[Music] hi my name is Hannah I often get asked how I do all the things that I do cuz I kind of do a lot sometimes I think I do too much I kinda have bitten off more than I can chew I just want you to know I'm not like a Productivity expert I've kind of just figure out what works for me and these are the things that I do in order for me to do the things that I do a lot of because I think everyone has their own way of doing things I don't think these are the the I don't think these are the magic tools although there are a couple things I think are true for everyone number one I view time like my most precious gift I am obsessive about how I waste time to a point where I think it's a little unhealthy but I I really I really try to see every single minute that I use and see how is this going to benefit my life how is this good for me even the time when I rest how is this how is this time being used wisely I try really hard not to waste time not to say I never waste time of course I do I'm human but I'm really obsessive about it my next tip is to prioritize for me because I have so many projects on my plate I'm just doing many many things at once I'm not just I don't just have one thing I have to have a daily hierarchy in my mind what's most important to me and generally what's most important to me is my book it's my number one project I'm working on I spend many many hours on it and even if I'm not sitting down actually writing I'm thinking about my book constantly and I have found that it's very important to have a top priority and what is your main focus because if you have 50 main focuses it's very difficult to succeed in all of them and that's kind of what I'm experiencing right now directly under my book is work how I make money it may seem strange that it's not my number-one priority but I just have to ask you for anyone who has a job of any kind when you're making money of any kind is that your number one party most of the time it's not unless you happen to have a job that is also your passion for me I'm teaching while I love it I absolutely love teaching I love my subject that I teach I teach journalism right now I also teach English as a second language I do enjoy it a lot it's not my number one passion in life my number one passion is literature and books and reading and writing so that's why books comes before my book comes before work that said I still have to make my job a priority because there are other people and held accountable too not just my supervisors at work but more importantly my students my students are counting on me to provide them with a really great class and to give them really good feedback I spend a lot of time grading and my grading is very time-consuming because it's not just numbers it's actually writings I have to read I spend 30 to 45 minutes on each student's paper every time they turn in a paper in order to give them proper feedback it's very time-consuming so it has to be one of my top right my next priority is my podcast with Evan Oliver it's called earth to us again I'm held accountable not just to Evan but also to our listeners and that's why it's a priority for me to get those episodes out every single month my last priority guys I'm so sorry to say is YouTube I love being able to make videos I love being able to have this channel and this platform to make stupid stuff and you guys enjoy it somehow and I think it's super cool but it's like my last movie and I don't spend quite enough time on it for it to be what it can be and I think that's why maybe the quality suffers sometimes but it is on my list and I do try to work on it every month number three is do the big things first this is something that I have learned again and again is the best way to be most productive and use your time the best that you possibly can number four I use this really cool planner that I want to show you guys I'm not sponsored by them at all I just love her stuff it's called still classics this is a six month planner but next year starting next month I'm using the one year planner and I use a system here where I write down everything I need to do the day before so when I wake up in the beginning of the day I know exactly what I'm doing and I have a plan and I try to have a pretty realistic goal of how how I'm going to accomplish up during the day if I manage to accomplish that task during the day whatever is on my list I get a checkmark if for some reason something changes someone cancels an appointment or I don't need to do that thing anymore I cross it off as if it never existed out if something was on my list but then I didn't do it because I failed I did not accomplish my task for that it gets circle the circles look so ugly it shows you this glaring example of how you did not accomplish this this weird mind trick I plan myself guys so I encourage you to incorporate this little method here I got this from my friend Kate check cross and circle the circles are bad number 5 I do yoga and meditation daily there are times in my life where I am not so good at being persistent and consistent with yoga and meditation however whenever I do I know I'm being so much more productive I'm just a better person when I do I can't even explain it I have a whole video about this actually but um I've actually I used to put yoga and meditation on my to do list so I could check it off when it's done but I have found that if I don't put it on my list I treat it more like brushing my teeth like this is just an an obvious thing I'm going to do today it's part of my morning routine then it actually gets done more it's kind of strange there's so many studies out there showing how impactful meditation is for a Productivity next I get enough sleep every single night I go to bed wow that's such a lie guys I do not go to bed early every single night mmm okay one of my goals is to go to bed early every single night last night I went to bed at like 9:30 