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a big ole thumb's up. So the holiday season
can be super stressful just with a million things
that we need to get done. I'm gonna give you guys some tips on how not to stress
over the holiday season and actually enjoy it this year. Tip number one, have your kids try on their holiday outfit stuff. I know a lot of times my kids outgrow it, and then at the last minute,
I'm in the store searching for holiday clothes that
are already sold out. So do it early. Have your kids try on their pants, their dresses, their dress shoes, everything, so then when
you're out at the store and you see a great deal, you
can go ahead and pick it up and not have to stress
at the very last minute. Tip number two, the holiday
season goes by just like that. So go ahead and get out your calendar and make sure that you're calendering out your family traditions, things
that you wanna do every year. I know that there's been
years that before I knew it, the holiday season was over, and we didn't get a chance to do the stuff that we usually like to
do 'cause we were so busy. If you calendar it in now, then you know you have designated a day to take care of that
family tradition spot. Tip number three, go ahead
and talk to your family. See where you guys are gonna
have Christmas this year. See exactly what's going on,
so if you need to go ahead and book travel plans, you can do it now. See when the kids get out of school, see what day you're gonna
be leaving the house, what day you're getting into
the area that your family is, how long you're gonna be
there and all that stuff. It kind of takes off the stress over the last minute travel ordeals that we all kind of go through, and it just kind of puts
everything on paper, and kind of gives you a good visual on how your holidays
are actually gonna go. Tip number four, definitely
if you're gonna order them Christmas cards, get
that picture done now. If not, use a old picture. Use a picture of like
when the kids were little, like a little throwback. Go ahead, do it black and
white with the lettering red and you have the cutest
Christmas card ever. If you don't have time to
take a picture, don't fear. Go a little old school on it and get your Christmas cards ordered now. There's plenty of sales
and discounts out there, so then you can get them
in in plenty of time to get them shipped out to the family. Tip number five, make your Christmas list of everybody that you need to shop for along with your budget. This definitely helps you
out when you're at the store, and you know Sarah down the
street needs a Christmas gift and you have a great sale over at Target. You can go ahead and pick it up because you know exactly
who you need to shop for, and you know exactly what
budget you give per person. This is something I do
strictly every single year because it helps me stay on budget. And if you guys have not
started by Black Friday, start on Black Friday. You don't even have to leave your house. There are so many stores
that do Black Friday, the same sales that are in the store right online for your convenience. So next tip is we are constantly getting a last minute door knock at the door, a phone call, we're gonna
stop the next five minutes. Try and always have snacks that your family is
always gonna be eating, so you're constantly turning it over, but yet you have snacks on standby that you can put on a bowl,
put out on the counter, and give your guests
a little snack to eat. Really good ones are to have some popcorn, have some Chex Mix, any type of tree nuts
is always good to have, some chips, some salsa. Have things that you can go ahead and make some quick s'mores for the kids. That's always a hit. And then of course since
it's the holiday season, always try and have hot chocolate with mini marshmallows on hand. It'll be a big hit for the kids as they're leaving your
house for the holiday season. Okay, you guys, that is it. I hope these tips really do help you guys have a stress-free holiday season. It's always crazy, but
it's such a fun time of all the family and everything. Let me know down in the comments what your guys' family traditions are. I know what ours are, and I cannot wait to go
ahead and get started. Once again, if you guys
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