hey guys welcome back to my channel as most of you guys know I am done with my Christmas shopping like a hundred percent I have nothing left to buy and it feels so amazing so I thought I would give you guys some Christmas shopping tips for Christmas shopping on a budget and then also just making sure you get your Christmas shopping done and you don't get overwhelmed about it so I've got 10 tips for you guys and this video is actually sponsored by shop tagger so we're going to talk about there at first which is really cool and I thought you guys would like to know about it if you are Christmas shopping on a budget this could really help you out so shop tagger is an app that you can download on your phone and it notifies you anytime something on your list goes on sale so what you do is you just download the app and then you go shopping on all the websites that you normally shop on or anything that you think your kids might like for Christmas or something like that and then when you find something that you like you press share and then you share it to your shop tagger app so when anything on your list goes on sale it's going to notify you either email or you can press where you can get notifications straight to your phone which is actually a good idea because especially around this time of year if something like a toy goes on sale and it's a really good deal it's probably going to sell out really fast so I really recommend it pressing the notification button also whenever you are sharing things to your shop tagger app you can categorize them so you can organize like home decor clothes your gonna even make a like Christmas wish list that is something that I decided to do for kids this year which it was actually kind of genius for us because we have a lot of family members who don't live around us and so they only see the kids a few times a year and so they're always asking what are the kids into and what can I get the kids for Christmas this year and so this way I was able to kind of make a Christmas wish list with all different price ranges and then I could just send it to them you can share your list and you can share them on Google+ Pinterest Twitter Facebook and then you can also just send them to your friends like I said it is kind of genius if you have friends and fan that don't live around you and don't really know what your kids are into this is a great way to get that list to them and not only get the list to them but also give them the option to buy things on sale and so they're not spending the full price because shop Tiger is going to just notify them if anything is on sale I personally think the app is really cool especially if you are shopping on a budget or like us and you don't have family and friends living close by you and kind of want to know what you want for Christmas then I highly recommend downloading this app I will have the link down below in the description box so you guys can get to it and I also thought you guys might want to know about a giveaway that they are doing and it is for 10 people and they are giving away a thousand dollar gift card to Nordstrom's so 10 people are gonna win that so check down below and go download the app add a few things to your list and see if you win in that giveaway I am really hoping that I win I think that would be really cool number two on my list is to start early and as early as you possibly can I personally started in August and obviously it is a little too late unless you're watching this August 2018 it's probably a little too late for you guys to start that early now but you guys can start now like do not wait until last minute in December because it's just gonna make it that much harder everything is gonna be so much more busier it's gonna be harder to get around right now I just dread it going into our big town next to us we live in a small town but right now like I do everything I can to avoid that big town because it is just so busy right now and it makes shopping kind of miserable the next thing I decided to do is before I even go Christmas shopping I make a list of every single person that I need to buy for and then right beside their names I put just a list of things that I might want to get for them and that way whenever I find it in the store I can go ahead and pick it up and then as soon as I pick it up I cross their name off the list definitely a good idea to write this in pencil so you can really just go ahead and erase it and that way you don't have to think about that person anymore because you've already gotten a gift and you can think about what you want to get for the next person on the list so the next thing I like to do before I do my Christmas shopping is shop around window shop before you chili shop I do this every single year and I actually do it with my home decor as well so whenever I am thinking about decorating my house for Christmas I window shop first I have an entire day where I just window shop and I say that I'm not going to buy anything I'm just looking and what I am doing is trying to figure out what exactly I want for one also I'm figuring out how much I want to spend you would be amazed at how many things that I've found at Big Lots that were so much cheaper they're opposed to Walmart or just places like that so I really recommend doing some window shopping before you actually go shopping the next thing I like to do is set a limit for each of the kids especially for all of my nieces and nephews because I've got a lot of them so I think I have over ten like I've stopped