hi guys and welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be what we got our kids for Christmas and I'm gonna say that this video is probably not like any other videos you're gonna watch because we actually decided to pick something to get our kids that was more of entertainment instead of like a toy and something to do as a family instead of a toy so we are actually going to Disney this year the week before Christmas so we're gonna be there like decent were 16 through the 23rd I believe and then after that we are going to Justin's Nana's for Christmas with his whole family and everything so everything is going to be very non-traditional this year but that's kind of what we're used to because my husband used to be a firefighter and he worked more Christmases than he was home with us so everything our whole life Christmas has just been very non-traditional but I did want to get them just a few things so for the most part I got them stocking stuffers and we got them one big gift I don't know why but I felt like if I got them Disneyworld and all their presents that they normally get on top of that and then I have a big family Justin has a big family and so in all they probably get 20 gifts from family just family not even friends just family so I was thinking I don't know why I just felt like that would be a little bit extreme so I went very conservative this year on the Christmas presents because I just didn't feel like they needed it and also I had something very near and dear to my heart a charity that I wanted to give to and so we decided it would be best to get the kids Disneyworld their big gift that you guys will see and the stocking stuffers and then give what we had set aside for Christmas to the charity that we wanted to give to this year so I'm actually gonna link that charity down below they have no idea that I'm doing this video whatsoever they don't even know my name but as most of you guys know if you have been watching my channel for probably about a year or so I've mentioned this only twice on my channel before but my dad at had to go to prison when I was a kid so I was one of those kids who had to have Christmas without my dad and have a dad in prison one year for Christmas and so this is the charity that like I said is very near and dear to my heart I'll probably cry in this video just because I've never been able to talk about this without crying just because it is so special to me but this charity actually gave to my mom whenever I was a kid and we were going through that that year he only had to go to prison for six months so we were very very fortunate but I know what it's like to have a parent in prison and I know what it's like to have a very good person be in prison and it's not all bad people in prison sometimes it's just people who have messed up and also even if it is a bad person in prison it doesn't mean that their kids are bad people so the kids shouldn't have to suffer because their parents made a huge mistake so the Angel Tree charity is the one that we decided to give to this year and probably will every year after that and I'm so happy that we were able to financially do that this year and like I said I will leave that link down below I really feel like this is a charity that it's looked over all the time just because a lot of people feel like the kids don't deserve it because their parents are in prison I personally feel like there's not enough people sticking up for these kids and trying to give them a better future I probably should have done this after I did the Christmas presents cuz I'm gonna cry now but there are just so many statistics about kids who have parents in prison and how their future is gonna turn out and we just should be doing everything we can to make sure that they don't turn out like their parents and don't make the same mistakes their parents do so this is just a very small thing that you can do to show them that someone is out there that cares and they don't need to feel any shame about what their parents have done it shows nothing about their character at all and so anyway I'm gonna stop now because I'm just gonna cry but like I said I'll have that link down below if you feel the need to give to this charity it's $25 per kid and it would mean a lot to me if you guys would give to that so without further ado let's go ahead and get on into what we got our kids for Christmas right so I have Julie's over here and I have Ross's over here and I got them mostly the same things just like the boy version and the girl version so the very first thing this is the big gift that we got for them the only big gift besides Disney World obviously that we got for them and we got them some tablets and we got them the PBS KIDS once because I wanted them to be very educational so we got them these and I thought that these would be really good for them on the drive down to Disney because we are gonna be driving it's about a nine hour drive for us we don't have TVs in our car so I figured these would be really good to pick up for the kids for traveling we also have a big trip coming up in March and so I was thinking these would be really good for them too and Julie got one and Ross got one as well and so the next thing I got for the kids these are more just like stocking stuffers I got them these little flip azouz and these are the like mini versions they do have the big version but Julie just got the one I think this is a hippopotamus I'm not really sure and then on the other side a unicorn I believe they're crazy-looking but she got one and then Ross got woman as well this is just puppies on both sides he's a dog lover like me so he's got puppies on both sides of his the next thing I got for them is just this little activity book and sticker scene and so I got the frozen one for Julie and Ross got paw Patrol this is also something that I thought would be really handy when we are on the road next thing I got we're just these really cool tear free rinse cups and what it is is basically just a cup that you can wash their hair with and it's bendy so it really helps out by not getting water in their eyes when you're trying to rinse their hair out and so I got one in purple for Julie and one in blue for Ross so my kids are obsessed with PJ masks right now that is probably their favorite thing to watch so I picked up this little figurine this one is cat boy for Julie she loves cat-boy and then Ross Scott outlet if I can find that one here it is okay so broths got the outlet one my kids also love fidget spinners they're kind of cool like being fidget spinners right now so I got Ross this really cool one and it's in this like army green color and it's got