[Music] good morning I don't even know what time it is it's not light outside so let's just leave it at that I'm currently getting ready for the day I hope we're going through my skincare routine I just put on my toner and I am going to be putting on my moisturizer this is my make creme moisturizer and then my make premise sunscreen so I've put everything in little travel sizes cuz I packed for Paris and a carry-on I don't have a luxury of space so I really had to save space where I could today I am working with International Day of the girl and I'm doing a mentoring session so I'm really excited and I'm gonna keep getting ready because Eileen and I are gonna get some breakfast before we head out now I just gotta do my hair I'm not really gonna wear that much makeup today so let's do this also can we just take a second to appreciate this bed situation for you so Eileen and I are sharing a bed I always sleep like this regardless of like I clean being here or not I always have I usually actually have a you around me but I only have two pillows I had to do like an l-shape this time around my sleep mask just getting thrown off my head my phone here on the side table got to stay hydrated dream water so I can fall asleep wrinkle spray because can't have wrinkles on my videos I don't know I just put that there from yesterday earplugs some chocolate-covered almonds there's only like two or three left and then our precious dongle that allows us to have Wi-Fi wherever we go in the city it's so early it's still dark outside I wasn't kidding nobody is awake right now except us here's an overview of my entire outfit very beige today to suit my beige diet come on in France which by the way is not a real diet it's a thing that I do which is just eat carbs most carbs are beige and also most things that are really delicious are beige I'm still waking up I need coffee I need food I need something beige good bye see you soon the beige we're in the car right now going to the event lanes here matching swell bottles our swell bottles have gone international we're weirdly obsessed with our swell bottles I just will not use any other water bottles I love mine I put hot and cold drinks in it Eileen's the perfect spokesperson right now we were like chugging our coffee my breakfast like just get in our bodies it doesn't matter how it tastes whatever so it's definitely one of those morning's but I'm really really excited for this event today I think it's gonna be amazing I'm really excited to see what the girls are like and what they have to say cuz I know I'm going there for this mentoring program but I really feel like I'm gonna be learning a lot from these girls so onward [Music] it is so beautiful out today I'm loving all of these fall colors we just got to the room that we're going to be doing the mentoring session in so all the chairs are set up and ready to go this room is absolutely stunning oh my gosh for scale you can see this is me this is the rest of the room it's so cool [Music] [Music] [Music] we have finished up with the event and now we are going to get something to eat but it was seriously incredible the girls that were there were so thoughtful with all of their questions and it was just exciting to be in the same room with them and I think we're going this way there were other women there sharing it their stories and their experiences and it's really incredible how much you can learn just from hearing about the experiences of other women from all of these different backgrounds I am definitely grateful that I got to be a part of that experience not only to share my story but to listen to the stories of other people and to also hear about what these girls want to do I ask them what their goals are and the girl sitting next to me wants to be the first woman president in her country there was another girl who wanted to start a daycare for working women in her country and another girl wants to be a CEO so there was just a ton of variety in the group these girls are so determined it's very clear why they were chosen to be at this event tomorrow in addition to the event continuing it's also the actual International Day of the girl where girls in over 60 countries get to take over leadership positions in those countries so even people who hold public office are giving up their seat for a day so a girl can come in and take on that role which i think is so cool and it's also really powerful because it's showing girls all over the world that they have the power inside of themselves to do the things that they want to do to make powerful change in the world change that in so many places around the world is definitely needed and you know being at this event today made me think about the things that we often take for granted in the United States we often talk about equal pay which is something that's really important but there are some countries where women can't even get a job and just having access to working is a huge thing I think all of this is really great because it provides different perspectives and really takes you out of the bubble that you're living in and makes you understand the experiences of other people which at the end of the day is the thing that will bring us all together and really make the change that we need to see in the world this is where we're gonna eat a late lunch loving all the flowers outside and it's down this alleyway we've accidentally found the American food and Ingrid Guttman copier oh my god I know I totally did copy I leave in the last second I ordered something else and then I hear nightly or nevermind delicious I love that