[Music] [Music] [Music] Syrena are you gonna come out of there and here I'm not here only that's one but Jax do people wanna wake up yeah they do hello welcome to a what video I'm doing this with my sister-in-law Serena and she refuses to be in the shot I'm going to have mangos I think I'll probably have for Serena doesn't begin like four sizes and so this is our first time where we're like at a family gathering and then we're I'm not the only vegan so that's like super exciting so I convinced her to do what I eat video with me but um I don't know if she's happy about it I'm not sure she's glad you said yes that's [Music] sohow right for your bananas not right not ripe enough so I think a lot of people think that this would be like ripe or two ripe even but you want there to be like no green on the stem and some spots and this is like doable but the riper the manna the easier it is to digest and sweet artists toss another like you said yeah I don't like when I'm at home I don't like eating them like this yeah I like yeah it's not like okay not ready no not at all when you can't be how to have to make some sacrifice now these were like the rightest what if I had and there was not really but then and then this was like fresh-squeezed orange juice mhm and with against I sound like a dork hello Bodhi who Rooney [Music] [Music] I didn't hike was longer than expected time wise you mean yes okay we're all exhausted we're ready for lunch we are just going to have some leftovers from dinner last night and let's go throw it on the stove and eat it up real quick okay I first arena what do you having brown rice which I already made at home and just left in our cooler and then black beans and corn I'm going to be topping it with I'm just all caught up so easy you just like threw it on yeah like no time literally it's just heating up yeah and I'm doing the same this is just leftovers from last night coconut curry with a red curry paste and noodles and potatoes and vegetables hit the spot won't kind of share probably hey guys you knew it is on camera so I want to tell you guys about Serena's Instagram she started Instagram when she went vegan it's called the plant-based Ricky particular plant-based rookie I'll just put it up here yeah I should totally go follow her and give her some love Gerson support not cool to like um track your progress at first it's something that actually didn't tell anybody about and I just kept it private but I saw a television and I was like okay but I have this private Instagram but it didn't let anyone follow me just be kind of like you're putting yourself out there to the world and that could be really scary so um yeah one day I was like hey you know what I don't care what anyone thinks anymore like I mean you know I'd rather have this support then like be scared about it which is great yeah it has it been who's been getting support Oh awesome yeah everyone was always posting like really awesome supportive comments like they're so proud and so exciting so again it's so important to be vulnerable if you want to put your story out there and she's like super open about things and she posts really pretty nude photos truly and now we're going to stuff our faces close [Music] Eric and I are going for a run because as you know he's training for an ultra and I'm going with him because I kind of like him and Jared and Serena convinced beat awareness and GoPro attachment thing so hopefully you have some cool footage and stuff guys this is what I'm wearing I feel very insecure about it hopefully I'll put it looks cool do I look Eric do you still love me [Music] thanks for filming for me Haley you're welcome now we're putting on the meat which is beyond meat and this is like the best meter placer that I've ever tried well okay and I'm just lying upon this is one of Eric's favorite things and then I also have leftover jackford carnitas that I made the other night they made carnitas tacos so we're just going to breed a pull that we have right meat veggies beans and guacamole and for everyone watching on YouTube let me know how Haley's filming trails are they're probably better than mine because everyone gave a thumbs up for Haley you [Music]