counting after ten but it's a lot of them so normally I like to set a limit of what I am going to spend on each child and if I end up getting something on a deal then you don't have to make up for it like say for instance I got all the younger kids in alarm clock and then it shows like stars on the ceiling and then you could play music from it and things like that I actually ended up getting that for $4 and it was normally like $15 so what I did was I did not make up the difference each of my nieces and nephews I kind of set a 15 to 20 dollar budget so when I got something that was I have 15 dollar value all I did it was by that and then I put in just something small but don't feel like you have to make everything fair and spend the dollars because it actually is fair if you think about it you just got a really good deal on it I also wanted to share a tip with you guys that is basically just my favorite stores that I shop that this year that I found the best deals at so t.j.maxx was one of them especially for the older girls in our family next door being Walmart I probably did the majority of my shopping at Walmart and then the last one was Big Lots this is one that I checked out later on when I was shopping and I wish I had found that one first because I really think that the best deals this year for kids toys was at Big Lots so if you are shopping on a budget and you've got a lot of nieces and nephews I do what you can do is combine gifts so for instance if you have a family member who has like seven kids and I'm not hating my husband's family actually has seven kids I am for my family with four kids so we are very used to being the family that got combined gifts because if you bought for each and every kid it was gonna be so expensive so what I recommend is getting a board game and just giving it to the entire family instead of getting a gift for each and every person just go ahead and get a blanket gift and get either a board game or you can also get a new movie that came out and throw in some popcorn and snacks just something fun like that maybe you want to get them a gift card to the zoo something fun like that where they can all just use it instead of trying to think what would each and every person want and then having to go shopping for each and every person that can take up a lot of time and a lot of money so if you could find a blanket gift just to give everybody then I highly recommend that it's gonna save you a lot alright so the next tip is don't be afraid to actually ask people what they want sometimes I really don't like to do this because I want to feel like I'm on top of everything I want to feel like the people think that I know them and I know what they want I've been paying attention to what they want but sometimes I really don't know like it could be my husband and I really don't know what to get him and I live with him so it's really easy to just not know especially for nieces and nephews or aunts and uncles what they want for Christmas so just go ahead text them ask them and normally they're gonna give you something the next tip is to allow yourself one impulse by one very small impulse buy because I like to set limits for myself I know that I need to set limits for myself because I just love giving presents and so I can just throw anything and everything in there and before I know I've spent way too much on someone and so what I like to do is just set one impulse buy for myself so for instance when I was talking about the alarm clocks that I got for the small kids in our family I decided to allow myself one impulse buy because that was the big gift and then I decided to get them all like little Pez dispensers I actually found those Pez dispensers at Big Lots and they had some really cool like Star Wars ones and My Little Pony and frozen that's a really cool popular characters right now and I got them for a dollar fifty each and so I decided just to throw those in there because my kids personally love Pez dispensers like they kind of have an obsession with Pez dispensers so I thought the other kids would like them too and that was just my one small impulse buy so now I know that I have the big gift I have my one impulse buy and then don't buy any more because like I said I definitely have to so limit for myself because if I don't I'm just gonna throw everything in there I'm gonna find a candy bar I want to put in there or I'm gonna find a scar if I want to add so set a limit for yourself and stick to it so my next tip is also for shopping on a budget and that is to do some DIY gifts and I actually have a video where I did five DIY gifts from the Dollar Tree and I am gonna be coming out with another one on the 1st or the 2nd of December it's one of those days so be on the lookout for that I will have five more Dollar Tree DIY gifts for you guys and what I like to do before I go shopping or before I decide what I want to do for my DIY kit I like to look around my house figure out what I actually already have so let's say maybe you have some Mod Podge and you want to use that so that's going to save you from having to buy it so just keep that in mind whatever you have laying around your house and then build off of that on what you want to create for your DIY Christmas gifts so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it please leave it a thumbs up if you found this video helpful and subscribe to my channel if you are new and don't forget to check out shop Taggard down below in the description box and I will see you all in the next video I