little teeth on there and then Julie's is like a flower I've never seen before they say custom fidget spinners so hers looks like a flower and it doesn't have like the traditional like three sides to it it has like a lot of different points on it so I thought that this would be really cool and unique for them to have it can't be stocking stuffers without socks so I picked up some Minnie Mouse ones for Julie thought she could wear these at Disney and then I also picked up just some regular ones for Ross I was at Walmart and I could not find any really cool ones like I wanted to find like minions or PJ masks or paw Patrol or something but none were in his size he has a very big wide foot so he's kind of wearing like the boys size already instead of like the toddler size so anyway I had to get him just some regular socks but I think he'll enjoy them anyway I feel like it also can't be stocking stuffers without batteries because they get so many toys around Christmastime that need batteries and so I got Ross some triple A's and I got Julie some double A's figured they could share with whatever toys they get when I was checking out I saw these cute little ears these reindeer ears so I picked up one for us and one for Julie Julie's has like a little pink bow on there and I think that these are supposed to be like Clarisse and Rudolph on the Rudolph movie so they love that movie too so I think they'll like those I also picked up another figurine for them I got Ross the Kristoff one from frozen and then Julie's favorite princess is Tiana so we've got a little Tiana one and we're supposed to be having ice cream with Tiana whenever we're at Disney so she's super excited about that so I thought that she would love this too I also picked up some bad sponges for them these were actually in the Travel section at Walmart and they were together so you get them like two for a dollar so I just kind of separated them and Ross got the orange one and Julie got pink our kids also love watching YouTube videos where they open these blind bags I had no idea what these were for and if you ask me they're kind of expensive it's like 350 for one of these blind bags but they love them and it's Christmas so I figured I would get them some of these because we don't normally pick up these little small toys that are that expensive I mean 350 is not expensive but for a tiny toy like this that I'm sure is gonna be lost pretty soon but like I said it's Christmas so I went ahead and picked them up so they could enjoy this while it lasts the Christmas gift section at Walmart they also had these really cool things and I thought that these would be good to take on vacation too it's hand sanitizer and so Ross got the Spider Man one and Julie got frozen and it was really cool because last night we actually went to some Christmas lights and they got to meet a Spider Man and on and Elsa so the next thing we got for the kids were just these chocolate eggs and they have a toy inside kind of like the kinder eggs but this one is from the brand of Finders Keepers I also found these at the checkout in Walmart whenever I was checking out so that's where you can find them if you're looking Julie I also picked up this Moana soundtrack she loves soundtracks she's got trolls she's got lots of princesses and everything so I thought we would add Moana to the list and we can also listen to this when we're on our way down to Disney World we're gonna drive my husband crazy I'm sure but me and Julie are gonna love it and then for Ross I got him just this little car and it is Lightning McQueen he loves Lightning McQueen so I got him this little car and that is that has probably been his number one thing that he has mentioned he wanted this year was cars he just wanted cars and toy cars and Hot Wheels and stuff like that so I thought that he would really love that and we're kind of getting into the food now because what is a stocking without some snacks so I picked up some of these I wanted to do not candy bars that was my thing I'm like I'm not buying candy bars because like I said they have like 20 other people who give them gifts and they just get so much candy around the holidays so I decided to put anything but candy bars in mine and so I got some of these chea squeeze packets and I thought that these looked really healthy and it would also be really good to travel with they have not tried these before they have tried the yogurt ones and the applesauce ones but I thought that this would be a good change a nice little mix-up there and hopefully they liked them if then I also got some of these Annie's gummies just got these in the assorted flavors so these are really cool these are like little straws and I got Julie the strawberry one and Ross the cookies-and-cream but what you do is just put it down in your milk and then you suck your milk up through the straw and it makes it that flavor they have these in the grocery section if you're looking for them but I just thought that they were so cool and just something different to put in the stocking I did want to add something chocolaty in there so we got some of this Nutella and it's just these little sticks like breadsticks and a Nutella spread and it's kind of like the cheese sticks that you get where you can just dip it in there so they've had these before I know that they like them last but not least I picked up some of these fruit leathers I thought these would be good for the kids and I got the strawberry one and the grape one and I'll probably end up just opening up the packets and mixing them up so both kids get a little of each so that is actually it that is all our kids are getting for Christmas from us we really just wanted to do something fun as a family this year instead of getting toys because like I said they're gonna get enough toys they have everything they need as it is and then they're gonna get more on top of that I just wanted to do something a little bit different this year and give them a Disney World trip we will be blogging on that trip so you guys be on the lookout for our Disney vlogs I'm so excited I haven't been to Disney in like 17 years my husband's never before and our kids have never been before so I am really really excited about it also don't forget to check out the Angel Tree charity I will have them linked down below like I said they have no idea I'm even doing this video at all it's just something that is so special to me and it would really mean a lot to me if you guys would go check it out I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a thumbs up if you did and hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel and I will see you all in the next video I