and I was incredible and I woke up feeling amazing so yeah that's something I need to work on but I really tried to get enough sleep number seven is I drink a lot of smoothies and juices and I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and salads and lots of healthy plant-based foods because they give me tons of energy and they don't weigh me down if I'm not feeling good I do not get anything done I don't know about you but what I'm feeling healthy that's when I'm the most productive and then I'm able to accomplish the goals that I have number eight I think this varies from person to person however I do think most people are more productive in the mornings whether they like it or not I personally know what I'm most productive I'm definitely more productive in the mornings and that's why I try to do my work in the morning and then evening I relax know yourself know when your most productive and really take advantage of that time number 9 avoid the social media temptation this is something I think everyone merkon for those people who like comment oh I'm never on social media you're on social media right now YouTube is social media yeah I know YouTube you can get into that like that rabbit hole and just watch videos there's so many interesting content so many interesting videos on YouTube and not to mention Instagram they say that if you pick up your phone because of an alert because of an email or an Instagram or something like that that it takes you 11 minutes to actually refocus and get back to work turn off your alerts are the only alerts that I have on my phone are text messaging and phone calls I think it's a complete waste of time to get a ding every time every single time to get an email I do not need to know and I get an email if someone really needs to get ahold of me they'll call me number 10 I have a real reason for why I'm doing these things I have been wanting to publish a book ever since I was 7 years old I always thought being a writer would be the coolest job in the world and while technically I am a writer now because I write I would love for it to be my full-time job and very open about that so because I have like this real passion I have this real dream it really keeps me going I don't know how else to explain it but when it comes to like the podcast or YouTube those are like fun more creative things and then when it comes to work where I'm teaching at university I'm doing that because I'm getting paid so I I'm not gonna teach for free you know what I mean but I will write a book for free so if you have find something that you're truly driven by and something that really inspires you and that should get you out of bed in the morning number 11 I do multitask now I do not multitask when I'm actually trying to get work done I believe the best way to get work done is to be focused on one thing at a time 100% but there are other things I do multitask throughout my day such as I listen to the content I want to listen to like podcasts or audiobooks while I'm cooking and cleaning or walking the dog or things like that um also I like to eat my lunch while facetiming with my sister my sister's my best friend ever so I obviously we have to maintain a relationship she lives in a different state so I like to eat my salad well I talked to her not everyday but we do it a few times a week and that's another way you can multitask your eating while your facetiming with a loved one number 12 I actually do take breaks lately I've been in the habit of writing for two or three hours in the morning from about 9:00 to 12:00 and immediately after that I'll take the dog for a walk and it's such a great way to get my blood moving again get some sunshine and listen to your Potter and spend some time with my dog as a way to freshen up if I just went straight from writing to working on something else especially since it's in the same chair in the same desk on the same computer it would be very difficult in my mind would get very very tired taking breaks has been proven to really increase your productivity of course a break is not looking at Instagram that is not a break at all actually it's kind of like I don't know for me it's worse when I look at Instagram it just makes I really try not to look at Instagram number 13 I have realistic goals I and this is on a daily basis on a monthly basis on a yearly basis and in my life I'm not going to set these crazy goals that I know I cannot accomplish because then when I don't accomplish them it can be very defeating 14 I do not have a lot of structure to my day or even to my week really I like loose schedules I like to just make a list of things that I do and then eventually it will get done but I get to choose when it's done I'm not going to say okay this is what I'm going to do this thing and then I'm gonna do this thing and kind of block things out I find that not to work for me however I do think everyone's different and some people work really well with structure when I have structure I fail and then I'm sad so I don't like having structure and that but everybody's different so choose what works for you my final thing I have to say about this idea of having so many projects that you kind of you gotta feel a little overwhelmed yeah my conclusion is I fail constantly there's um I don't do it how do you manage to do everything Janna I don't I don't manage because I'm constantly too tired I'm constantly down on myself sometimes I'm like why did I why do I have why did I put all this stuff on my plate I literally cannot carry this right let alone eat it so that is why I say no to things all the time I say no to hanging out with friends constantly and it doesn't break my heart because we hang out just enough I don't need to be social all the time but that's my personality I really like to be alone and working on things wow this is a really depressing image to end on I hear it end with my face like this