hey guys and welcome back to my channel today's video is my video to give back to you guys so this is my 200,000 subscriber giveaway and I just wanted to say thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart I love all you guys like y'all are so supportive and so sweet to me especially like I seriously feel like really lately you guys have really been pouring the love on especially on Instagram and that's where I'm like most active I feel like normally I'm posting like every day on Instagram sometimes twice a day and in 2018 I've been like really trying to respond to a lot of you guys's comments on there so I feel like you guys are just like sending the love obviously you guys have always done that on my youtube channel as well and I just wanted to say thank you guys so so much I mean this job is a dream come true and so this giveaway is just a very small way to give back to you guys there is gonna be two winners so I know you guys are waiting around to hear what is in this giveaway so let's go ahead and get started alright so the very first winner is going to win a grove collaborative shopping spree so I talked to grove collaborative the website and I told them is there any way we could take just 300 dollars of my credit that I've earned on the website and give it to one of my viewers and they said absolutely you can so this winner has to be in the United States only because grove doesn't ship to any other countries other than the United States so I hate that the winner of the second prize doesn't have to be in the United States it's international so you guys stick around if you are somewhere else other than in the United States then stick around to hear what that prize is basically what growth collaborative is is a website where you can go get all natural cleaning products and they have so many over there I personally love it and I know that a lot of you guys have asked if you go sign up over there do you have to get something every month and no you don't just make sure you sign up under an email address that you use often because they'll never send an order out without checking with you first so what you need to do is just make sure you're checking that email and if they say hey on you know January 11th they're gonna send your order out and this is what's in there then you can stop that order postpone it or just put in there you know what you want but like I said for that winner you have to be in the United States you have to be subscribed to my channel and you have to go sign up on the Grove collaborative website hope this doesn't get confusing for you guys I will have everything written now in the description box too just in case you aren't sure about how everything goes but let's go ahead and jump on into what the second prize is and the main thing in the second prize is a Dyson v7 this is the vacuum that you guys see me using all the time and if you aren't in the United States like I said you can still enter this one what I will do is make sure you get an outlet adapter for whatever country you live in and that way you can still use the Dyson so many of my viewers have asked for this giveaway and if I would ever give away a Dyson so here you guys go I also picked up a few things just because like I'm shopping around I'm like oh I really want to get this for my viewers so the very first thing is this purse I absolutely love it I got this when I was down in Savannah Georgia there is a store it's called everything or something like fine everything fine under 20 or something all their purses are like twenty dollars so when I saw this one I was like have to get this for you guys so this is the purse I'm gonna be giving away I'll probably link that website down below too because I know a ton of you guys are probably gonna ask and then today when I was at Target I saw these first time I've ever seen Peas so I haven't used them yet but I hope they're good cuz I got one for me and two for you guys so I got these scent boosters for your laundry and it's from the brand method this one is in spring garden and then this one is in beach sage this is actually the scent of the fabric softener that I use too so I know that I'm gonna like this one then I also saw this really cool cleaning product and it's from plink and it is for garbage disposals and what you do is just put this in your garbage disposal and it cleans your garbage disposal and makes it smell really good it smell like lemons so this is the one I got for y'all and then since Grove doesn't send things over to anywhere other than the United States I got just a few things from Grove like I said for my international viewers who won't be able to get their croak Grove products but I've got this coconut body lotion from grove collaborative brand and then I also got this Burt's Bees peppermint foot lotion I actually use this stuff and absolutely loved it I picked up their famous kitchen towels they send these out with almost every one of my orders I get a free one of these and so I had to give one to you guys and then speaking of like cloths and towels I also got some of these cellulose sponge cloths these are really cool and you can also like clean them in the dishwasher and use them over and over again I use these and really liked them last but not least I had two of my viewers reach out to me they both own companies and they wanted to send something to you guys for this giveaway and so the very first one I have here is this candle and I actually have one burning right now mine is in the Christmas tree scent and this one is hearth of Christmas I'm telling you guys I've had this thing for a few weeks and it has taken everything within me to not burn this candle smells so amazing like even the Christmas tree scented one that I have burning right now smells so good they last a really long time they're also a candles and hand poured and so I will have her website down below so you guys can go check that out but one of you guys is going to win this candle by the way I know Christmas is over but it has a very citrusy scent so I think you guys are gonna love it even though it's after Christmas and then the last gift I have for you guys is just this pillow band and it says there's no place like home and basically what you do is it has velcro on the back side of it and then you can just open it up and wrap it around your pillow to give your pillow a little accessory your company is called sweet pea decor and more so I will have her link down below as well so you guys can go check out all her other pillow bands so to enter this giveaway I will have the gleam website down below in the description box you will go to that and that is how you enter to win both of these giveaways the gleam website I absolutely love I've used it for a few of my giveaways and it just makes it really like fair for everyone because it picks just a random person and it also weeds out like the robots who enter so it makes sure that you're like an actual person who's entering there's also going to be several different ways on there to get extra entry so for instance following me on my Instagram we'll get you another entry and things like that I said you have to be a subscriber on this channel to enter to win this and if you are trying to win the growth collaborative shopping spree it's and you're gonna want to go over there and create an account if you don't have one already you do have one you don't have to create another account the last thing I have to say about this giveaway is I'm going to pick the winner on February 8th and you're gonna have a week to respond back to the email that I sent to you I had a really bad situation on one of my giveaways where I announced the winner and then she didn't get back with me until like three months later and I was like by that point I had to give it to someone else like so I'm not gonna be keeping these things for three months or that long if you don't respond within a week then I have to send it to someone else so that Israel's warning just be sure to check your email addresses and enter with an email address that you use often that way you know if you got the email about you winning this giveaway so that is it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed everything that I put in this giveaway like I said thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart for subscribing to my channel and I will see you guys in the next video bye