good morning guys today we're doing a what I eat in the day or what I eat Wednesday is a lot of people do and this video is kind of gonna be like an on-the-go video just because we just got back into town yesterday like yesterday evening and then we're leaving out of town tomorrow for another three days so I am going to be at home cooking very easy things and also trying to make sure that we don't have any leftovers from what I cook just because it's not gonna get eaten because we're not gonna be here and I think a lot of you guys are busy this time of year as well because just on top of being busy moms in general it's also the holidays so life can get very busy so I thought I would do this video and give you guys some ideas on what to eat and all of that and so I'm gonna go ahead and show you all my breakfast now so for breakfast I am having a kind bar you guys know that I am not huge on breakfast so normally I just have a very small breakfast and normally I am reaching for granola bars so this is perfect and today's video is actually sponsored by kind so thank you kind for sponsoring today's video I actually love their granola bars even before they sponsored this video and you guys I'm sure have seen them in the grocery store a lot and probably have tried them yourself but today I'm doing the cranberry almond for breakfast this is the one that I'm having and I think it looks really delicious and these are the five or the four that I have left five including this one but i really suggest anything with chocolate i have been loving anything that they have sent me with chocolate in it and i can't wait to try this one too I was going between the peanut butter one and the cranberry almond one I still can't decide I might end up having the peanut butter one just because I love peanut butter and I have been waiting to try this one so that's what I'm having for breakfast and I also have my water right here trying to drink some more water so I've got a big thing of water but if you follow the link down below in the description box it's going to send you two kinds website and you're gonna get ten free kind bars so that's really cool all you have to do is paste shipping so you're gonna get ten free kind bars for your family so you can have some snacks with them or you can use them for breakfast like we do we're also going to be rolled in their kind snack club and what that is is just a monthly subscription that they're gonna send you and you can cancel that subscription at any time so I just wanted to mention that to you guys and don't forget that you will get the tin freak on bars on top of that so definitely check that link down below and I'm gonna check back with you guys at lunch time so it is lunchtime and I made a really simple lunch all you have to do is put it in the microwave but we love these things in our house it is like our go-to meal whenever we are really busy and it's just these Panera bread's soups and so I've got the broccoli and cheddar soup and these are actually cheaper if you buy them at the grocery store and they come in these little containers right here and I've mentioned these before I think on my Instagram and a lot of you guys were asking where I got them at and I get them at Walmart and they're in like the deli section and I believe I've seen them in Food Lion too but they are so good and I think they're only like where is it 240 calories so not bad at all in a super filling too and then I have my water over here normally I try to drink one of these like after lunch so I'm halfway through or oh I still have a little over halfway but I'm gonna try to finish this with my lunch and so that's what we're having for lunch Julie you want to tell them what you want me to do yeah so you want to film a clean up video yeah yeah what kind of cleaning video she's begging me to do this guy's what kind of clean a video camera she is begging me she got the tripod out and everything she was like mom let's do this you clean my bed and Ross is gonna clean his bed and we're gonna do a Power Hour so if you guys see a Power Hour up on my channel it's all because of her I actually didn't plan on doing a cleaning video for probably the next week or two weeks maybe but she's begging me to do one so we might just have to huh yeah but today we're gonna take them grocery shopping because I got to go grocery shopping for dinner and I'm just gonna bring you guys along and show you all what I get for dinner and also just for like snacks and stuff too all right so we're here at our new grocery store I've never been in it before and I call it littles Justin calls it Lydell not really sure what it's called yeah it's Lidl so let me know if you guys have one have you been in it yet this is gonna be our first time going in it and I think that they're only in a few states but I think they're like on the rise like this is the new grocery store that everyone's about to have and I've heard that it's supposed to be a lot like all these so we're about to go in [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] they seriously you have everything in this place it's kind of crazy it does remind me of all these a lot and they've got a lot of organic stuff for really cheap but at the same time like they have like things like bins and laundry baskets and toys and all kinds of stuff [Music] so we are home now I was just gonna give y'all a little hull of what I got I got some ground turkey I'm gonna make some turkey burgers tonight with a recipe that I learned from hellofresh and so then I got some pineapple chunks I hate cutting up a real pineapple so if I'm gonna get some pineapple I normally get it like pre-cut and everything and then I also got some of this sparkling water and wild berry so we're gonna have that with dinner tonight and I picked up some of these like graduate puffs because my nephew's birthday party is Thursday so I got him some of those and some of these to go with his present that I got for him then we got some garlic here this is gonna go in our turkey burgers and some cranberry raisins we also got some of this spring mix to go with the burgers as well and a lemon the kids had an impulse buy with some of these cheese puffs so we also got some of these barbeque chips and the kettle cooked Justin loves it when they are kettle cooked and what else okay we got some of this sherbert yeah ice cream ice cream oh you're excited about that yeah how about we save this for dessert okay you can have a few of your cheese puffs right now I also got a tomato also for the turkey burgers and a bell pepper for the salad I got these cute little mini cucumbers I thought that this would be good the kids love cucumbers so I thought we could put it in the salad and then the kids could also just snack on them like we can take them on the road with us I'll go ahead and like pre-cut them up and then I also got some of this like bread crumbs normally you use like panko so I'm hoping this is the same thing but you know when hello fresh like sends the stuff they send it all like prepackaged and everything so I'm hoping this is the same thing either way I think it's gonna turn out really good and then we got a bag of apples and some whole wheat hamburger buns and some extra virgin olive oil spray I was needing this the other day and then last but not least as impulse-buy were some of these orange chocolate truffles they looked really good and they were right by the register I was like I think I need a chocolate pick me up today as a matter of fact Julie and I are gonna go ahead and try one just put it all in your mouth is it yummy I'm gonna try one good very good here you have my other half here buddy good I think so too all right so it is a little after 3:30 it's actually 346 now and I'm gonna go ahead and start some supper because I have a business meeting at 5 o'clock on the phone and so I can't miss that and so we need to be done with dinner like cleanup and everything before 5 o'clock so I'm gonna go ahead and start dinner now hopefully we can get it eating about like 4:15 I'm hoping maybe 4:30 at the latest so I've already started my prep over here can you guys hear my refrigerator it's ridiculous but I already started my prep over here so I'm gonna bring y'all over here and show you all what I got going on so I went ahead and added my turkey meat in here I just got a pound and then I have half of an apple and you're gonna grate the apple and put it in there with the meat and then I also have these bread crumbs that I showed you guys earlier and I just measured out about a cup and you're also gonna put that in there and then I have some garlic and you are going to cut this up as well and into little teeny-tiny pieces and then you're also going to put that in there too you do want to leave a little bit of garlic behind because you want to mix it in with the mayonnaise that you're gonna end up putting on the burgers but I need to go ahead and get these graded up and all mixed in with my hamburger meat over here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm all done with the burgers and I think I'm gonna skip the salad for tonight just because I'm really not that hungry Justin says that he's really not that hungry oh I think I'm just gonna skip it and it is for 25 right now so we need to go ahead and get to eatin so that just shows you guys how fast that is to make and I was filming while doing that too so I was like setting up the camera getting different angles so if you're not filming you could probably get this done superfast because what the burger looks like I think we're just gonna have this I might throw in a little bit of chips on the side I also went ahead and opened up my drink and it is the sparkling water and wild berry so I'm gonna have that with it and that is dinner yeah yep look is it good oh you like it – that's so good yeah Ross just put like half of it in his mouth so it is dessert time and I'm just having some of this sorbet and I think it's like a raspberry flavor and then I'm also having two more of those orange truffles because they were amazing earlier and I split one with Ross so I'm indulging now [Music]