[Music] [Applause] [Music] the squeeze that one so now I've found in thinking that [Music] hi guys welcome to a what I ate today prank is the edition this is my third vegan pregnancy and I get a lot of requests to share what I eat in a day while I'm pregnant so here it is for you so at this time we were staying on the Big Island for a couple weeks at a friend's house with another family visiting their home as well so there was a total of seven boys in one home it was intense to say the least it's one thing to meet up with friends for a three hour playdate and it's a completely other thing to live together 24/7 like one ginormous never-ending playdate inside a home the dynamics included personality conflicts huge messes multiple strong personalities fighting both physical and verbal screaming yanking toys out of each other's hands etc but there was also so much on the other end of the spectrum going on learning how to coexist and share life creatively together and it was beautiful to be a part of its a package but you probably saw that coming [Music] they used to do I swim with you [Music] do I dream let's say seems you do I've been thinking about [Music] if you want to see the posted on IG sharing more details about this experience I'll put the link to the IG post in the description box below and you can follow me at felon Fisher okay so let's get to the food every time I'm pregnant I create cold water with a lime or lemon I tend to find that after about seven or eight weeks pregnant I started to have a hard time drinking lukewarm water so in order for me to keep hydrated enjoying lots of water while pregnant I find that chilling my water in the fridge and adding lots of lemon lime and even cucumber to my water it makes it taste really good to me plus there are a lot of minerals in the lemon and lime which makes it an added bonus this morning after drinking a liter of water I cut up a plate of organic papaya I love tropical fruits so much and the Big Island's fruit abundance is amazing here and way more affordable than Maui's produce prices I like to add liliquoi also called passion fruit I'm a papaya or lime if I don't have any liliquoi on hand I was about to eat this beautiful plate of papaya when I realized the boys wanted papaya as well oh you guys want to share papaya with me what are they doing maybe awesome to them to you so they ended up eating most of the paya and I reached for something else can I use on my breakfast to mourn the look hi since the boys eat lima paya I had a big bowl of longans for breakfast also called dragon eyes the best way I can describe them is the taste is like a grape on steroids with a hint of caramel crunchy and sweet they are so delicious so it's important to note that longans are super low in calories only about two calories per longan so even eating a large serving bowl of long heads is not going to satisfy me for very long so I kept this in mind and made sure to eat a calorie rich green smoothie shortly after when I felt hungry again dreams you do I've been thinking about [Music] [Music] then we've packed up the kids and what's the beach where I enjoyed a large memory sapote memory supposedly tastes like a creamy sweet potato they are super dense filling and satisfying it's definitely in my top 5 favorite fruit so I gorged on a lot of memory put it over the weeks I stay on the big island and you know I encourage you not to let fear be put into you about eating fruit while pregnant processed sugar and fruit are not the same thing fruit is filled with fiber minerals antioxidants vitamins and healthy carbs to fuel your day did you know that pregnant women who are vegan have a much lower risk of having diabetes including guests a tional diabetes I'll put some links to scientific journals the NIH site and other resources to check out yourselves so I also enjoyed a few bananas with peanut butter the moms have brought to the beach and then we headed home for the afternoon [Music] once we put the younger kids down for a nap I prepared large salads for the moms and Elvis who 101 to getting those greens in especially while pregnant feels so good and promotes a good digestion along with getting your mineral consumption up the first trimester tends to be really hard for me to eat many greens so I just want you to know that I'm with you right there if you also have similar food aversions once I get into the second and third trimester I am able to eat greens again and I get them in as much as I can but also stay gentle and myself for those days where a salad just doesn't sound good don't sweat it if there are certain days you just can't stomach getting greens in this particular week I was craving curly kale like no other so I came up with this salad that totally hit the spot for me and made it easy for me to enjoy chewing greens [Music] now [Music] I dream of you breathers say other ideas for filling healthy foods eating lots of fruits and raw veggies throughout your day isn't your thing or you simply don't have access to quality fruit include oats like oatmeal or okra NOLA quinoa beans sweet potatoes squashes etc check out my ebook linked below to our family's favorite meals both raw and cooked including loads of warming meal examples that are our family's favorites to include for them there are so many ways to eat a healthy vegan diet find what works for you and helps you feel your best every one of my pregnancies has been slightly different include preferences and I really just like to go with the flow hi Sandy oh how was your nose you want some salad it's read Dave and romaine a curry dinner for all of us this night and it was so good we poured the curry over boiled taro a traditional Hawaiian root vegetable but this dish would taste just as delicious over regular potatoes or rice taro is a kind of funky looking root vegetable maybe not very appetizing looking too many upon first sight but we find it very delicious and I love that the taro is grown locally where we live so we enjoy it often Natasha made baked sweet potato pizza fries so enjoy on the side by seasoning sliced sweet potatoes with Italian spices and baking them in the oven baking or boiling sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are a great way to get healthy high calorie plant foods into your body there are health promoting and so satisfying so I mashed up some boiled taro then scooped spoonfuls of the coconut curry over top this squeezed a ton of lime juice on top and enjoyed it with a side of sweet potatoes and lettuce leaves you can get the full recipe to this curry dish potatoes rice or taro in the description [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] three I've been thinking about you