hey guys we are in Raleigh today justin is taking me out for my birthday date we actually had my birthday last week my actual birthday is December 27th but we just had a very low-key birthday at home which I actually really enjoyed it was a lot of fun Justin made me creme brulee and we had a lot of fun but today our babysitter is back so we are actually going out on a date day so we're here in Raleigh we're at the Cheesecake Factory and we're about to go in here and then I think we're going to the Chocolate Factory as well which I've never been there neither I didn't even know about it until last night yeah I saw it online last night we were like let's go there it looks like a lot of fun [Music] [Applause] [Music] look at mr. Hickman my goodness I'm telling him he's got to get this you look so good [Music] I have never even heard of this store before but when I saw it I was like I have to go in I'm in home decor heaven right now everything in this place I would buy [Music] [Music] Justin loves these like couches at the dinner table at the dining room on the couch I know it's really cool look at this couch at the dining room table it's like a sectional this is a hundred percent me right here this is my style Justin's home he's found it he's found his office you look good here babe [Music] so we just got here to the Chocolate Factory and they said that they're closed they won't be open until Monday so now let's go there yeah we gotta get online constantly Elsevier I did want to go see that Andy Griffith statue though we could probably head over there yeah and then figure out what else we're gonna do so I had lived in North Carolina my whole life and come to Raleigh so many times and I have never seen in The Andy Griffith statue here but we're not no yeah it's Andy and Opie for everything I've been Toki's freezin you know I have no shoes on for boy we came over here to the lake it looks like it's freezing over we're supposed to get some snow tonight an inch of ice probably there yeah like a lot of something all the way here in the south yeah it is [Applause] [Music] just leave in the coffee shop now we had a really good time there actually it was like super relaxing just what I needed like on a day without the kids like I had a lot of fun just sitting in the coffee shop hanging out with you and like talking and getting some work done and stuff I had a good time and we were talking about that when we were there like we were getting work done and stuff but I was like it's totally different when you enjoy your job so much like I just love my job so I like enjoy working it's fun to me so we got a lot of stuff done there and a lot of hanging out done there without the kids so it was fun and then now we're on our way home and we passed this really creepy looking building and I was like oh my gosh I could see like Ghost Hunters showing up there and then Justin started talking about BuzzFeed unsolved have you guys watched that yeah it's on YouTube we don't miss an episode of that like every Friday night there in between seasons right now but every Friday night we are watching BuzzFeed unsolved if you guys haven't watched it you definitely got to look it up it's really fun it they mostly do like ghost hunting stuff and things like that but we like it so much because the guys on there we say they act like me and does our personal it is it is so our personalities Dustin is like Shane on there and I'm like Ryan is that his name Joe but they're hilarious and we're like that's exactly how we would be if we ever started a YouTube channel and we did stuff like this I would be the one like oh my gosh that's a ghost it's it's for real this time and Justin would be like no I don't know if you guys can see this I think you might can but it's snowing it just started snowing [Music] [Music] so it snowed a lot last night let me show you guys what it looks like this is what our neighborhood looks like this is a lot of snow for us is so pretty but we're about to go outside and play now because they're excited about building a snowman I think since they've been born we have not gotten enough snow to where they could build a snowman so they're really excited about that oh boy so excited good house happy happy girl [Music] [Music] we just got back inside for playing in the snow it is freezing out there but the snow is melting really fast so I don't know how long it's gonna last we needed to come inside and thaw out a little bit before we build our snowman because in the south it doesn't snow a lot so we don't have like proper attire for this kind of stuff so the kids gloves got wet really fast because they don't have like proper like snow gloves they just have like the gloves that you wear when it's cold outside so anyway we brought them back inside we're drying all the clothes out and hopefully they're still gonna be some snow left so we can build a snowman later but right now we're gonna make some pancakes and sausage and eggs and by we I mean Justin he's like yeah you're gonna make it all for us [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]