hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a shower routine and this video has been requested a lot recently just because we are in winter now and the last time I did a shower routine was summertime and a lot of you guys are like have you changed your shower routine we want to know what products you're using especially since you've changed your hair color are you doing anything different for that so I just figured I'm gonna do an updated shower routine for you guys and show you guys all the products that I'm using in the shower I definitely have updated pretty much everything like I don't think anything is the same from my last shower routine so let's go ahead and get started the very first thing is one of my new favorite products and it is from imminence and it's organic skincare it's from Hungary and it's strawberry-rhubarb and it's basically like an exfoliant I just like to wash my face immediately as soon as I get in the shower especially if I have any makeup on that way when my pores open up nothing is like sinking in so I like to go ahead and wash my face first thing when I get in the shower and what you do with this stuff it's really cool you pour it into your hand and it's like a powder I've actually used something kind of like this before but you pour it into your hand and then you drip a little water in there and rub it together and it basically kind of becomes like a cream like a very like sandy cream because it is exfoliating and then I just rub it into my skin and then wash it off I actually got this from my spa that I go to if you're in the area I go to Venetian Spa in Fayetteville oh my gosh they're the best they take care of me so well and I was having a lot of breakouts recently especially around my chin I think it's just hormonal and so I was starting to get some facials there and the lady that does my facials she suggested this and so I've been using this and everything has been working it so well on me so you're gonna realize through this video I kind of have a method to my madness that I didn't really explain in my last shower routine but I'm definitely gonna be explaining all of that what I like to do next is shampoo my hair I'm using this product from Amica also suggested to me by the lady who does my hair at the spa same spot since I blonde now I don't want it to go brassy and I really have a big problem with my hair going brassy because my like original color like back when I was a kid was about this color but of course as you get older it darkens I will leave a link down below of a video I did where I feel like it's like my most natural hair color and when you look at me you kind of don't know it's like is her natural hair color brown like a really light brown or a really dark blonde it's it's a mix between the two so for that reason I have a big problem with my hair going brassy but whenever it's brown I have a problem with it turning back blonde so it's a big ol upkeep so I've been using Amica and it's to keep the brassiness away from your hair and it's purple like legit straight up purple whenever you pour it into your hand but it's kind of it kind of works like a toner and that it keeps the brassiness away and speaking of the method to my madness I like to go ahead and shampoo my hair next because apparently my skin is really sensitive and so I like to go ahead and shampoo and rinse all that out before I shave because if I do it the opposite way and I've shaved my legs first and then I shampoo and then all the like soap comes like down my body it actually burns my legs so it kind of gives me like a razor burn but that's why I decide to like shampoo first like I said it's a whole big like method to my madness after that i conditioned and I'm using the Amika conditioner and the lady who actually does my hair recommended that I leave this in for a long time like as long as possible that way it really keeps the brassiness away because even though I was using this for pretty much every single wash my hair was still going brassy and so she was like try to leave it in there for longer than you normally do so I put this in and while this is in I go ahead and wash my body and shave and all of that to wash my body I've been using a method foaming wash and you guys know that I'm not really big on like shaving creams or anything I don't I have not used a shaving cream and I don't know how long but this stuff is foamy so I feel like it's really good if you do want like a mix you don't want to buy another product for like shaving cream so I use this to wash my body with and to shave with Mel's really really good this one isn't cucumber mint and I get it off of the growth collaborative website I pretty much get everything off the girl collaborative website but I want to smell it yeah it's a very like I will I actually wouldn't describe it as cucumber mint it kind of has more of a mmm like a fruity scent to it so when I filled the overlays for this I don't think I showed this product because I don't use this every time but when I got to thinking about it I was like I do want to mention this I got this a little like scrub brush at Marshalls or TJ Maxx it was one of those and I use this if I have been self-tanning which I do a lot but I use this one I'm self-tanning because sometimes if you self tan you totally know that sometimes like you'll wash for a few times and then you'll realize like especially around your underarms or in-between like your chest you have these like marks where the tanning lotion has kind of just set so I like to use this it works really well and all I do is just put some of that so on here and scrub my body with it this is also supposed to help with cellulite so if you guys have a problem with that I have a few problem areas with that then you can use this and it helps a lot so after I'm done with washing my body and everything I go ahead and take the conditioner out of my hair at this point I probably leave it in there anywhere between like 5 to 10 minutes because it really doesn't take me that long to like shave and wash my body and also it depends on like how much of a hurry I'm in so it's anywhere from like 5 to 10 minutes that I leave my hair just sitting with that conditioner and that's basically it for my shower routine I hope you guys found this video helpful and it answered a lot of y'all's questions please leave it a thumbs up if you liked this video and subscribe to my channel if you are new I've got a giveaway going and it only lasts a few more days so be sure to enter into that if you are a subscriber of mine and you don't miss out and I will see you guys in the next video bye