good morning Hanna [Music] some of our drawers drawers got it aha where's the drop is that all right good morning I will go fat Hanna's how students in a better places lips I spent the night at her house last night and Andrew is with the kids at his grandparents and we just looked at the farmers market on Sunday with a long beach farmers market whenever were visiting Orange County California so that's where we tend to go and got some really good stuff there [Music] but today Hannah and I are running your ways today I head off and then later tonight she's going to pick me up and then we're going to go to Los Angeles to spend the evening with our veterans today she was my college roommate we've been friends for a super long time we always go visit her every year where we going what's that restaurant called a Trojan I think it's a Japanese vegan Japanese restaurant definitely and I think were going to spend the night too actually I know where it's lovely and it's going to bring the ball of a dress and it's gonna be super fun I cannot wait to see her and I can't wait to meet her she's amazing so Hannah's getting ready to work would you send up some pictures so I wanna sorta mmm oh my gosh those are definitely better than the whole food once and this is heinous capable ooh can I have one of these these are insane thanks Hannah which one okay show everybody the rest of what you make it work I had orange juice this morning and then I cut up this melon and I'm going to have this like while I prep for my class in August and then salad with these heirloom cherry tomatoes and mangoes and avocado and butter leaf lettuce cuz I develop then those peaches cherries for breakfast how much I take the farm I work at one the one that's really good there was 325 pound and cheese write it down which hole is it off you have snacks for the afternoon and not I can make her a lot of other you don't have anything and this is such a yummy future sit down show me your anything by Sandy I miss you don't hold back all the work I try anything on a butterfly look at all those people there eating their food Oh everybody that's it look look we're really ill this is papa Ritter's we make up funny names for the critters oh all right engine the kids went to the pool and I'm going to meet them there in a few minutes I'm just going to quickly do an Instagram post and I want to tell you about this cubbyhole graphics sauce which is where I'm going to use their image for from my Instagram post I'm working with graphics Doc's who promote what they have going on on their website they're super cool website because graphic stock has the largest unlimited download library of photos vectors graphics and illustration with more than 350,000 images and growing so super cool website because you can use their images on things like business meetings or even Instagram helps other social media outlets which is what I use it for so basically all of these images come with a royalty-free agreement you can't get hit with a copyright claim so giving away seven days of graphics ought to be sign ups that you can have access for seven days to their unlimited download library and royalty-free license for free so if you're interested in this just go to graphic stock calm or you can click on the link in the description box below if you can sign up and start downloading alright so here's the image that I'm choosing so I'm just going to close the Instagram column and head to the pool I think I'm going to read to you a Instagram post as well this is that post sure that's my Instagram follow me what do you feel when you look at this photo I feel a huge sense of interconnectedness a reminder of a greater purpose and the simple dwellings anxiousness or negative feelings of others perceptions of me cuz I sometimes let consumed my life I also need to take a step back and see that I have this one life to live and the ability to choose how I'm going to spend it how am I going to use my time with what I spend my thoughts on positive uplifting thoughts that help me to be filled with more love which make choices to better the world and easy thoughts that help me love myself regardless of others perceptions of me or if they say they're doing it wrong you should do it this way your ugly or annoying etc other people's opinions of you do not define your value as a person the value of not taking things personally is immeasurable I recently learned about this concept about anything negative hateful or fearful the mind attaches to like velcro and you can feed it for days and weeks and months a negative thing imprints on the brain right away but a positive thing attaches to the brain like Teflon must be savored for at least 15 seconds or it doesn't imprint on the brain so next time you have an experience a moment where you see the joy in your child's eyes a moment where you notice the breeze on your skin as you watch the sunset a moment of comfort with loved ones a moment of uplifting more has spoken to you savor it let it imprint on your brain by noticing it accepting it and intentionally receiving it for a good while longer than you normally do and see if it helps push negative thoughts out of your brain making room for positive ones to set up house because if we want the life of the planet to have a bright future we must change it from the inside out in order for there to be more consciousness with less waste a greener more flourishing planet more compassion to animals more love and empathy to create action towards helping others suffering in all lands across the world we must first open our hearts to receive love for ourselves so we can share that with life around us Oh [Music] [Music] Georgians a cousin play haha Soviet Midwife one more year or in like two months I'm so psyched are you really we sponsored a midwife I'm sure do you are you are with the first like being this like you're like because there would be apprentice or assisted yep how many bridge have you been idea device kappa 1:40 are they all home burst or some of them call home birth definitely my goal to have a home birth package it's so cool what Hannah just got up work and she picks me up let's go guys Cindy friend Jochen yeah okay I'm super excited because we're yeah everything is Michigan credible no chemical sugars inside I want to love how many years ago you get about the shelter's you're gonna want to live with them January 31st I the rescue and he was bearing was allow them to get rested picked up in his group and I was like why didn't he write down he'll Zoey oh my gosh and then sandy and him would get along home he's an angel yeah he's an angel he really is heroin doesn't have pets of her own so she kind of like one day honey one day we will when we were already up other people's poop yes exactly I can I guess yeah and when the kids are old enough to help take care little and then I can't see you so Cynthia told us last year when we met lioness that she has a special song that she sings for Linus when she puts them to bed every night five six seven eight Linus – lion is here this new this little puppy Linus – you're the cutest puppy in the world would a person install and then Swedish yes okay practice a real bedtime I were just rehearsing – we're not quite ready yet he's like so could you be like am i go to bed like really early for bed you're not baby then [Music] [Applause] [Music]