flakes because the pieces have this amazing texture I love it if you're wondering how these five foods extract heavy metals he has a whole explanation of like the way it works and it sounds a little stringent because you have to you to take all five within 24 hours in order for it to actually be effective because otherwise he says that the heavy metals kind of get stuck how do we know any of this actually works I feel really good I just I I don't know how to explain it my energy levels have been so much higher I think my skin is healing my sleep has been so much better I was an insufferable insomniac for so many years things are getting better and it's really exciting and regardless everything that you suggests is very logical it makes a lot of sense to me and what you have to remember is like and this is what I said in my video about like what to do when you're really sick Healing takes a really long time like you can't expect to like heal acne in a week or heal your anxiety in a month like it's gonna take a really long time and I think that's difficult for us to remember in this society where we just want a quick fix and a quick pill but if you want true healing true like pure healing that's really gonna kill you from the inside out heal the actual causes of your chronic illnesses you have to take steps that are sustainable and long-lasting and not just a pill that's actually going to cause other problems the last thing I learned um it's about celery juice it's very anti-inflammatory it's very alkaline and it flushes out toxins from your system and he strongly suggests drinking fresh celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and it can be very good for digestion and I've used this in the past when like my digestion isn't so hot and so I will go get like a big thing of celery juice and drink it in the morning and he recommends if you're having digestive problems to drink celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning seven days in a row and it should really help your digestion one other thing I want to share with you about Anthony Williams is his compassion I've never met the guy or anything but I can just sense how much he wants to help people whenever he shares his information whether it's in his books or like in his free content he always always says I'm here for you just take it one step at a time he's so encouraging um he doesn't make you feel like you caused your problems he always says like it your genes aren't to blame it's not your fault it's um we just have to like incorporate a little bit more fruits and vegetables just like increase the supplements and he's so encouraging and he like talks about in a way that's so palatable and I think people are benefiting a lot from it thousands and thousands of people have been healing because of Anthony Williams so I just thought I would make this video to share and this amazing guy with you and to let you guys know that he has these like really simple little steps if you're already Eagan and you're already eating lots of fruits and vegetables you're halfway there just like increasing your supplements and increasing that like the heavy-metal detox foods these little things can take you so far this is just speaking from my own limited experience with this if you guys already are huge fans of Anthony and you've learned a lot if you've personally healed for an Anthony Williams recommendations I would love to hear your stories too just post them below and if you guys have like specific health questions I really encourage you to like search out his information first he has so much free content and his two incredible books thank you so much for watching okay bye