if you like fruits and veggies and if you like fruit and veggie hauls I think you should hit the subscribe button right now subscribe you guys it's Christina and I'm excited to be back with you today because it is time for another delicious fully raw fruits and veggies oh you guys know how much I love my fruits and my veggies really love them and I think that you do too which is why I'm always so excited to share with you guys what's in my fridge the fall season is just here Halloween is here Thanksgiving is almost here and it's that time of year where I get to share with you all the seasonal fruits around this time pumpkins pomegranate or Simmons and so much more I know a lot of people are always worried once we hit the cold weather seasons what am I gonna eat if I'm raw or vegan and how am I gonna do this and I've been doing this 12 years and I've never ever been without something to eat and it's all about embracing the seasons eating local supporting organic eating the fruits of the season and this video is gonna be all about those bad before I show you what's in my fridge I just wanted to show you really quickly that um today I went out and I bought myself some flowers do you like I've had myself flowers quite a bit actually just really caught my eye and they're really beautiful and I tend to buy myself flowers a lot but I went a little overboard today why because flowers make me happy and for me I believe this journey is all about self-love it's all about doing the things that make you happy and that bring you joy and sometimes buying flowers is a part of that process for me this is very much mind/body/spirit healing food is obviously a huge component of the body part mind it's always about working on yourself making sure that you are always doing your best to become your best becoming strong up here as well as physically and spiritually also connecting yourself to Mother Nature to the earth eating the foods that are grown from the earth so that we can be more connected so that we can be conscious so that we can be woke I really want to do a future video on how this food wakes us up spiritually I know I've done it before and I've talked about this before but now more than ever I'm seeing so many people wake up to this message that food wakes you up perhaps it's that intro'd or that gateway drug that gets you to the next level of consciousness so that we can really begin to create a more conscious and environmentally friendly peaceful powerful and loving planet together I really believe that food is a huge component of this a woman actually commented on my Instagram this morning and I responded to her she said that my account always used to be about food and that all she used to like watching was recipes from me and now I've started posting more different things on my Instagram more lifestyle more mind/body/spirit travel so much more and she was just saying how she didn't like that and she wanted me to just stick to food but I feel like we're forever evolving and forever changing it's not just about food food is a major component absolutely and I'm never ever gonna stop doing food because that's what brought me into this journey that's what woke me up but I do also believe it's important to discuss the mental and the spiritual benefits of this as well because for me the physical benefits was just scratching the surface and then once I really got into self-love and becoming a better version of myself and really transforming and evolving I am finding that this is taking me to the next level in regards to my growth I want to bring you guys with me I don't ever want to just stay the same I want to grow with you guys it is I'm becoming more in tune with myself and more enlightened in the things that are happening in my life I want to share them with you so that you can become a better version of yourself as well don't you just love all the fields don't just love all the people say this though eating all this food has made me into much more of a highly emotional person not that I wasn't emotional before but it has made me more in tune with the things that are happening inside of me and sometimes I do have to take a moment and step back and be like what am I feeling how can I take this and apply this and make this into a better me you know it may sound weird to some people that like food was that catalyst for me and maybe this doesn't belong in my fridge hall video but it's coming up and therefore I'm talking about it and I hope you guys appreciate that authenticity it's happening so a flower is emotion spirituality food fridge hates my life okay so let's get started let me show you what's in my fridge and I do want to just say that everything that is in my fridge right now is for real nothing is sponsored this is completely a what's in my KB fridge this is a fully raw fridge so everything that is here is what I'm gonna be eating this week I know I've been doing a lot of traveling lately and normally I would have a little bit more but I leave in two weeks to go traveling again and by the time I get this video up it'll probably be like leave in two days so what you're looking at is enough to get me through like three or four days probably and I know that sounds like a lot but I eat a lot of food so remember raw foods are higher in water content lower in calories so I do eat a lot of food I'm also super active I love running I love going to the gym I've been doing weights lately I do yoga everyday hot yoga not just regular yoga and yeah so eat a lot of fruit I eat a lot of greens loving my avocados lately and all the above let's get started into the fridge section starting with the top shelf I have strawberries and blueberries and a ton of grapes in the back lately I've been putting all of my berries in jars I'm really doing my best to not use any plastic whatsoever I want to do a future video on getting rid of plastic in our homes I think that's so important and you guys are interested in sending me more details about that feel free to email me I'll put that in the description below I also have fresh green juice that I have been making every morning celery kale romaine cucumber lemon and ginger and then I have an orange and carrot juice and a pineapple and ginger juice I have a ton of evermore water every time somebody comes over I love to have fresh water I love drinking water currently in my house my water filters broken so there's been a lot of ever more water happening in my house lately second shelf right here I definitely have a lot of colorful