hey guys welcome back to my Channel today we're gonna do an ultimate clean with me I haven't done one of those in a while and so I figured we would do one today I had originally planned to do a deep clean and declutter my bathroom but I just cannot do it with my house in this state like that is like my number one tip don't even start decluttering any space or deep cleaning any space until the house is clean itself so that's what we're gonna do today but next week I am gonna do that deep clean and declutter my bathroom and I'm also gonna do a deep clean and declutter in the master bedroom all of those need to be done but like I said I've got to get my house in order I feel like it's just been forever since its had a good cleaning throughout all at once like sometimes I'll have like days where I'm cleaning one spot and then the playroom is dirty but I just feel like today the whole house needs to be cleaned so we're gonna do an ultimate clean with me and I'm gonna bring you guys along so you guys turn this on your TVs or on your phones and you guys clean along with me so the first thing I started to do was light some candles I just kind of wanted to set the mood and get myself ready to clean so I love lighting candles and then I started cleaning the living room I actually took a poll on my Instagram for this video to figure out if you guys wanted me to talk through this video or if you just wanted music I feel like it's always split down the middle half of you guys loved just the music and I personally prefer it that way to where it's just the music because I feel like sometimes when people are talking it slows me down but that's just my personal preference I honestly feel like through the poll a lot of you guys wanted the talking more than just the music so I'm gonna try my best to make everyone happy and I am gonna talk through this video but I'm also gonna give you guys like some long periods of time where there's just music too so I'm just trying to please everyone but after that I just started cleaning up my command station and wiping all of that down and then cleaning the kitchen as well [Music] to clean off my barstools I don't know if you guys know this if you're new to my channel you might not if you are an old subscriber then you've probably seen me do this a hundred times but you can use any glass cleaner I just like using method and you can use it on anything microfiber then you just use a little brush and brush it off and it cleans them so well [Music] do you guys see how dirty this dish is this is where I put all of my like cleaning supplies on like the dish soap and hand soap and all of that it gets really dirty really fast that's the one thing I hate about it but I just feel like it looks so classy up there that I leave it up there all the time but I will say that is a pain having to clean that thing all the time I feel like it just gets dirty so fast thinking baby just the two of us [Music] days turned into [Music] every [Music] [Applause] [Music] inside of me how a mr. Sun [Music] me now and then the son [Music] we should get some one more [Music] so in this video I wanted to show you guys some close-ups of the fingerprints that are always all around my house a lot of people comment and say I feel like you're cleaning a clean house but I assure you guys I am not that crazy I have to clean these fingerprints all the time and you guys are gonna see like from far away right here you can't see those fingerprints so I'm sure it does look like I'm cleaning a clean house but whenever I show you guys like the up-close you guys get to see how many fingerprints are actually all over the place and it drives me crazy so I have to clean those off [Music] all the member [Music] how I miss this you know [Music] move back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] please close your eyes imagine you see everybody else's dream what a comfort it would be stand strong way it ought to be but you can never walk alone on your way to being free we're only human after all [Music] nothing could make us fall apart [Music] so this is actually the next day I ended up having to stop cleaning the day before and because I had to cook dinner and all of that so I picked up my cleaning on the next day just to give you guys some more footage and cleaning motivation and so I just started making our bed that morning and cleaning up in the bedroom [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] where do you [Music] [Music] [Music] so you guys can see this mountain of laundry like I said I swear to you guys I'm not actually cleaning an already clean house like this is really dirty to me but so I just started doing some laundry that really needed to be done and a lot of this stuff that was in the dirty clothes hamper was blankets from our kids bedding and so that really needed to be cleaned today I'm telling you guys like I had a full laundry day this day credits alright hang up the phone and let your heart break on the inner leg 20 watts wise she's on the phone but she stay I want you to return this love [Music] weightless [Music] my absolute favorite laundry detergent right now is from mrs. Myers and it's in the basil scent I love anything mrs. Myers in the basil scent it's probably my favorite scent that they have and I am so excited to get the new mint scent if you guys have not seen that on the Grove collaborative site go check it out you can pre-order it I am so excited about getting mine really soon [Music] working [Music] any other youtubers are watching and you guys fold laundry on screen do you guys go through all your laundry first and take out all the underwear because I do and I want to know if anyone else does that too but I'm like I don't want all my viewers seeing all of my underwear and all of my family's underwear so I go through it first before I fold all the laundry and I put all the underwear away first you guys let me know if any other youtubers are doing that too or if you were a youtuber would you do that too or would you just not even care fold your underwear in front of everyone [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so then I needed to vacuum as well I feel like this is another thing that you guys really can't see because you're far away but there is dog hair everywhere I feel like Molly has put on her winter coat and but then that makes her she have like crazy too and it's just all over the place like right here like she leans up against the bed and I have to make sure I'm getting all of that but like I said I know sometimes you guys feel like I'm cleaning a clean house already but there's dog hair everywhere that just needed to be vacuumed up for sure [Music] you make me feel inside [Music] [Applause] and rolling ball [Music] the way things are playing the things I would say now I can wear when I stop so cliche I am trying to do [Music] try [Music] you don't know how I were inside doesn't show but my nerves are inside out is because you're on that worthless them so here is more fingerprints all over the TV and all over the mirror on this dresser in the bedroom I'm telling you guys my kids touch everything and get fingerprints everywhere it's okay they're kids they're gonna do that but so I just went in there into the guest bedroom and started straightening straightening up the bed and then also making sure I got all those fingerprints off and to clean the fingerprints off of the TV I always just get a microfiber cloth and just make it extremely damp like to where it's almost not even wet at all [Music] [Applause] [Music] he just goes way up [Music] [Music] then I sprayed down the bed in the guest bedroom and I also spray down our bed in our bedroom with the sea-salt neroli from Cal drea this is my absolute favorite scent from them if you guys have not checked that out you definitely have to it's amazing after that I recruited the kids to come help me clean the playroom this is always their job they always help me clean the playroom if they make the mess they gotta help Mom and clean it up and they actually do a really good job cleaning like I've said before especially when I'm filming them they are like all for it they're ready to help mama clean we could stay awake [Music] [Applause] [Music] ha it up to be every day should be like a hovering cloud [Music] when it's only you with me no one else can bother a step on the feet oh no step on her feet [Music] by the way Julie picked this song out so if you guys like it let her know down below in the comments and I'll be sure to read it to her [Music] to the positive side this reason why we still have each other to hold now we could stay away in bed slowly watch as the Sun rises the father sleep instead [Music] how it ought to be every day should be like a hovering cloud [Music] when it's only you and me no one else can bother us step on my feet Oh No step enough eat [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] brownness by the Lord I'm here gotta get across whether you like it like it or not there's [Music] hope you guys enjoyed today's video please leave it a thumbs up if you want more ultimate clean with means and subscribe if you are new to my channel I've got a giveaway going on right now for all of my subscribers and I will see you guys in the next video bye