I started my day with 30 ounces of juice after drinking some h2o then drank the OJ like a recluse up at my desk like you'd never know just a bit later I had something blended my favorite way to get a nutrition when the fruit is frozen it really tastes funded your family will think you're a magician the blueberries wild the bananas ripe spirulina and barley so green cilantro Oh Jay and doles are the type that will make you the smoothie Queen this meal has made my health improve its filling because it's so packed with things to restore you as well as remove the metals you want to extract a bit after that I found a fruit sitting there that was begging to be picked and eaten eating this persimmon was like having an affair with James Dean or Diane Keaton sometime later I had a big bowl of greens with avow and veggies and herbs these are the things that contain the proteins to kick your vegan fear to the curb the dressing was hummus and lemons so good with plenty of doles and cayenne as I'm pouring it on help me out if you would let me know for how much just say when I always bring food everywhere that I go whether a full meal or just a snack an apple trail mix and tea since I know I won't have food until I get back after work I did nothing to make my own dinner since my mom is constantly cooking she made this soup that's an absolute winner and in my opinion a very good-looking it's mushroom and barley and more mushrooms to boot rich in flavor and more mushrooms on top if you don't like mushrooms this isn't for you but if you don't like mushrooms then just stop my mom's given the recipe in the box below so you can make the soup next time you want a dinner that you just know will blow your cussing mind thank you for sitting through these terrible rhymes to tell you the truth they're not great but I was trying to find a new way that's mine to show you today what I ate