hey guys I just want to start by telling you that I'm not having a great day and I'm not super happy you know just to keep it real just having kind of a weird day things aren't going great and I don't feel great and that is okay and I think that even when we have these days it's okay to accept them and it's okay to feel kind of kind of laman right now I have a kitty trying to make me feel better his name is Baloo and he's amazing and he's a very weird cat this is another what I ate video I loved what I ate videos they never get old because people want to eat a vegan diet they want to eat plant-based they don't know how and I think the more videos like this that we make the better because we can give people ideas of how you can eat there are so many ways to eat vegan and eat compassionately so this video is sponsored by one of my favorite companies in the world called thrive market yeah I know that you've heard me talk about them before but I'm so lucky that they like working with me because I love working with them they're so incredible the market is basically an online grocery store where it's health foods it's organic they have so many vegan things that you can get there but it shipped straight to your door they have virtually zero waste packaging and they give back to people who need who need it and more than anything it's reduced prices 25 to 50% off I really think it's just a win win win win win win all the way around with thrive market there's really no lose there is an offer for you guys that I really think you should take advantage of if you have not signed up with thrive market I don't know what you're waiting for the offer for you guys today if you click the link in this video is $60 of free groceries which is a pretty killer deal and the way it works is you're on your first three orders of forty-nine dollars or more which is totally moderate you get $20 off each order so it's basically $20 off between dollars off $20 off equals $6 you went to school and keep in mind this is $60 off of groceries that are already way reduced in price so it's like getting a discount on a discount which you know you love Brad about those things because I'm speaking to the Americans here and Americans love talking about bargains this is an absolute bargain so much of what I ate in this video is from zag market and if you guys want to try out any of these recipes they're super simple but if you want to try any this food out go to thread market to try it out because this stuff is typically pretty expensive in normal stores the first thing that I ate is oatmeal and I've been really into this lately like I'm calling it loaded oatmeal because I've never really eaten oatmeal like this I saw someone on YouTube do this and one of their what I ate videos that I decided to implement it myself and it's great because it's been really cold in the mornings I know I'm such a wimp because I'm from California but it's been like 40 degrees in the morning so I don't want banana ice cream I don't want a smoothie I want something warm so I've just been making normally rolled oats and today I was having steel-cut oats and I cook it with dates that I get from the farmers market you can also buy dates on that I Frank it by the way and then I just loaded up with a ton of stuff I had a banana and have berries I have more dates maple syrup of course because maple syrup belongs on every single food and then I just basically loaded up with a ton of superfoods so I have things like coconut flakes and flax seeds and hemp seeds and cacao nibs and mulberries and all these things together just make it so crunchy and tasty and satisfying and filling and it lasts a really long time it keeps me full forever buying these toppings is one of my favorite things to use the night market for because these little like superfood things I love them they taste good they make me feel good but they are notoriously so expensive at regular grocery stores at thrive market it makes it so that you don't feel like you're selling an arm and a leg just to buy a bag of mulberries and yeah if you haven't tried dried mulberries they literally taste so good they're better than any dried fruit ever they're delicious fresh mulberries are amazing too I just want to be really honest that normally I when I make this loaded oatmeal I eat it within an hour or two it's and it's very filling and it lasts me for a long time this day I was for some reason I couldn't finish it eventually I did finish it but it was like 12:30 when I actually did it was just a lot of food so I every day is different you know sometimes you want to eat a lot sometimes you don't eat that much and that's fine you just kind of go with the flow another thing I had is some tea I really love green party it's fermented it's supposed to be good for you but that's not why I drink it I just really like the flavor I'm not sure if polarity is exactly on thrive market but they have so many tea options that I get all my herbal teas from market because it's for a reduced price and it's the same exact product that I would get in a regular grocery store a bit after that when I finally wasn't full anymore from that huge loaded oatmeal I decided to make myself a little bit of a medley salad type of thing now this salad salads really not the right word I want to call it like a bowl because I have all these roasted veggies in it I basically just chopped up some sweet potatoes and a bell pepper and I roasted them in the oven until they got nice and soft and a little bit caramelized and I loaded it with on top of my greens and my veggies and then I got this tahini from thrive market and I made this really simple sauce I just like to put a little tahini in a bowl cut it with water whisk it with a fork and then I like to add raw garlic to it and yes I know exactly what you're thinking I don't want to get too close to anyone after I've eaten this raw garlic but sometimes people just have to deal because raw garlic tastes amazing especially in this salad bowl situation a little tip if the paper is difficult for you to get off of a garlic clove just put it into the garlic press and kind of lightly crunch it and then that will break it apart easily so you can take it out take the paper off and then put it back in the press and press it again I learned this recently I know it might be like a really easy thing that I didn't know that and then of course added some maple syrup in there because what is life without maple syrup I don't know other things I added on top are sauerkraut from thrive market as well as dulse lakes that you can get on thrive more and once my veggies were nice and soft and caramelized I just threw them on top of the raw stuff and then drizzled it with the teeny sauce you guys it's so delicious this really surprised me I just kind of made this up and I loved it it was like the best textures and flavors all together if you're getting really bored of salads or if you feel like oh I have to put this like super fatty dressing on in order to eat my greens try roasting veggies and potatoes to put in there because it just you don't need as much with like the fatty stuff and it tastes so good and it was so satisfying I just I want to I'm gonna make this again today actually if you have seen my other what eight videos you would probably notice that I like to kind of snack throughout the day but for some reason I wasn't in the mood for snacking and I just like to go with the flow see how I'm feeling for the day and I encourage you to do the same thing to really listen to your body because sometimes and I know that's like so cliche and overused this whole listen to your body thing but it's true that you shouldn't just model your eating habits based on someone else's I encourage experimenting and trying new things and listening to other people but finding what works for you at six I met up with my students to go see the post because I teach a journalism class and we wanted to talk about freedom of the press so I had to be at the movie theater and I didn't want to eat late after that I normally don't feel good if I eat too late so I decided to eat a small little dinner of cereal which is not normal for me but it was good on this I just tried out this cereal from dried markets coconut flakes it's definitely has this like crunchy sweet texture but the the flakes are like thick so they're don't think corn flakes when you're gonna eat them they're definitely like thicker flakes um not sweet enough for me because I definitely you know that's my sugar so what did I add maple syrup I just don't even know how people live without maple that is all I had to eat that day if you would like to join that market and get $60 worth of free groceries I would be so excited you guys to be a part of the thrive and feels weird but anyone who is a member of thrive market I'm just like yes me too just use the link below to sign up and get the $20 $20 $20 deal that equals six dollars of free groceries right now my cats are flipping out I don't know what they're doing also thanks for dealing with me on this funky day of mine and allowing me to be so honest I think that's what's so cool about YouTube is I don't have to pretend everything's okay I can literally just be myself and you guys totally accept me this is half real ha fake that's kind of you too [Music]