I lead a team to go for the vlog that you're like not even in focus [Music] in the background now we have I've already cracked into the our bedspread of chocolate we went to the grocery store and just got a few things and I'm definitely gonna eat that so good night everybody this is how I'm ending it it is officially International Day of the girl so we are going to be celebrating girls all day today we are gonna grab something to eat really quickly and then we're gonna head over to the event and I'm really excited to just hear what other people have to say and I'm also speaking on a panel as well and I'm really looking forward to it yesterday was so incredible and it's gonna be amazing to just be around those same people again in addition to even more people this is what I'm wearing today all black I am wearing a black turtleneck which always just makes me feel like my best self I just feel really good when I wear black turtlenecks and this one is my favorite it's from theory and I've had it for a while mis Blazers from rag-and-bone it's really cool because it has this leather detailing and I've had this for probably four or five years and it just has proven itself to be a classic I just keep wearing it and then I have on some black pants and boots and I'm gonna throw on a red lip a little bit later after I eat I'm gonna show you what I'm wearing on my face today I don't have a ton of makeup on because that's just not my vibe in my everyday life this is all of the makeup that I use today I have on the Smashbox photo-finish pore minimizing primer and then I'm not wearing foundation but I am wearing the glossier skin tint this is in the medium shade and then I have on a little bit of concealer just on my face where I had this cut I've been mixing these two NARS concealers together this is custard and then this one is caramel so I'm just kind of in-between those two shades right now I actually don't have that on that's eyeliner I meant to grab my brow pencil they kind of look the same for my brows I filled them in with my Seurat brow pencil and Ravin which I am obsessed with then I use glossy a boy brow my shun Takei under-eye concealer this is the camouflage styler I love this it is really pricey but I just love the consistency of it and how light it feels on my skin and then I also used under my eyes a little bit of the RMS uncover-up I really like mixing these two together on the inner corner of my eyes I have on the RMS living illuminizer because I feel like this just really brightens your eyes in a natural-looking way and then for blush this Tarte mindful blush which is really nice and pretty to set everything glossy eyes louder and then a little bit of the Bobbi Brown natural bronzer that's everything and I'm gonna be taking the water with me for any blotting that I need to do on the go and the red lipstick I'm gonna be wearing is this one from NARS my go-to for a very long time this is heatwave just arrived at the venue it's so beautiful got into a little debacle in terms of where to actually be but we found it there's signs we're in the right place so whoa I just noticed this okay that's very big this is incredible [Music] we are leaving of the event I'll do a recap later but we're heading to dinner now and we've changed into our dinner attire which means for me just my jacket but eileen apparently I had a whole outfit in her bag I didn't know about this I'm trying to like turn the camera magic now you know now we match oh my gosh this is amazing okay so now we're off to dinner or I leave I just want to show you this they brought in a cast of The Fearless girl that's in New York with the Wall Street Bowl which is really cool because the artist is here last day in Paris we have like a half day today so Eileen and I are getting some breakfast right now I am not fully caffeinated yet I did have some coffee but it's still sinking in so my brain is not all the area even though my body is here and out in the world we're on our way to a place called holy belly which was recommended to us on Twitter by non stop Paris her name is Cheryl so Thank You Cheryl and thank you to everybody on Twitter because we got a ton of recommendations and you guys have also just been really fun and funny on Twitter we've really been enjoying the tweets of people so I'm glad that you are all enjoying eyelids adventures in Paris because we are also having a very good time so now we're actually seeing some pretty beautiful things I'm gonna take the camera off of me [Music] also I just have to say that Eileen and I were commenting on how if we both really loved our hair yesterday we're like my hair's perfect today we're having really good hair days but then when we go to bed we've been really like before we went to bed she said we're going to bed with perfect hair every to wake up off sweaty and it's definitely exactly what happened we have arrived it's also next to this place called pancake sisters which is very intriguing just by the name alone so I'm reading you the menu and I was looking at the salad here and that's definitely how I feel every time I eat a salad food has arrived I got two fried eggs hash browns beans and a salad because it makes me feel better [Laughter] Eileen only eats around we are all packed up and ready to go we're so sad to be leaving no this has seriously been such an incredible experience I didn't really know what to expect going into the event I knew that you know there would be a couple of panels but you never actually know what's going to happen until you're in it and I think some really great conversations happen yesterday Yasmine