welcome to what's in my closet [Laughter] [Music] to business ah yes I wanted to make this video because one I asked all the time where I get my comfy t-shirts and where I get my clothing and to because I really want to help inspire each other so that we can make conscious purchases by either purchasing secondhand items so that the demand for like new things goes down because we just have so much stuff when you think about each household how much stuff the average house will go through and where it ends up most the time which is the landfills and it helps us to realize that we should be more conscious in not purchasing as much and I am nowhere near like I'm not going to call myself a minimalist but I am inspired by that and I'm excited to like to explore that realm and just keep my life minimal I feel happier and more at peace when I have less stuff in my house so I really just like to keep my favorite items in my closet and if it doesn't bring me joy I don't keep it anymore I give it away to a friend or give it away to it's like a hand shop and that's here in Maui but other than that I try not to intake too many things I try to just like have a few pieces that last me for like four years and that's kind of what I do I tend to just buy a few things or if I really feel like ma'am my teachers have so many holes and I would love to have a new tank a lot of second-hand shop or I find a really awesome sustainable company made with fair trade practices and renewable and sustainable materials then I'm all about supporting that so I'm going to show you today what I wear and where I get my clothing to help support conscious purchases alright so let me just show you this is my closet this side is Andrew said I think he has more clothes than me my shoes [Music] and we got worthless up here first set of clothes I want to bring to tell you about is a brand I've recently discovered called grocers apparel [Music] materials are made with a hundred percent organic and recycled materials and their clothing is made in their very own California Factory and you can even grow to their instagram and scroll down on their page to see pictures of their employees working in their factory it's just a super reliable company and their clothing is so soft and super comfortable I've literally been wearing their clothes every day since they came in the mail a lot of you ask me where I get my comfy t-shirts and tanks that I'm wearing all the time because I just really all about comfort comfort is everything to me their tank right here and this one and I'm going to put a link to their website in the description box below I am so excited to support this company and help inspire you to what this company because the more we purchase some conscious brands the higher demand there will be for that so these are the two things I've been wearing so much lately I also want to tell you about their organic V cotton bra which is like a bralette I'm not a fan of like actual bras I do enjoy to wear a bra light here and there with like a see-through tight top and guys it is so comfortable and I'm metal as well a gray one I have the medium size super cute tank I've been wearing this all the time although I just have trouble with white I tend to get white staying pretty easily with green smoothie and kids messed up so maybe it's your mom maybe choose a different color some are you getting them stains so this is like all my clothing from groceries apparel and I've recently gotten which I was like in some serious desire for like clothing with conscious purchases that are made with love and with fair trade practices of really excited to Acosta's brands I had been wearing my same t-shirts for like the last four years which is great and I am all about that all the clothing is super soft it's also at Peter approved company 100% vegan super comfortable really good for like long duty stuff and this jacket is made of eucalyptus I haven't taken the tag off yet because I haven't worn it because it's Hawaii in the summer but I'm going to California soon I'm definitely gonna worry about for you [Music] all right next up we have the support right here also from brushes the pail right now I'm just showing you everything I got from groceries apparel which I'm super excited about because until buy new clothes very often and it's pretty excited to receive these in the mail so that's everything that happen the grocery perils line and I have a discount code for you because such an awesome grass go ahead and put in that discount code when you make your purchase and thank you for supporting this company link is in the description box below next up we have the tanks that I have been wearing for about two to three years now and I'm sure you're seeing rhythm in my videos and these are the tanks from in the SOL shrine what's super cool too is that when you buy their products they come to you in the mail wrap in a compostable wrapper so it's not like rocks and plastic when you guys that's another plus and it's a brand Australia this one so saving animals makes my soul shine the advice and love them delete them and you know me I'm all about representing the vegan lifestyle at the next company I want to show you is this brand called the wild which is another eco conscious sustainable brand made out of cotton 100% cotton leaves on bar this is a row Komodo in a tank and also a fair trade company this whole brand just represents like minimalism and simplicity and I just love their brand so this is like a cover up wrap that I wear to to the beach so yeah this is like a