[Music] well as you can see my aunt and uncle have the most gorgeous house and now we're going to make some lunch it's just a forks over knives recipe called spiced sweet potato tacos it's very simple let's show you how you make it isn't it gorgeous out here and then I'm gonna scan to your face and you're going [Music] Eric literally hates being in my videos we are going out tonight in San Diego and I'm so excited because we're trying out this restaurant called kindred um I had never heard of it by Evan recommended it to me and she said you have to have to go and I looked it up it looks amazing I'm so excited Merilee is kind of like a metal theme and the food is supposed to be incredible apparently brunch is more is more popular than dinner but dinners still really good and then we're going out elsewhere and you are coming along with me whether you like it or not actually if you like it not you can stop watching so that's how it works with videos [Music] you guys we have this appetizer that just showed up and I'm freaking out about it [Music] so we need yeah that was so so good hi I'm editing the vlog right now and I feel like I just didn't capture how good kindred was it's so creative as well as delicious the deli plate that we got as our appetizer was insane it was like you know vegan cheese's and being pesto's and this vegan meat that was amazing and smoked thinly sliced golden beets oh it was so delicious and then my plate that I got it was a beet risotto and it's not actually made out of rice it's made out of beets it blew my mind and I had these panko-crusted potatoes on top of the vegan sour cream that was insane I had never had anything so creamy and cheesy I just want to make sure he said I say that if you go to San Diego you have to go to kindred and everything in the restaurant was amazing I couldn't stop staring at the lion sculpture serpent skull whatever that thing was I couldn't stop staring at it okay toothy I'll keep editing just woke up and I made it didn't really just woke up I just got sort of presentable for the camera and that is one of my voices like this and I was not going to film today but I'm making an impromptu decision because we are going to a fast food vegan restaurant I have never been to a fast food vegan restaurant before it's right down the street so we're gonna stop by to get breakfast on the way home and I'm gonna show you what I ate today too I'm just gonna smush them all together what do you think [Music] we are living in an age where we have vegan fast-food restaurants [Music] we're back home and I have some work to do now so I'm just going to drink this kombucha which is my favorite brand favorite flavor while I get some work done and then we shall see okay Mike don't have to say okay bye after every time / can I wear my hair like this is this socially acceptable or is this like Hannah acceptable we are going for a run [Music] additionally I am going to share with you what I am eating before this run and the reason is many hours have passed it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I haven't eaten since that breakfast at the fast food place so I am going to have a gel now listen I'm experimenting with what works best for me in terms of what I eat before a run or poor exercise because I'm like kind of hungry but I don't want to eat like real food because of the way it'll sit and I've experimented with eating dates before runs but they just don't work for me umm I think it has to do with the fact that it's a whole food and it just doesn't process the same way and Eric's super into running so he's really familiar with it with the stuff and he relies on goos these are vegan and gluten-free this is that is the brand-new the brand is goo and this is a caramel macchiato flavor it look it's got stuff in there that I typically don't want to eat especially if I'm like trying to make a healthy choice by going for a run but this little thing will help me get that run so I'm experimenting I don't necessarily recommend eating like processed foods all the time but I'm just trying out what works for me what do you guys eat before I run oh I feel so much better [Music]