oh you know what time it is it's time for a fall I recently did some shopping at some of my favorite stores so I am just gonna show you the stuff that I got I got mostly clothing but a few products at the drugstore as well so I'm going to start off with this bag it's a Zara bag but I actually have stuff in here from and Other Stories and Zara I just told anda their stories I didn't need a bag for the stuff that I purchased because I was just gonna throw it in here now let's just keep in mind that I live in LA and that I don't experience the full force of autumnal weather like the rest of the country but I will say that I do enjoy getting some new sweaters but you'll see that I tend to like certain things in my wardrobe and I've definitely learned over the years to just stick with things that work so something that works for me really well t-shirts I'm wearing wood right now this is a faded black t-shirt and I actually have the pink version of this and I love this t-shirt so much because it fits perfectly it's super comfortable and I actually don't really have any plain black t-shirts so I decided I should probably work on that and change it so I got this as like a more worn in option and because of this lack of plain black t-shirts I actually got a plain black t-shirt but I am so particular with t-shirts they have to be a soft material I like them to have a straight cut to them and I also like the sleeves to be a little bit longer so finding that combination of things can actually be pretty tough my two favorite places for t-shirts are and other stories and erisa wear this t-shirt is wrong from Zara I saw this sweater and immediately fell in love with it because I already know what I want to wear this with a red sweater that is oversized it is so cozy and snuggly I love how this has a looser fit to it I love the color this will be great for the holidays but also when it's not holiday season and it's perfect because I can wear this in LA but I can also wear this while I'm traveling I also think the tie detail on the back is pretty cool too been pretty into matching sets and I actually have another floral matching set that I've been wearing a lot and I got that one from a consignment store so it's no longer available but this one is at Zara so you might be able to find it still so I got a pair of pants and they are a floral pair of cropped tapered pants with a little tie here around the waist to go with that is a long duster jacket and I just thought this was really cool because I just wanted some more things that I could dress up and down and this is really great because I can wear the pieces separately I can also wear them together and it just looks really cool next we have a ritzy ax I have become obsessed with a ritzy ax I've always known about them but recently I have just loved shopping there and I just want to give a shout out to the girls in the los angeles store in Century City because they are always so sweet and helpful when I go in and I love going there because I just know I'm gonna have an amazing experience so I just wanted to say hi if any of them are watching okay so the first thing that I have is this pair of jeans because oiler I've already been wearing these I just couldn't wait because I love them so much I love the denim that are it SIA has because they sell different brands the cuts in the washes that they have are just really great so this is from a Tallulah and a gold it looks like this was a collaboration between two brands and this is the high rise taper this is a high waisted fit that has a button enclosure and then it tapers down to the bottom these are the perfect length for me so I can wear them down or I can roll them up a little bit and I really just wanted a pair that was tapered at the bottom but not super tight you will see that I am such a basics person and when I find something that I like I stick with it and I think it's also I just reached that point in my life where I just don't want stuff in my closet that I'm not going to be wearing and I'm not going to be enjoying something that I found that I thought was a great basic to have especially for fall and moving into winter as a lay here is this thermal top I love the color of it it's just a really neutral like grayish color it's great to wear on its own and if I happen to go anywhere that's colder during the winter months this is a great under layer to have for sure another thermal top I got I got this one because I was like oh my gosh this would be amazing for traveling in it has a turtleneck but it's a thermal material and it's just so cozy when you put it on I love this so much and I will definitely be wearing it outside of traveling but my initial reaction to this was oh my gosh this is such a great travel top I can wear something under it and just use this as a top layer or I could layer on top of this if I want to so I got another t-shirt because I love the Wilfred free t-shirts at RIT SIA I'm currently wearing the green t-shirt that I also got on this same shopping trip and I also got this one which is like a nude color I love these t-shirts because they have a looser fit to them and I already have this in white and I wear it all the time it's a t-shirt that I always gravitate towards and I decided because I wear the white one so much I should probably integrate some other colors so I have some options and I'm not just constantly washing that white one all the time another thing that I got multiples of because I love me a good turtleneck this is a turtleneck bodysuit that I found it's a light knit material but I loved how it has this zipper in the front I just think that is such a cool detail and it also makes it easier to get into as well because you can step into it and then just kind of peel it off when you're done and then I also got it in this nude ish color and I love these because I can dress them up I can dress them down I could even wear the black ones with the floral pants that I got I can wear this with jeans there are just so many different things that I could pair these with and when I tried on the nude one first I loved how it fit and I was like I gotta get another color because I'm gonna wear this a time I have another black turtleneck that I wear all the time and it's short sleeves so I just wanted something that had a longer sleeve to it because last year I actually bought some from Zara but they just fell apart and I'm kind of disappointed about that like the buttons just totally came apart on the sleeves and I'm pretty bummed about that another cozy layer that I got which I think is so cool because I typically don't get things that are camo because I always think that camo just doesn't suit me but I loved this one when I tried it on and I think it's because it has a lighter color to it so instead of it being like the dark green with the Browns it's gray with a little bit of green and a little bit of beige in it and as you can tell I just love being comfortable and if it looks cute I'm into that too so this is gonna be stuff that I got at Target and CBS first thing I got L'Oreal lash paradise in the water proof on Instagram I asked for your drugstore recommendations and my DMS flooded with this as a recommendation and I got the last waterproof one in black so I'm pretty happy about it it was almost completely sold out so I guess this is a pretty good mascara I've seen people talking about this and saying how it's a dupe for the better than sex mascara by toothpaste so we'll see how this works out because I definitely like the better than sex mascara I also got the covergirl total tease mascara which is a new one that just came out and of course it's the waterproof formula just in case lash paradise doesn't work out covergirl mascaras tend to work for me pretty well from Revlon I got one of the cream blushes and this is in the shade nude honestly the pigmentation doesn't seem like where I would like it to be but I'll see how it goes on my face it seems like something that might rub off really quickly though that's the thing about drugstore products you typically can't test them out so you kind of just find out as you go I also got some of the Revlon Colorstay cream eyeshadows so I don't see the names they just have numbers but this is 7 for then I got the color 710 I also got the colors 715 and 720 you can see they're really pigmented and pretty and I'm excited to try these out so that's all of the makeup and then last but not least I have some hair products so I went to Target and I've been waiting for them to restock the Kristin s hair product line and they finally had the ones that I was looking for Kristin s is a celebrity hairstylist she's been doing Lauren Conrad's hair forever she also does Lucy Hales hair and I really wanted to try out her products because I love a good texture spray so I got the dry finish working texture spray and this says it builds volume and has an ultra light hold with a soft matte finish I'm hoping this will be a good alternative to the Oribe spray I also got the soft shine beach wave spray and I thought this would be nice for when I want to wear my hair a little bit more naturally and I'm just kind of letting it air dry so it says it's non-drying strand softening shine enhancing for beach inspired waves the very last thing I got is the working texture loose styling powder because I have loved the batiste styling powder the XXL volume powder it really just adds texture and so much volume to my hair but I wanted to try and find something else that I could use here in the States this sounds like a product that does the same thing as the batiste powder so I'm hoping it works just as well yeah that is gonna be it for today if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel where I will have more videos coming your way I hope you guys have an awesome day I'll see you later bye