[Music] all right so we're taking this car for a test drive are you okay are you scared [Music] hey you guys it's Christina and I'm so excited to bring you the BMW i3 giveaway for those of you who don't know I'm giving away this car right behind me and I'm so excited to take this car on a test drive with you today so the BMW believe a calm and enter the giveaway for your chance to win this car you'll need to do three things in order to win number one enter the giveaway by participating in the entries on this page you'll need to be sure that you're subscribed to my youtube channel and following me on instagram number two be sure to turn on my post notifications and every time that I post about the giveaway be sure that you're liking the post and tagging five friends and number three we want you to engage in this giveaway share with your family and your friends enter for them and get them to enter for you alright so I took me like five minutes to figure out how to start and stopping because I couldn't like it couldn't hear the car and then I realized that the car is completely silent so I hear that this thing has a lot of torque alright so without further ado let's start driving I'm gonna put this thing in Drive and let's go we're moving number one I don't hear the car and number two this thing is really smooth and number three it doesn't move unless my foot is on the pedal which means that if I take my foot off the pedal it's really weird every time I take my foot off the accelerator it just like stops it's just something to get used to well this car does come with the range extender so it'll do about a hundred to one hundred and twenty miles depending on your driving style on just the electricity so how fast is this car acceleration this is quicker than some of the cars that we currently make just because you have all that torque available at so the best part about it is that you don't have any turbo lag and you tell me why this car is cool tell me why it's vegan friendly people look at it as just sort of a tiny little hatchback kind of thing but that's my favorite part this car also has made of you know recycled materials so this – all around here is made from recycled newspapers a wood on the dash inlay right up here is actually unused bamboo that's falling apart or that's just you know caught fire I mean you have the intelligent safety over here which is front collision warning and pedestrian warrant you also have the adaptive cruise control so which will catch on the car in front of you if he slows down why are your people honking at me alright so we are going pretty fast right now this thing does accelerate pretty well it is a really fast car we're going 70 to help you not speed you also get speed limited information right next to this manometer am i scaring you yet no no that was fun it's just a cute car it's cute I love that it's biodegradable I love that it's vegan friendly I love that it comes without leather in it I love that it's made of recycled materials in bamboo wood what else am I missing and people always worried that you might have to charge it at just a charging station or designated points you don't have to this car comes with a charger that plugs into your garage yeah that's crazy so you could literally charge this car in a basic charging unit like a 240 volt charging station in your garage plug it in you can charge this car in an outlet that's crazy that's so cool and another thing that I heard about this car is that because it's electric you get a tax write-off and you can use the tollways for free echo friendly car yeah it definitely still has the vibes of a BMW but also a very eco-friendly conscious by family friendly save it's not just a car it's a lifestyle work it so if you were gonna share the three coolest things about this car what would they be number one the practicality I can still take three four people I can still have a trunk full of groceries front full of groceries I'm saving the planet you're saving the planet because it's completely electric you can charge it into a wall and it charges up it's also eco-friendly because it's made completely of recycled materials it's vegan friendly you can get it made without leather and and so much more number two would be the performance it's different because all that torque is available at no rpm so you put your foot down and this car just takes off like a little so it's speedy it's fast this car is fast Wow okay what is the third reason that makes this car so cool the available features on these are just amazing the sound system you get this massive screen that's for navigation and all kinds of things the adaptive cruise control and personal sunroof is fun I like that it's fast its recyclable it's electric it's vegan friendly it still has the features of a BMW that make it amazing has living bamboo in it made of newspaper material and has a cool sound system well thank you for the ride today it's been real you survived you didn't die I I kept you alive today and this was really fun I hope you guys have enjoyed the test-drive of the BMW i3 if you have not already joined the giveaway go to BMW Jolie ROG calm and enter the giveaway for your chance to win this car sending you on the hub [Music] you [Music]