hey guys and welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a thrift haul I'm really excited about all the things that I've got including this top that I'm actually wearing right now I ordered everything from thredUP and this video is actually sponsored by thredUP so thank you thread up for sponsoring today's video and I can't wait to show you guys what all I got if you don't know what thread up is it is basically a website where you can go and buy things that are secondhand can I like thrift store but you can find so many amazing things on there that's why I'm so excited about it everything I got was like nice name-brand stuff I've actually ordered from thread up before even before they sponsored a video of mine so I knew how everything kind of worked it's really cool because you can go on their website and kind of like customize what you're looking for so when I went on there I knew that I was really just looking for tops right now and so I put in like medium sized tops because that's my size you could also look for brands that you might like you can also customize bicolor like say you're just looking for a tan sweater you can put that in there you can basically search for anything that you want to search for and it makes things really easy because I know a lot of people don't want to go to the thrift store for that reason because they're like I have one thing in mind and I can never found it at the thrift store this makes it really easy for you because you can just look it up online so that further ado let's go ahead and get on into this thrift haul I've got the box right here super cute I just love their packaging it's like look how cute this is I don't know turquoise is like one of my favorite colors so I love how they have like the polka dots on there and this is what I have on the inside I've already opened it up obviously so the packaging was so much cuter when I first opened it but I also wanted to say I love how clean the clothes smell as a clean freak when I opened it up and I was like smelling all the clothes like if you're anything like me when you're at the thrift store you smell the clothes first just to be sure that you're not going to bring it home and it stinks but I was smelling all of the clothes and they all smelled so clean and fresh like almost like sterile clean so we'll go ahead and talk about this top first that you guys have already seen it it's just this really cute like sweater from the loom sighs medium everything I got was the size medium and it has these great polka dots on there and it's just this like turquoise mint color top I actually think this was my husband's favorite one I tried all of them on earlier and he said that this was his favorite one so I can't wait to wear this the next thing I have in here was one of my favorite things that I got and it is this sweater right here it's actually from Michael Kors oh my gosh I just love it so much because I love these like versatile pieces that I could wear just hanging out around the house with some black leggings or I could dress this up and wear it to church or something like that but it just has these like sequins on there with this like deep blue like almost aqua color and it has like the giraffe print on there another thing that I was kind of impressed about is this still has the tags on there and I can see that it was originally $120 but when it was bought it was bought on sale for 72 and that was actually the original price that thredUP quoted said it was originally $72 but I know that that was actually the sale price the next thing I'm pulling out is this shirt right here I just love this immediately when I saw it I was like this is a date night shirt it's from the brand Bailey 44 and I believe this was actually one of the most like originally expensive things that I got so I was really happy with it I tried it on absolutely loved it it's got this piece in the middle that just make sure waist look really slimming the next top that I have here I saw and I was like this is just so adorable is from the brand lucky also in size medium and it just has this like Buffalo check I think that's what you call this maybe just plaid I don't know but it has like a hoodie on the back and then the little strings down the front and the pouch but I just saw this and I was like this looks really put together but at the same time like very casual – speaking of comfort the next item I have here is just this yellow sweatshirt from Eddie Bauer and honestly I love the neckline on this I've worn this two days now since I've had this package and I've probably had this package for five days so that shows you how much I love this but don't mind the wrinkles because it has just come out of the wash but like I said it's from Eddie Bauer and you can imagine like Eddie Bauer is pretty expensive but with thredUP I got it on a really good deal next thing I have here is also a very comfortable sweatshirt but also very put together too and apparently I was in a very sequency mood when I was shopping for my stuff on thread up but it's from Victoria's Secret and it just has these like stripes on here with the sequins and it's silver and pink and gold all the really pretty colors next up is a top from Cyrus and it's more like a cardigan looks like this this is actually one of my favorite things I know I'm gonna wear this a million times as well just because it looks so put together but also very comfortable I guess that was kind of my theme this time around like I said I love those versatile pieces where you can dress it up and also dress it down but it's just this really burnt orange color and then the front side has these like taupe stripes on they're super flattering too and then I have this top from Ann Taylor it also has the tags still on there right here and it was originally $70 for this I cannot imagine buying something for $70 I don't know maybe it's just because I've always bought second-hand clothes that is just a lot for a shirt that doesn't even have sleeves you know what I mean but I just love this I plan on wearing this when we go to Paris I just when I look at this I think of my parish trip and also this top that I'm wearing right here because they wear a lot of neutral colors not like us Americans who wear like lots of color all the time they're kind of more like neutral colors over there like I definitely won't be bringing these earrings that's but not least I wanted to tell you guys about the top that I'm wearing right now it's one of my favorite things that I got is from the brand RDI I just love how it like swoops down in the back a little bit lower really warm as well so like I said I I'm wearing this when we are on our Paris trip because we're going late March and so I'm thinking it's gonna be like in the 40s to 50s so we definitely will be bringing sweaters over there but I also really love this neckline too I'm just ecstatic about everything I got from thredUP you never know when you're buying on the line you know it's always like a gamble is it gonna fit am I gonna like it I don't know but seriously everything I got I loved and I was also really impressed by the fact that they sent me an email with all of the like originally quoted prices and what I bought everything for and I saved six hundred and nine dollars so that is amazing in my eyes but I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will leave a thread ups linked down below they are giving my viewers 30% off of their first order so check the link down below and be sure to use that code and subscribe to my channel if you are new I have a giveaway going on right now that I don't want you guys to miss if you are subscribers and like this video if you enjoyed it and I'll see you all in the next one bye