things going on for the season as you can see I have a lot of pie pumpkins raw pie pumpkins because I'm going to be making a lot of raw pumpkin pie soon from my recipe from my book I've got pomegranates lemons rainbow carrots romaine limes little-bitty tangerines red yellow and orange bell peppers avocado you don't see this but I have about 12 other avocados in the drawer below actually wait a minute here it is there you go a ripe papaya and I have my herbs soaking up some nutrients and the jars right over here have mint thyme and basil the next row I have more pie pumpkins I will be making a lot of pumpkin pie yes this is true I have all apples behind there so it's maybe like 30 apples I'll probably be juicing those have purple cabbage more lemons pink radishes that I'll be putting in my salad and then I have cucumbers and Zippy's I'll be making noodles out of these and also juicing them and as you guys always know I have greens on the bottom shelf here always greens I cannot get enough greens and lately I've been eating like 3 to 4 heads a day sometimes a meal I think the other day I had a record of like 11 heads of greens in my day throughout the day I ate like eight heads of greens and then somewhere in the morning I juiced an extra three or four heads of greens and so I really been feeling the greens lately maybe it's the change of seasons but they're hydrating they're filled with so many nutrients I am loving my greens that's all on the bottom here I definitely have everything from kale celery red leaf lettuce some Swiss chard is in there as well spinach cilantro parsley tons of cilantro and parsley I'm really getting into my herbs lately don't really have much going on right here but I have been have some kelp noodles that I got there is some nutritional yeast some dried herbs here some coconut pine nuts and now I want to show you guys what's on my counter it doesn't look pretty it's been ripening for a while but I think you guys should see it so you have one giant pumpkin like a jack-o-lantern pumpkin I don't know what you call those but we're planning on carving it sometime this week I also have a fresh bowl of cut pineapple I just cut that up as I'm gonna use it either for dinner or juicing in the morning and that's probably about 2 or 3 pineapples cut up I also have a huge bowl of ripe mango that I just sliced I got a case of mango that was super ripe from the Asian market and so this is like 6 mangoes that I just sliced that I'm gonna have ready to eat my fridge I also have a bowl of tangerines and lemons and another plate of persimmons Fuyu persimmons pomegranates lemons and more I also have a bowl of cherry tomatoes red and orange cantaloupe and I have a ton of bananas this is only a small portion of the amount of bananas that I have in my house I bought another case this morning something that I'll do with my bananas is I'll buy a case like every 3 or 4 days I'll eat what I can and then I'll peel them put them in a ziploc bag and freeze them and I'll use them in my smoothies throughout the week family loves smoothies and bananas are a go-to in winter especially in the morning after I drink my green juice after I get my workout in just so good I love it oh and speaking of that I also have some spirulina that just came in but yes I do use Sun warrior protein in my banana smoothies have so many different youtube recipes with that on there so it would be bananas frozen cherries which about to show you right here got some of these today – frozen all frozen fruit in my fridge right now frozen fruit and nuts so that would be bananas frozen cherries a scoop of Sunwarrior and you can add whatever else in there that you need but those three ingredients are pretty much Elsa and some coconut water I forgot to get coconuts at the store did they ask you or you just say that you're fine you're not really fine but you just can't get into it because they work that route nursing I would have cut young coconuts today at the store had I remember that's okay oh and one more thing hemp seeds hemp seeds and sesame seeds these are great for dressings and I've been getting a lot of olive air lately this has been great to put in my smoothies or just scoop once a day I also have been making my own hair mixes with just that I am planning a future video to show you guys with it I've also been putting some of this on the scar on me those of you who've been following me know of it when I was in Bali Oliveira is great for your hair for your skin for everything love Oliveira I've had a lot of people recently also asked me if I could do a pantry haul video and i think i will prepare one to do for you i really want to do a pantry haul video the funniest thing is is I just never have anything in my pantry I always have stuff in my brain I tend to focus on the fresh food as they hope you guys all do as well but I also think it would be fun to show you guys what I eat when it's not just a fresh fruit or vegetable maybe I'll get thrive market involved because they're kind of cool and I hope you save money on groceries as well so this is what is in my house currently nothing too crazy nothing different from the norm that I usually have going on but so much more sentiment here and you know just some things that I'm working on for myself right now me being open and transparent with you is me post-closing co-op I'm still very much trying to find my way and I very much appreciate every single one of you guys who've been there to support me along the way not having roughly organic anymore being patient with me as I travel and I'm you know doing different things to rediscover my purpose and I think my purpose is still the same but we all have our journeys and I appreciate those of you have been so understanding and loving to me it really does as always I'm excited to answer your questions about this lifestyle to inspire you to become the healthiest version of yourselves if you have any questions be sure to write them below I'm always happy to share with you what I have in my home mom is doing great post challenge by the way and yeah if you guys want more daily updates don't forget to follow my Instagram stories and check it out there if you haven't already and if you like my videos be sure to hit the subscribe button working on more recipes for you guys that are gonna be coming up this week are you guys I hope you have enjoyed this quick simple video of what's in my fridge what's in my kitchen right now I appreciate and love you all so much and I'm sending you all my hugs my love bye