who was on the panel with me I think she is absolutely just incredible she's such an amazing powerful woman and I think that she really steered the conversation in an even more meaningful direction she was challenging people in the room the way that they think the way that we've been taught to think and I think that is something that's really powerful and it really shifted the conversation in a way that probably made some people uncomfortable but she was saying you know that's part of being an activist you need to make people uncomfortable because if you don't do that then there's not going to be any kind of change happening there were wonderful conversations about what we can do to support girls but I think some of the most meaningful conversations were around men and you know the silence that happens with men when issues are brought up I think it's very clear that we live in a patriarchal world there are many men who find themselves in positions of power who abuse that power and when issues arise they respond with silence where they turn a blind eye and I think that that is completely unacceptable and a big part of our conversation revolved around men's responsibility in terms of equality and how they play a really big role in this because a lot of times we as women have to take on these positions of protecting ourselves because we're being attacked by men and that's not an understatement you look on the Internet at women who speak out you look at their @replies you can see the online abuse that they receive and I think that you know in that specific case tech companies have a responsibility to protect people and I'm just tired of people hiding behind freedom of speech and then walking away from the issue it's just ridiculous so we definitely touched a little bit on the tech industry because there was a specific question about the internet and online abuse and I have many thoughts on that I could make an entire video but I just wanted to kind of give you a rundown of the things that we touched on during the panel and it was really cool to just be up there and listen to really accomplished women share their thoughts their experiences their opinions and also to hear the girls speak so a lot of the girls from the mentoring session on the first day got a chance to speak and they are incredible I am just so excited for and proud of this next generation I think it's very clear that so many people care and that's where I'm choosing to put my faith I think this is all really a domino effect you know I'm learning from women who came before me and I want to share what I have learned with women who are coming after me and I think that that is the value of these experiences where we're able to come together like this and share our stories also I like how Aileen is just listening wait okay so we got somebody took a screenshot and sent it to us on Twitter it was like yeah I'm here Eileen do you have any thoughts on the event but it was just really awesome I thought they picked a really diverse group of women to speak which is really cool it definitely doesn't go unnoticed and I'm just I loved hearing the girls talk on the panels and there any more about them good didn't really hear that much about them during the mentoring so it was just cool to hear their stories and and I have to say it was pretty awesome being here with you you guys don't really see Eileen it that much in my videos but Eileen is a big part of my life she is one of my best friends and we also worked together she plays a huge role behind the camera which is I think just as important as what is happening in front of the camera and I wouldn't be able to do what I do without Eileen so thanks Eileen I love you like just even being here and I could see both of our eyes getting sparked but he wasn't like tears it's just really cool that the work that there was a moment yesterday where we were leaving the building and this girl who was working at the event came up to me and was just talking about you know how much she enjoyed watching my videos and what it meant to her to watch somebody who was speaking out about things that were important to her and that she thought were important for just bettering the world and Eileen and I were both standing there just tearing up because we're both in this together and it's moments like that that make you realize what you're doing in this life matters and what you do has an effect on other people even if you're not making videos on YouTube your actions do matter and they affect other people it doesn't matter how big they are or how small they are I think that's something to always keep in mind and I think that's why it's important to strive to be your best self every single day that being said this is my best self sweaty hair this is the result of sweating at night and my t-shirt and leggings and my weird little mini socks yeah throw on this leather jacket and everything suddenly becomes cooler this jacket by the way I'm obsessed with it it's from the arrivals let's see if there's a way that I can put this on and also have it be on camera in stay cool it really is and the socks she's making it cooler we've made it to the airport and through security and now we're sitting at our gate that is gonna be it for my parish vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know what you think down below in the comments if you would like to see more videos like this it was really cool bringing you guys along for such a special experience thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel because coming away I'll see you guys in the state [Music]