hey guys and welcome to my channel today's video is going to be on preparing for guests and having them stay the night at your house and just even if you're just having guests for the day and so this video is going to be kind of like a cleaning checklist and also it's gonna be a few ideas that maybe you haven't thought about doing and this might give you guys a few ideas especially with the holidays coming this might be really helpful for you guys and I have also set up an Etsy shop and you guys can go there and download the printable for this and just to give you guys an idea of things that you might want to do before your guests get here and your cleaning checklist and all of that stuff so check the link down below I have a printable there for you guys so y'all can print that out and let's go ahead and get started on these tips so the very first tip is washing the sheets in the guest bedroom this is something that I like to do even if no one has stayed in the guest bedroom for a while I like to go ahead and give them another wash just so they can be like freshened up and smell really nice and then also I like to spray them with like a linen spray right after I put them on the bed just to give them like a really nice fresh smell that way when your guests get here they really feel like your bed is nice and clean and relaxing for them to sleep in the second thing on the list is to clean the guest bedroom top to bottom or any room that the guests are going to be staying in go ahead and clean that room from top to bottom I'm talking like dusting Windex the windows my husband even went outside on our roof and Windex the outside of the window as well you also just want to do the normal things like vacuuming or if teeing out a trash can that might be in there just like the normal tours that you might think up but also go like above and beyond wipe down the TV if you have a TV in there and just things that you don't normally do the next thing on the list is to clean the bathrooms and I have two tips for you guys and that is to clean all the bathrooms not just the one that the guests are going to be using but go ahead and clean all the bathrooms in the house just because sometimes you might not expect them to be using that bathroom but it might need to for some reason or another maybe the other bathrooms are filled up with other people and I might say hey can I use your master bath because all the other ones are taken and then next thing you know you're like oh man I never cleaned that bathroom so make sure you clean them all and also don't clean them too early especially if you have a lot of kids in your house it's probably gonna get dirty if you clean it like three days before your guests get here so what I like to do is clean it the day of or the night before my guests arrive so the next thing on the list is to declutter and you just don't want any clutter around if you have magazines sitting out on your kitchen counters or anything that is kind of just taking up space but isn't being used go ahead and get rid of that put everything back in its spot I had a coat closet that was kind of becoming the catch-all I was just throwing home decor in there that I wasn't using and so before my guests arrived that was definitely one area that I needed to clean out and get ready just in case our guests needed to put some coats in the closets or jackets or anything like that another thing you want to make sure you're doing is to have extra toiletries on hand just in case they forgot to bring them so I went ahead and put out some new shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom that they were gonna be using I put out some body wash a razor just in case they forgot that toothpaste I just set them up in the guest bedroom I made a little basket full of things like that just in case they were going to need it my next tip is definitely a must if you are going to have guests spending the night at your house and that is to have your towels and washcloths clearly accessible for them that way in the morning or at night when they want to take a shower and they're looking around for towels and they don't know where they are like there's nothing worse than being at someone's house and not knowing where the towels are at so what I decided to do before we had our guests come over was put some towels and washcloths in the dresser that we have in the guest bedroom that is something so easily done and it's also out of the way so instead of having like a towel rack having to be hung up in the guest bedroom we can just put them in the dresser in there and be done with it the next thing I decided to do was stock our kitchen with staples so any kind of coffee we had like several different kinds of coffee because I didn't know which kind our guests would like and cream sugar of teas those things you definitely want to have on hand just in case your desk end up waking up earlier than you do and they want to go ahead and get their coffee they will know where everything is at and you have everything stopped for it in your kitchen next tip is one of my favorite things that I did and that is just to create a help yourself station and so I just got a little tray you can get a tray or a bowl or canisters anything like that and fill it with snacks maybe some breakfast foods I got little cups of oatmeal and grits since we are in the south we eat grits and our guests we're coming from the south too so they I knew that they were to eat grits and so we just kind of stopped it full of things like that I also put some chocolates in there just in case they wanted something sweet or anything like that anything they wanted to grab and then I put a little sign out that said help yourself that way they don't even have to ask they know that that is specifically for them and they can just grab whatever they want from there for the guest bedroom you always want to make sure that you have extra pillows and blankets and we actually have a closet in the guest bedroom and so I just told our guests that we were going to have extra pillows and blankets if they need them and they are all in the closet my next tip is to make sure your guests know what your Wi-Fi is in your house and we even went as far as to set up a guest Netflix account so when you go to Netflix and you can sign in to all the different accounts they can just click the one that says guest and watch whatever they want from there what we decided to do was set up a little picture frame in there letting them know all about that and how to use each remote step-by-step things that they could do and also how to use the Netflix and what our Wi-Fi was where the towels were gonna be we also put on there where extra blankets were we just wrote it all out and put it in a picture frame that way if they couldn't remember or we forgot to mention something to them they could just look on there and find out how to use whatever they needed to use next tip is something that everyone might not have to do but it's something that I needed to do and something that I put on my list and that is just to make sure I put out hand towels in the kitchen for me personally I don't like a lot of things out in my kids normally I don't leave hand house just hanging on the stove or on the dishwasher and places like that I just personally don't like the look of it so normally I keep mine in a drawer right beside our sink so anytime we wash our hands or need a dry dish we just pull it out from there but your guests don't know where you keep all that stuff so before you have guests come over it you definitely want to make sure you put out some hand towels just in case they want to wash their hands in the kitchen and need to dry them off they need to be able to see where your towels are gonna be another tip for the guest bedroom is to make sure you have some empty hangers in the closet a lot of times closets can be just completely bare whenever you go into a guest bedroom I decided to put some empty hangers in there just in case they had anything that they wanted to hang up and didn't want to get wrinkled last but not least is to have a trash can and a laundry bin in the guest bedroom you definitely want to make sure you have those two things just in case your guests want to watch them laundry or if they need to throw anything away like I have definitely been in that situation before where I've been staying with someone and I needed to throw something away it might be in the middle of the night you don't want to go downstairs and wake everyone up or you know just things like that but you didn't have a trash can in your bedroom so that is a must make sure you have a trash can in there and also a laundry bin I hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you guys so much for bearing with me I know I haven't been posting a lot lately but it is just because we have had so many guests coming and so I've been trying to be in preparation mode so I thought this would be a really fun video for you guys because I'm doing these things anyway and like I said the holidays are coming up so I thought that you guys could really use this little checklist and leave this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel and I will see you guys in the next one bye [Music]