hey guys this is my face really close to the camera and I want to tell you about thrive market because they're sponsoring this video and I'm so proud to be working with them I've been member of thrive market for over two years now and they sponsor the podcast so I'm sure you've heard me talk about them but if you don't know if their market is they are an online health food store with crazy insane deals twenty-five to fifty percent off of what is normally sold in grocery stores you get the same organic and non-gmo products like brown rice noodles and curry paste and sea vegetables and vegan marshmallows and anything that you want it's there on time market so easy to use but it's way more affordable than at regular organic grocery stores you know what stores I'm talking about guys every time I shop inside market I save anywhere from twenty five to ninety dollars depending on how much I order its I honestly I love this company so much I love working with them because they're so cool they they always they always hook it up they always hook it up for the people who listen and the people who want to try it out because they have this incredible mission where they just want to make organic health food non-gmo foods and things aren't food like body care and household products and things like that affordable and accessible to everyone in the u.s. because living a healthful lifestyle is not elitism this isn't only for a specific group of people it's for everyone so if you live in a place that's not close to our Ganic health food store and you've been making excuses this whole time like I can never go vegan I can never buy organic it's too expensive it's too far away now you really have no excuse because thrive market just cuts all those excuses and burns them to the ground because all you have to do is press a few buttons on your computer or on their app which works really well to order organic foods in organic body care products and everything like that vegan food to the max delivered straight to your door there's no question and in the following video that I've been working so hard on I'm really excited to show you I have a few recipes in there that I want to share with you and I know you're gonna want to try them because they are so delicious so I hooked it up with Dr market I talked to them guys I got you a deal are you ready this is Rudy Alif you click the link below you get $60 of free groceries $60 and free shipping I mean there's really I've never even seen a better deal than this so really encourage you guys to take advantage $60 of free groceries and free shipping maybe click the link below and buy some of these ingredients that I use on thrive market almost all the ingredients that I use are from Denmark except for the fruits and vegetables and stuff which is obvious okay let's get into the video this is my husband and this is me this is me and this is me and my husband when we got married I was already plant-based and he was pretty much the opposite people asked us what are you gonna do about food and we said oh I don't know we just love each other so it'll probably work out turns out we were right we created boundaries in the beginning one of the things I said I wouldn't do it was cooked animal foods for him if he wanted something with meat cheese milk or eggs he'd have to make it himself the way it's worked out so far he hasn't needed to or wanted to cook anything with animal flesh or secretions probably because I make really bomb vegan food that totally satisfied them when he wants a cow flesh burger or a mammal milk pizza or something he'll go get it and on his lunch breaks at work he typically eats not vegan food but at home.we vegan dinners together every night there is so much incredibly delicious vegan food out there that I really don't think it's a question about how to make non vegans like Buchan food french fries vegan burgers deep fried whatever there are thousands of vegan recipes and packaged stuff that make it easy to get cruelty free foods that will satisfy the most adamant meat-eater but what about for us vegans that not only care about the animals but we want to be healthy too that's the tricky part we want to eat low-fat veggie filled foods that are easy to make and our non vegan partner will eat with us and be just as satisfied sounds like a Tass doesn't it healthy vegan and delicious this is especially tricky if your partner is as picky as mine he hates beets mushrooms pickles broccoli cauliflower mustard and olives and when I eat at home I personally try to avoid oil corn soy and gluten so yeah we're a fun bunch the foods my husband hates also happened to be some of my favorite foods and flavors so what I do is choose to eat those things at lunch time when we were eating separately just like he does with his animal I don't want to eat I really like eating dinner together and eating the same food at the same time simultaneously there's something really special about sharing a meal together every evening not to mention it just makes sense for the wallet and for cleanup mostly I do the cooking or we cook together but once or twice a week Eric cooks for us if I give him a detailed recipe to follow he's a meticulous kind of person I want to share with you a few of our favorite recipes we eat at home on a regular basis there are high in carbohydrates filling flavorful easy and of course vegan these are just a few recipes of many I pretty much never make a complicated recipe but I do make the time for home-cooked meals throughout the week whether it's fresh or leftovers [Music] first up is chili over baked potatoes all of these recipes are in the description box below but you should know I really don't measure when I cook I learned from my mom who literally doesn't know where her measuring spoons are as a reminder I got almost all of these ingredients from thrive market which made everything incredibly affordable and convenient for this particular recipe I make it a specific way from her husband's taste since I've made this chili about two dozen times we figured out what he likes best and this is where I compromise if he's willing to eat vegan with me I'm willing to make