really nice turn off wraps they're just overall a very beautiful brand the rest of the clutter that I own is either clothing purchased from secondhand stores or just stuff that I got a long time ago and I've just cumulated over the last five six some even eight years and I pretty much just wear the same jean shorts every day I wear a sarong that my husband got me for Christmas at a shop in town when I go to the beach and for other kinks that I have I'm pretty much second-hand shops if you last no time where I get my jean shorts this is just from like a good little type store they were like 80s or 90s jean pants and then I just cut them off into shorts pretty simple they're kind of baggy but I enjoy them and they're very comfortable and I wear them all the time and then hair and something I got like four years ago which this is my brandy melville but I don't think they have them in the store anymore this is also not a pair of shorts that I sometimes wear this was from a secondhand shop called that shop called sin California it's not really popular ever was called anyways so this was on there and they were too big but I really like the color of them so my mom sewed them to be smaller to fit me so I like these shoes but these are from a secondhand shop as well and these were a hand-me-down from my sister that I wear when I work out the reason I wear those shorts now and not be ones because these were a second and her shorts than I got I literally got them at a clothing exchange in Pocono I used to wear these shorts look at home don't laugh at me they were still comfortable I just didn't want to buy any shorts and I didn't know of any like activewear that was like consciously made or made with like good materials so I just like kept wearing these shorts so yeah they have holes in the back now and a hole in the butt and a hole in the crotch don't even ask me why I still have them I don't know I think it's because I threw the reistad part with them because it's just so comfortable makes it so perfect I got at a clothing swap party with some girlfriends on Maui we like all got together which is a great idea if you're looking for some new clothes but you don't want to spend any money or you can't afford to buy some new clothes gather all your girlfriend's together get all your clothes that you don't want come together for a dinner party bring like potluck style or bring dinner to share and everyone just shares and swaps their clothes so that's where I got this from like a friend in Maui who didn't wear any shorts anymore so I got them other gal took my clothes that I didn't want so we saw so basically secondhand and they wore them for three years and now they look like this so you guys decide show you that and then I also have this wrong I wear to the beach all the time and it has a hole in it as well but I still wear Excel like it and I asked my mom bestow that too and this is a noose around that my friend Amelia got forgave me it was like in her closet this is something she got in Valley so I'm going to show you now pretty much for restless in my closet it's pretty much just like secondhand or something I got was in the last like six to eight years I just wear them over and over again and he's like my tanks couple dresses that I like this was a secondhand sweater that I got my sister gave me that she found that crossroads or something this is also sweater I got at a good little type store secondhand store I got it for like five bucks so that I wear like twice a year when I get cold in Hawaii and then the rest of the stuff you stresses are just cube sticks that I literally have bought like eight years ago when I was in college wait how many years goes with acknowledge eight nine ten eleven years ago I bought some dresses that I still keep today I don't know why they're sentimental to me like my prom dress so this was my winter formal dress and I think I just saw a little politics I think it's like I don't know I think it's like a pile of dress I really love it and I might just keep it forever and then turn it down to someone really special in the future I don't know hi let's say hi to the camera and I know my friend Bonnie recently did a video on an amazing ethical clothing company so check her video out as well out here we have people ask me all the time whether I get these hats and they're just from this guy down in Mahina on the west side of Maui he makes them out of palm leaves so we never have a website or anything but if you go to the Maui trying to find them in Lahaina on the side of the road this is a blanket that my great grandma made and I loved it and then a lot of blanquito people ask me a lot about that I have in my pictures on Instagram a lot is this one which I also got at a secondhand shop for $10 so it didn't have a name tag on it so it know where it's from one more thing people ask me every single video where my necklaces are from this necklace is from my friend Amanda she has an Etsy shop and it's the why I'm vegan necklace and it has different charms on it representing veganism they made from recycled materials and supporting an amazing stay-at-home mom living here in Bali and then this is also an amazing brand called ycl jewel sustainable as Wiegand ethical jewelry and this one is a ring by 31 bits my friend Callie is the co-founder and 31 bit it's an amazing company that supports women in Uganda and men in Bali it's a people before profit company and I love their jewelry that's pretty much all I got I hope you like this video thanks for watching before it could be big [Music]