oh here's here's the thing is I always want to vlog and make videos on days where I'm doing something interesting or basically when I'm leaving the house but then those are the days that I feel busy and then it's harder to vlog you're coming with me today Evan and I are going to interview two people today the first person interviewing is the founder of OC names jennifer palmer the second person is ganaron lovely the founder of thrive I am really excited about this episode is all about conscious capitalism and conscious entrepreneurship I probably heard me talk about OC before they're just like the most pure honest skincare company ever yeah also my lens is really dirty sorry Evan I locked some leaves in your car thanks for having us this is Mary haha how did the osya family and we realize we've been saying OC wrong how do you say it osya that's the N stands for ocean sun earth atmosphere beautiful and look at Stanford we're moving to another location because it's quieter but I really wanted the cheerleader outfit I was a captain so yeah okay that's why and now I just do my OC a chair I got it well you can just get yourself a cheerleading outfit there's jens sun protection it's big and you can do this yeah oh and when I'm serious and I'm gonna say it on camera again thank you for the product this is undaria algae when you actually wet it it turns this bright vibrant green oh that was awesome it was amazing yeah like there is such a genuine honest company i we were a little nervous not nervous just doing an interview with people who never ever you know I definitely to be its own episode yeah it's gonna be so good yeah it has to be oh I'm definitely hungry ten minutes where are we going I don't know we can even kept a gratitude we can do where should we go what you guys where should we go oh that's a life update we're going to Whole Foods because it's in the middle of us and the next interview we're there a long time because the people are so saying oh we're literally going the same direction [Music] now that the plastic tally challenge is over you say it like a celebrity it's kind of famous it's a tofu hello we have an appointment to ganar I've never been in such a trendy office they just you do you mind being filmed I'm making a vlog about today for my youtube okay we'll do this hi so basically we're gonna pretend we had a great interview and then we're just gonna pretend like we're still on good terms we had a great time yeah first lie we had a great time I'm so grateful you want to look at your camera like it's your lover my lover yeah we're great thanks so generous of you thank you I like the coolest quotes on their walls if you want your to help with your Instagram captions just go to thrive and like find some fools I'm free I'm addicted this sounds weird but I'm addicted to that the song no that doesn't sound right Evan Evans assault pencil you have one shot fail I hope you feel let's not fight I love you why is it that every time we do an interview every time we leave going that wasn't it I think it's because it was amazing we're supposed to go in the inner lane and I'm supposed to go in the outer lane that she did it right I did it right it around what it's nothing I mean I think the person turning right has the right-of-way and they do but they're supposed to go on to the lane that they're skipping the person turning left isn't supposed to go until there's until there's no one turning right there's two lanes doesn't matter beauty's turned in the crunch lane don't use them every time we have a podcasting day I'm like filled like this podcast gives me so much encouragement and hope and life and energy and I'm so grateful to the people that we interview I'm grateful to my partner Evan I'm grateful to the listeners truly like I'm grateful so much to the people who tune in and review and listen and support us and yeah and now we gotta sit in traffic we'd be nothing without them we'd be nothing without you and ask you oh let me catch you in action nice welcome back to earth to us it's been a really long day I'm excited to go home and have no one make dinner for me done for me you make dinner for me I have no food guys who should make dinner for whom I drove I drove here I drove to hell and back [Music]