– Hey you guys, Kimberly
with Millennial Moms, and do you ever ask
yourself, I want a little bit of a sweet treat, but you
don't know what you can go ahead and toss together? Today I'm gonna show you
three really fast, easy, sweet treats that you can
toss together, in a snap. (“Jingle Bells”) (kiss) So, welcome back to Millennial Moms. If you guys are new, I
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and don't forget to give this video big old thumbs up. So we tend to have a
little bit of a sweet tooth at nighttime and we
don't necessarily always have ice cream on hand,
or anything like that. So I'm gonna show you guys
some really quick and easy, holiday sweet treats that
you can do after dinner with your kiddos. My kiddos are gonna be
joining me and getting these sweet treats done,
because, or course, they want to eat them afterwards. So let's get right into
sweet treat number one. Okay, so for number one,
we are gonna go ahead and make a sweet cinnamon and sugar toast. You're gonna need your
toaster, some sliced bread, butter, and cinnamon and sugar. All you're gonna do is place
your slices in the toaster. You're gonna take the toast out, place some butter on top. Then you're just gonna be
putting on your cinnamon. You want to make sure that
you're still doing this while the butter is melting,
so it can really get into that slice of bread. Sprinkle on some sugar. And once it's all melted
together, it is a sweet treat that any kid and adult
will absolutely love. (“Jingle Bells”) Okay you guys, treat number two is, we do have sugar cookies on hand. Of course, it's the holiday season, and we always like to
have cookies, whether they are chocolate chip or sugar. So, we do have sugar, and then, my daughter wanted
candy canes the other day when we went to the grocery
store for her hot chocolate. So I though it would be
perfect if we crush some of these up, place them on
top of the sugar cookies, and voila, we have holiday
cookies right in our oven. So all we're gonna do is
take a ice cream scooper, and get our candy canes
inside a plastic bag. This is perfect for the
kids to do 'cause they can go ahead and take a couple whacks at it. (“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) So we have already preheated our oven, we just follow the direction. They're right on the back. We're gonna place the cookies
on here, and then place some of those candy canes right on top. (“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) And there you go, we have
some candy cane sugar cookies. So for our last and final
easy dessert, we have, we always carry crescent rolls on standby. So we have crescent
rolls, and then in a dish I simply put some cinnamon and some sugar. So what we're gonna do is
take the crescent roll, roll it into a ball, and bake it. And then once it comes
out, we're gonna dunk it inside some melted
butter, and then place it in the cinnamon and
sugar, and there we go. We kind of have a little bit
sugar and cinnamon donut. You ready? – Yep. – So with crescent rolls,
to automatically come out in this little triangle. So what you're gonna do
is take each triangle, so you're gonna take a triangle, and then you're gonna smoosh it up, don't squeeze it, squeeze it hard, but kind of make it into a ball. (“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) Okay, so what we're gonna do
is take the little croissant that is nicely cooked, and then we are going to put
it in some melted butter. And then dip it right
into the cinnamon sugar, and mix that all around. And there you go. (“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”) Cheers.
– Cheers. – Alrighty you guys, I hope
you all enjoyed these really quick, sweet treats, that will get rid of any sweet tooth. Do you agree? – Yeah, it got rid of mine. – It got rid of hers. (laughing) If you guys have not
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and try them, right? – Yeah, because I love
just trying new stuff. – That's right. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Until next time, we will see
you guys in the next one. Bye you guys.
– Bye you guys.