well hey everybody and welcome back to Megan's channel obviously I am NOT Megan but she was wanting to do a video about what men actually want for Christmas and hey who better to know what man actually wants for Christmas than me so here's five things that men might actually want for Christmas the first thing that I think that most men would actually want for Christmas is a yo'd watch I'm actually wearing a yo watch right now you've sponsored this video they um they actually had us do a video last year as well and they sent a couple of watches and ever since then I have just loved yo watches I am NOT a watch kind of guy some guys it's like wearing watches they like watches I don't but I love your watches these things there are they're made out of wood or at least the band is made out of wood and like the casing is made out of wood obviously like some of the inner workings and stuff is metal it's got a glass top on it you know but but the the majority of the watch is made out of wood and these things are really cool like how how manly is that to have a wood watch on your hand and I've got to tell you like probably honestly 90% of the time whenever I leave this house with a you watch on my arm somebody is gonna make it coming about at the store or wherever I'm at somebody somebody is that a wood watch you got right there people love it it's the coolest looking thing and it just it stands out they've got all kind of different styles and sizes I think I mean as far as sizes I mean men's sizes and women's sizes um you go on there you size it they'll they'll make it whatever size it needs to be and send it out to you and I'm telling you you'll love these things they just came out with the Meridian series a wild bag which I absolutely loved actually sent me one I don't have it on right now but they sent in one for this video here and I'm telling you the thing looks excellent but go on their website check them out all that's gonna be down below you can get them in different colors of the wood like these aren't actually stained to look this way it's actually different types of wood that they use to get the different of the different looks to them so they're really really cool Yoda is doing a giveaway for this video for our viewers here and all you have to do you go down in the description box there's going to be a link down there and also some of the some of the details for the giveaway but all you have to do you have to go to that link and you'll enter your name and your email address every person that enters will get a $50 coupon code to use on their website one person out of River by the inners will get a 180 dollar coupon code to use on their website to get you a watch so that's a really really good giveaway even if you're not the grand prize winner you're still getting a fifty dollar coupon code so go down there check it out they'll send you your coupon code and all the details for everything will be down there in the description box Thanks gift idea that I have that most any guy would actually want to have her Christmas is sporting tickets because most guys like some type of sporting event whether that be football or hockey or even some of the more girly sports and I'm skating whether it's football or hockey golf basketball whatever guys would like tickets to a sporting event and since you're the one that's buying the ticket you can buy it for when you know he's gonna be off work or you're gonna be off work or whatever needs to happen if you ought to be able to go you know you can get it for the two of yo you can get it for him and his buddies it I mean it depends on I mean if this is for your son or your dad or your boyfriend or fiancé your husband or whatever so some of these gift ideas that I have in this video are like for any guy some are for like a guy that you might be in a relationship with you know it just kind of depends on what the situation is so depending on your situation you know when to get it but guys love sporting events so get some sporting tickets the next one and this would be one for somebody that you are in a relationship with is get gift cards for a date night guys don't mind going on dates we like going on dates okay but I find it distracting sometimes and this goes sound horrible but hey this is you're getting the inside look here I find it distracting sometimes let's say we go to a movie okay we go out to a nice dinner we'll say okay you have your nice dinner you spend your money there okay and then you say well let's go to a movie so we go to a movie but then I'm sitting there in the movie theater I'm thinking I just paid twenty dollars or twenty seven dollars whatever for us to get into this movie and then another twenty seven dollars let's say in the pop in the candy because we all know that stuff is way overpriced and you're drinking all that and so I'm sitting there thinking man this cost a fortune these people are charging an arm and leg for this stuff so if you go and you buy the gift cards to go on this date night then when you're there actually enjoying the time you're not thinking or the guy's not thinking how expensive is this place because that money was earmarked a long time ago it's on a gift card it's not like you just pull out your wallet you had to shell out some cash for it it's already been paid for a long time ago so something like that some gift cards and then the good thing about the gift cards is you can go you know whenever it's convenient for the two of you to go there's plenty of options that you could do I mean you can get gift card that's a good thing about gift cards and gift certificates you can get them for like anything you can get them for going out to eat for movie tickets for the hot air balloon rides those are skate rooms they got popping up all over the place just anything I mean anything that y'all want to do you can get a gift card or a gift certificate for or at least you know pay for in advance or however they want to work it out but anyway try one of those okay the next thing the guys would actually want would be something to do with their hoppy or something maybe it's a hobby they want to get into I'll say that maybe maybe your guys like you know I think this summer I'd like to get into golf and I'd like to take up that hoppy go buy some golf clubs or something or if it's a hobby that he already does then you could like for me I've really enjoyed letting some guys like fishing some guys like dolphins and guys like hunting some guys like what it like working on the cars I mean just a whole bunch of different stuff but you can and if you don't know what to get you can even go to a store that would be appropriate for that hobby and get a gift card for that store you know cuz then he can go and he can pick out the exact item that he wants whatever color he wanted in or whatever the case is you know it's gonna depend on what that hobby is or what the item is but um you can you can go there and get the gift card cos in you don't have to know the exact thing to get but it's a way of saying hey I'm with you on this if you want to do this hobby then I'm in support of that okay my fifth and final thing the guys would actually want for Christmas is what you have all been waiting for me to get around and I'm gonna keep this as g-rated as possible so you you know what I'm talking about okay you can do this however you want to do this you can you can liven things up make this a little bit different make it a little special because it's Christmas you know I know one time Megan made us a game to play and without talking all about this game um there were dice involved and there were cards involved with numbers on them and you rolled the dice and that's how many quarter how many spaces that you moved on the cards but you can put on the back of those cards whatever you want to put on there for what you're gonna do at each one of those spaces okay so you can keep it g-rated you can make it r-rated however y'all want to do it that's up to you and will it be up to you if you're the one making the game but that's of you and y'all and how y'all want to do that so just keep that in mind everybody knows that's what guys actually want well I hope y'all enjoyed this video i hope i've given you maybe at least a few ideas of what guys would want for christmas and maybe maybe you can't actually use one of my ideas I just gave but maybe me telling you these might have got the gears turn in your head and it makes you come up with something different that maybe you're particularly on so I hope you enjoyed these tips you'll be sure to check back for more videos from Megan real soon I promise I won't do this all the time I know you don't get tired of seeing me you don't want to get Megan back on here but y'all check back for Megan's videos and have a good day [Music] [Music]