[Music] this is who I get to wake up to every morning [Music] good morning how are you I'm doing pretty good it's Friday and I just finished about an hour of yoga and now I'm drinking my lemon water or something I've been doing every morning now that I live with my parents and they have an amazing lemon tree I always pick two lemons one for my lemon water and then one for my juice this is just something I've been into lately today it's a pretty typical Friday and normally it should it still as a workday but even though I don't go into work I'm getting stuff done at home and so it's pretty boring around the house I'm gonna show you all day [Music] I've been really lucky lately that I have the time to juice but my juicer is not very hard to clean and it doesn't take a long time actually so it's maybe like 15-20 minutes and I love having this my first meal of the day and it's a little bit more than what's in this drugs I've already drink a bunch and it's so good I love this recipe I love apple lemon ginger celery and whatever other greens I have so now I'm just going to drink my juice with my planner next to me in my long list of to do's and I'm gonna answer some emails because I know I have a lot of students to get back to and sealy say hello [Music] I just got a ton of work done it is now 1:30 and I'm having lunch or whatever and I'm just having banana ice cream it's extremely simple to make you just take frozen bananas and put them in your high-speed blender or food processor and blend it up and I'm just doing kind of a classic one today we've got any green powders which is different for me and I topped it with cacao nibs coconut flakes and maple syrup it's so good and now I'm editing a video on my bed with my cat it's a pretty great life [Music] I just want you guys to know when my hair looks like this I tried like that's me trying and like that's me with a lot of makeup on so much judgment from friends [Music] I'm having like a dinner like a pre-dinner I'm not really sure it's it's not even 5 o'clock and I have a giant salad and a ton of roasted cauliflower and asparagus this is kind of a habit of mine I tend my eyes tend to be bigger than my stomach when it comes to vegetables I love vegetables both raw and roasted I think they're so good so we will see how I do the salad just has lemon juice and maple syrup and raw garlic pressed into there I might put something else in I'm not sure and then the cauliflower and asparagus just has salt and pepper it's veggie time I did manage to eat all those veggies they were so delicious I'm super full now but I do want some of this kombucha it's my favorite health aid ginger lemon if you ever want to bring me a kombucha this is the one I want I'm going to get a little bit worked in and then I can rocks hi it's me again food has been eating kombucha has been drunk and now I'm gonna be on the hunt for some more food because I feel like I should have more food penny come here everyone how pretty you are okay I think I figured it out I'm gonna have some leftovers so I'm aware that this doesn't really look like much this is polenta with mushrooms and shallots and it's very delicious because my mom made it it's actually quite heavy I'm gonna change the camera because this is really weird it's actually quite heavy um but it's so tasty and if you don't know what polenta is polenta is basically corn [Music] I just realized I put maple syrup on everything now I'm just having two pieces of gluten-free toast with cashew butter and maple syrup if you don't know what cashew butter is think peanut butter except it's not made out of peanuts it's made out of cashews thank you so much for watching I am now going to eat this and read my book I'm currently reading a book called Middlesex have you ever heard of it Oh Prince what say goodbye [Music]