[Music] [Music] [Music] first of all the best place in the house for me to do yoga is in a carpeted room it makes yoga just very different I have access to a lemon tree with the best lemons I've ever had oh and two orange trees there's a garbage disposal and a giant sink the filtered water takes forever and I've wasted many seconds standing in front of this fridge [Music] there are animal products in the fridge my mom is always cooking vegan dinners for us and I've already saved so much time because I don't have to cook as much we have dogs the cats are still getting used to them Phoebe is always on the stairs and you have to be careful not to step on her she's part blind Phoebe also barks a lot and my mom laughs when I'm shooting thanks we have air conditioning and heating we have a compost bin we also have to save our fighting for when my parents are at home can you for once think about someone else other than yourself you're so unbelievably handsome and I'm so glad happy anniversary of you you believe you we have access to this clawfoot bathtub but our quarters don't work in the laundry room by the way thank you mom and dad I love you thank you so much for letting us stay here rent-free it's amazing I'm turning 30 next year and I'll be living with my parents I'm not embarrassed about it at all I'm proud I live with my parents