[Music] hey guys want to interrupt very quickly to tell you about monk and if you've ever heard of monk that they're really cool essential oil company and I personally love essential oils and you spend every single day there are so many different companies out there but monk is the only personal diffuser that I know of each monk diffuser has a different thing that it promotes in your life so this one is called active and I use this every day before I start practicing yoga let me just show you how it works I just want to be clear this is not a like a cigarette it's not a cigarette it's not lead if you're not comfortable like smoking anything you're actually not smoking it at all you're just going to bring the vapor into your mouth and then exhale it through your notes um it's I can't explain like how lovely it is I really do love month and I'm not just saying that because they're sponsoring this video I am so proud to some support a company that I really like I have five different monk diffusers I have healthy which supports immunity vibrate which is like energizing you want to use in the morning this one is sleepy I use before bedtime just like as a bedtime ritual and active before I workout or do yoga and then this one is like a personal favorite of mine it's called forest it has spruce fir and sandalwood and it literally feels like you're inhaling a forest if you guys are interested in checking out monk just click the link below I give you my personal recommendation I was telling all my friends about them earlier because I I really do like them and I use them every single day and when kisses me after I've used them he knows exactly which one of these I see is that what I've used yeah so and let's get back to my day [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] what are you [Music] [Music] let me see that long-awaited Korean oven to Collinwood what are you wanted to explain why we picked up 60 cupcakes and sensitive sweets they're all vegan and gluten-free and net free they're incredible they're so tasty and they donated them to us because we're doing a demonstration tomorrow for Animal Liberation and just to spread the word about being a supper inside of a tent in Orange County at one of the beaches that's pretty crowded and we're gonna have a big sign that says watch this four-minute video for a free cupcake the vegan bakery donated vegan cupcakes for us and we have a four-minute video of slaughterhouse footage standard practice slaughterhouse footage and factory farm footage and after they watch the four-minute video they get a free cupcake and if they have any questions we'll be there to answer them for them in their positive presence we also have flies put them to take if they want when they leave with more info on its interested in watching and learning more so the whole idea is to kind of entice people with the free cupcake because I don't know what kind of video they're going to watch and then we'll show it to them and hopefully they will learn something new and maybe a seed will be planted yeah you don't know if someone's going to walk away and just be like oh I'm going to become vegan but at least like they are allowed to ask questions and we're just like loving people who are going to talk to them in a caring way yeah and showing them footage that like like literally 99% of people have no clue that they don't know like this is how animals die like a lot of times people know like yeah an animal's killed and people know and animals killed for them to eat a steak but we're so disconnected from our food these days that people really don't understand just the process that has to happen in order for that stick together plate even oh yes okay and I think something else I really like about this video it's not showing like the extreme stuff that does happen in flour houses it's just like this is what it looks like to raise animals for food and just slaughter them and there is no nice way to be killed there is no humane way to slit a throat [Music] [Music] [Music] right differently [Music] [Music] oh my god that was the first time I've ever done nice car flying do Jenin Oh