I always always start my day off with a full liter of water I've been doing this about five years now and it's completely life-changing I highly recommend starting immediately it just kick starts everything in your body it wakes you up you don't even need taffy I promise and lately I've been making sure to add lemon to the water after I went for a run and had a shower I made breakfast um this morning I had banana ice cream which is pretty normal for me actually and this is just a standard breakfast for me I love bananas because they're so cheap they're healthy and they make me feel really good and they're full of carbs I had about five or six in my bin and ice cream today it's so simple if you have a Vitamix you can make this so easily I always add spirulina and barley grass juice powder you can see one of my recent videos in about Anthony William I talked about his heavy metal detox foods and this is why I've been incorporating it daily now this is quite a lot of banana ice cream for some people but this is how much eat ate a lot of food but I'm not quite done here I like to add toppings I also add wild blueberries which is another one of the heavy-metal detox foods it to make sure they're wild not just regular blueberries I've actually tried blending the blueberries into the banana ice cream but I really prefer it as a topping I also had maple syrup because it's just not sweet enough for me and then I also want to show you this I got this container but I got the tare and I've been getting it in bulk and I just write it on there so that I can save plastic another topping I was trying out today was this tangy lime coconut like toasted coconut it was pretty good but I mean regular coconut tastes fine and it's cheaper so this is my breakfast it was super delicious and filling this is a staple for me after I ate my breakfast it was time to get work done so I made some tea I've been really into lemon balm tea this is antiviral antibacterial and it's just overall one of the best herbal teas out there and something that I like about traditional medicinals which is the tea brand that I buy is all their tea bags and then the bags that the bags are in are not pot blind with plastics a lot of tea bags are lined with plastic it's totally paper and compostable I believe and it's just a healthy tea bag a bit later maybe around 11:00 I had a scenario of coconut water and this is okay guys I know it's plastic guys I know but it's the best coconut water and I had to write bananas and just a note about bananas if you haven't heard you really want them to be spotty and easy to peel and super sweet otherwise it's gonna be very hard to digest and it's not as healthy also I always make sure my bananas are this right before I freeze them a bit later it was lunchtime and I'm just making a salad here I had like half a head of red leaf lettuce half a head of green leaf lettuce as the base I always have about a head if I'm gonna have a salad and just another note is I eat throughout the day constantly I rarely only have three meals a day I just put some chopped celery in here seller is just another great got you to add I just look at this as the time to add more and more veggies like radishes like veggies that I normally don't eat at dinnertime I try to incorporate during lunch and sprouts I hear sprouts are super healthy for you so why not toss them in there and then cilantro as well and cilantro is another one of the heavy metals detox foods and this is how I incorporate it into my salad I have a salad about four times week four five times a week I love getting those raw fruits and vegetables in the more raw fruits and vegetables that I eat the better my digestion is the better my skin is the better my energy everything but I will say that I cannot eat a salad without a lot of fat I just I can't because it's it's not delicious to me but then I don't eat too much fat because it just doesn't make me feel as good and I do notice an adverse effect if I had too much fat so in this out I wasn't really paying attention I had a whole avocado and about a tablespoon of tahini for the dressing I just cut down with little water added some maple syrup and mustard it's real good added cayenne pepper as well it's another antiviral just stirred it up and poured it on it is a pretty fatty salad but it's delicious and it's a way to get good raw fruits and veggies in but this was a pretty high fat day for me I'm also dulse as well in a plastic I added a lot of dose that's another heavy-metal detox food that's the final one actually aisle five in there and good job mana a bit later I had another glass the coconut water because it's that delicious and then I used the forks over knives up guys this is not add I truly love this app it's so great it has so many recipes on there the recipe that I used tonight from the app is called the kidney bean and lentil dal it was super tasty I did modify it a little bit just for myself but I kind of regret it because I think it changed the flavor a little bit out here's a tip I store fruits and veggies that I'm like not but in a little yeah so you don't do these plastic bags I'm trying guys I'm not quite there yet with the zero waste thing but there are little things it's kind of hard showing you what I eat because I feel so ashamed hold the plastic I still have in my life there are some things that yeah I'm still working out oh I sliced my cucumber and ate that just on the side just to snack on it while I was making dinner also you saw am using my garlic press that thing is a kitchen tool I cannot live without any more garlic presses they're amazing they save a lot of time I actually really love to make dinner way ahead of time like it three o'clock and then we won't meet until 6 o'clock it's just nice to get it out of the way when maybe I have a spare a second I'll just kind of run downstairs and throw dinner together this dinner took me maybe 20 minutes 25 minutes I'm not telling the recipe here just because it's on the app and you can also go on the forks over knives website it was super easy I do recommend to following directions unlike me I was trying to be a little bit of a rebel like I said it was kind of a high fat day for me and there is coconut milk in this recipe low whenever I have like a higher fat day I tend to counteract it with the lower fat day the next day so maybe tomorrow I won't have a salad and then I'll have these as leftovers because I do have leftovers I do want to give you a tip that if you do make this don't use the fresh ginger just because it takes a really long time to cook and soften unless you really miss it very very well instead next time I'm going to use the midst ginger have a jar I serve this with rice for myself and for my husband I got some naan for him to eat it with and this is my dinner and this is my day and this is what I eat and let me know if you like where these videos is pretty simple to make I really simply and that is 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