[Music] [Applause] [Music] yes yeah now I'm gonna show you how he's gonna let you do it [Music] [Music] food scape take over if anybody has we call it from a coal plant species we secure family's future what you give is what a gap from the roots up what you give is what you get from the roots and up what you give is what you get from the roots aha we're all feasible of planted in yoga then we're all seeds of love yes planted in your garden we're all seeds of love planted in your garden we're all seeds of love yes planted in your garden fantasy watch it grow and let everyone know this is how we survive let's see watch it grow and then everyone doh this is how we survive in these times so to finish off my smoothie I added in the greens from my garden hemp seeds chia seeds and barley grass juice powder blended it all up and it's a perfect smoothie for me during my pregnancy and I've been loving this smoothie almost every day for a couple months now ever since my son Elvis made it for me collaboration with the elements surrounding you Andrews post-workout smoothie had lots of ripe spotty organic bananas that we got at the farmers market and we have a few more racks already growing in our backyard he also added barley grass juice powder from my friends company called daily green boost as well as Hawaiian spirulina with fresh bar he dates frozen wild blueberries and water blended schools around the world growing in abundance and living in harmony just like the Hawaiian agua assist of mauka to Makai planting with the floor of the vine we can create communities to try self-sufficient regenerative and ally with me work together we will find that there's no waste it all has its purpose and please Tony please when you put it back into the cycle a bit after I chilled my raspberry leaf tea in the fridge I drank it with some lime a couple of Elvis and Sandy's friends came over for a homeschool lesson planting papayas and gardening and then Android had some geography in the mystical be conscious of your actions this is then I made a medium-sized salad with romaine lettuce some arugula and basil from our garden bell pepper avocado garden tomatoes onion and sea veggie dulse I blended up a simple dressing of whatever I had left over in the fridge that appealed to me of cashews hemp seeds carrot bell pepper lime juice pickled jalapenos and a little water blended smooth it's jackfruit season so for lunch Andrew cut open a big jackfruit that we bought at the farmers market I'm so lucky Angier does all the hard work of opening it up and setting aside the fruit for me as it's quite sticky and takes a lot of work to get out if you aren't sure what a jackfruit is it is crunchy and sweet and has the flavor of juicy fruit gum some varieties are more gooey but I prefer this crunchy super-sweet variety Andrew ate about half of this big jackfruit and set aside the rest for me and the boys to enjoy later sandi and Elvis played hide-and-go-seek with some neighbor friends and I packed up some jackfruit to eat on the ride over to my pregnancy chiropractic appointment and I'd just like to mention there are so many ways to eat and enjoy a healthy weekend diet if lots of tropical fruit and raw veggies don't appeal to you or you live in a climate where quality fruit is scarce that's totally okay find what works for you and what appeals to you sweet potatoes squashes beans lentils oats quinoa veggies etc are all examples of perfectly wonderful staples on a healthy vegan diet alright so after I got back from the pregnancy chiropractor and made a tray of baked sweet potatoes and golden potatoes just thinly slice your potatoes of choice place on a baking tray with parchment paper and sprinkle with garlic black pepper and a pinch of sea salt bake in the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as your potatoes need to cook evenly I dipped the potatoes in the leftover dressing I made earlier that day and I definitely ate the whole dinner I was craving ramen noodle soup bowls so we found the simple vegan recipe on the hot for food blog and I'll put the link in the description box below to their blog if you'd like to make it it was so easy and fast to make filled with lots of ramen noodles veggies including more kale from our garden and only a few other ingredients like firm tofu and miso if you're interested in going vegan I would like to be inspired and learn more about the ethical environmental and health reasons to live a vegan lifestyle check out the video the best speech you'll ever hear by Gary Yourofsky on YouTube Android I watched this speech years ago and it literally changed our lives I'm so grateful I found this speech so I'll put the link to it in the description box below if you're interested in watching it communities the Tri [Music] there's no permaculture help lead the way in this new revolution permaculture bleed the way yes we found a solution