sure it's something he's actually going to enjoy so for him he prefers more beans less Tomatoes and less veggies and the veggies that are in there he once chopped up really really small he's a grown-up I promise I want to make a note about these thrive market brand beans they're really good they only cost 135 and they're all organic and non-gmo and sealed in a bpa-free pouch the next thing I want to show you is the cashew sour cream ironically my husband does not like this topping because he hates mammal milk sour cream and this vegan version tastes too similar for him but I loved it and I thought maybe you're not vegan partner might like it because it's so creamy and also goes great with tacos burritos grain bowls or even soups make sure you soak your cashews beforehand for about two hours and do not refrigerate them while they soak and again I'm using the thrive market brand here and these are really high-quality cashews and made this sauce extra creamy I always have this chili over baked Yukon Gold potatoes or sweet potatoes we normally put avocados on top but we just forgot this time and you can also include your favorite salsa or hot sauce oh and also since I always want more veggies my husband does I often steamed veggies to have on the side it's this really simple way for me to get more in and I actually really love them really simple like this next we have something we have been having about three times a week lately oven baked fries I'm sure you've seen plenty of people online make this but I just had to include it because I finally learned the secret to perfect fries and that's why you've been making them so much so first you want to start out with Yukon Gold potatoes it's hands-down the best potato in the world I don't care what anyone else says sometimes we use other potatoes if we run out of Yukon Gold but we always just cry a little bit because you cones or just it they're everything okay and here's the secret I picked up for my friend Caitlyn Schumacher spices so many spices throw them all in there use whatever combination you like and this Drive market salt is somehow the best salt I've ever had in my mouth next you need to use parchment paper this is how to bake the fries of that oil and still have them crisp up I love this stuff because it's certified compostable unbleached and totally chlorine free on dried market it costs $4.99 and at my local store it costs 619 I'll take that dollar seventeen cents thank you very much then we just put as many potatoes as we can on two baking sheets and bake them at 425 for about 30 to 40 minutes testing them along the way also I prefer to eat a homemade ketchup or not at all while Eric eats regular organic ketchup that I get on thrive market this is just because I prefer a lower amount of sodium in my diet and just like the simple little adjustment right I eat this ketchup heat it's that ketchup but we're still eating the same meal together [Music] the next meal is so easy I didn't even include it as a recipe in the description box it's just rice and beans rice and one pot beans another pot it's so fast easy and healthy and that's why it's another staple of ours I didn't even film how to make it because Eric made it for us while I was at work then we put on salsa avocado and hot sauce BAM done also this thrive market organic brown rice we used was honestly so good I was really surprised it got really nice and fluffy it's probably because my husband followed the directions exactly according to the package he always follows directions and I did not last dinner is red curry noodles this recipe again is very very simple but so good here are my tips for a really awesome curry that doesn't take making your own curry paste first use plenty of coconut milk for this recipe I used three cans of the light version second use an entire jar of this red curry paste I used to only use half the jar and then the other half would go bad in the fridge anyway so then I tried the whole jar once and yes hello that's where all the flavor is third used coconut aminos as I said earlier I avoid soy when I'm at home it's just a personal thing for me and most curry recipes call for soy sauce I also don't want to add processed sugar to my meals which is another common Korean gradiant the coconut aminos is perfect supplement for this because it's salty like soy sauce but sweet like sugar and this thrive market bottle is really good and only cost 565 compared to a typical price $8.99 at regular stores I just got three dollars richer last tip let it simmer for a long long time this is what makes it it tasty when I made it this time I totally forgot to put it on the stove and then I ran downstairs and realized everything was fine and the result was the thickest curry I've ever made so winning for me I want to make sure every meal I make for dinner is really really tasty not just for my husband's sake but for mine as well and also I want to eat healthy food every night my biggest recommendation is to just figure out what your partner likes and play off of that it's possible your partner won't even like these meals because we all have different preferences right but this is what works for us what I've learned is that I need to make compromises – just like he is by eating vegan with me every night so I don't add broccoli to the curry for example because my husband wouldn't be happy and that's fine I just make steamed veggies on the side what I want that I really want to make more videos like this because I have so many healthy and delicious vegan meals that I eat with my husband all the time so share this video around because the more views and thumbs up and comments that it gets the more likely I am to make another video I want to thank the right market just one more time not just for making this video possible and sponsoring this but also for providing such an amazing service to so many people their company I truly believe in check out my link below to get your sixty dollars worth of free groceries and maybe try out one of these recipes with what you buy and I'm gonna say the curry try the curry first it's my favorite in fact I'm gonna go have leftovers right now okay