so I know it's the holidays and all and people are trying to stay on the nice list but it's time to get a little bit naughty hey hey hey it's eatin here thank you so much for coming back to millennial moms before we get started go ahead and click that red subscribe button right down here and give this video a big thumbs up because I know you're gonna like it now I know I set the naughty word but have no fear this is a family show here and all of the naughtiness is g-rated we have g-rated naughty here so everyone can participate in the naughtiness so what I'm talking about is pulling pranks and we are going to take a classic prank and give it a holiday twist we are going elfing and elfing is just a fancy word for doorbell ditching so I know we can all think back to those times and your childhood and in your past and maybe not so that far back maybe you're an adult and you enjoy doorbell ditching but we can all relate to this and all know how fun it is to door bell ditch except this time we're leaving goodies behind so I have enlisted the help of my family my kids and my and we are going to put together some goodies for our friends and neighbors I'm not gonna tell you who it is because they might see this and then they're gonna know it's me so I'm not gonna do that but come along with us and we're gonna show you how we got ready for our adventure and then take you along with this as we go elf someone okay so we're here at our local dollar store and we are going to get our stockings and give some goodies maybe some little crafts I don't I'm gonna let the kids decide I'm gonna let them choose what they want to put in a stocking so let's go find them and see what they found okay Savannah you're the stocking picker outter what ones do you like well that's cute what else okay and pick another one ooh stop can you pick your outer girl okay Channing what do you like Sam phone Oh cute okay so we can divide up the angles in the stance okay what do you think what are you gonna choose those a box of little mini candy cane you could do that do that or do you mini can't okay good job buddy why don't you pick a couple of those but those in there oh this one where does that tis this tis the season peppermint cream tis this evening and spiced okay okay so the instructions come in a little poem so I'm gonna read the poem to you and then explain how it works so it says you've been out okay now I see that you have found the little Christmas elf has come to town please help Santa spread some Christmas cheer to loving families far and near weave Christmas treats where the elf has not gone ring the doorbell and hurry on now post the elf as a sign that you've continued this joyous line another Christmas tradition has begun thanks for sharing in this holiday fun Happy Holidays yes and so they'll cut this in half and hang this in their window or their door and then have this and so the idea is to carry on this tradition they will need to make copies of this and put their own copy with their goodie bag with their stocking with whatever they choose to do to elf someone so I added something else so if you're going to be an elf you need to have an elf name and so I found this really cute elf name generator' online and okay we're gonna find out what our elf names are okay so in this generator there's plenty and lots to choose from but in this particular one it goes by the first letter of your first name and the month you were born okay so Boston you are B me and when were you born in December okay so B is you are nipper pointy toe okay you are Cu and October oh my gosh this is perfect for you bubbles sparkly toes your bubbles you certain there okay me okay so i'm ii and a month of June so I am squeezy toe bells okay let's find out what dad is dad is the nipper angel pan oh ok so sorry that was our dog loop let's give him an elf name you know Luke is Elle and he was hot August right is tinker sugar socks darkies really quick Barbie is deep happy floppy feet in February happy Bobby Elvis plum pants so anyway that's just something fun to put in there so we are going to roll up each of these into a little scroll and stick those in their stocking book yeah so that's what we're going to do so we get started okay [Applause] [Music] there's lots of variations like this that go around we've been booed nothing it's a little ghost there's an a or there's like a pardon pad for Valentine's Day it's really fun it's a really fun way to put a holiday spin on a little fun harmless doorbell ditch train so we are on our way to our first house we're going to else [Music] we're all a little excited and a little bit nervous there's our handsome getaway driver and a you excited Christmas sir so Merry Christmas are you absolutely idea is is we're gonna try and speed up ring the doorbell and run so wish us luck hang on they're very festive they're very very she's sneaking up she's sneaking up okay hurry hurry put it on their door just late just put it down okay don't pity set it up nice oh my god [Music] we gotta make a run for it they had a glass door [Music] oh they just open the door can you see it did you see what happened so what did you think the reason that I love this so much is it can be completely customizable to your neighborhood to your friends and their needs you can do acts of service while your elfing leaving goodies they can be homemade goodies anything works anything goes so enjoy this holiday season with your family and your friends and if you hear your doorbell ring take a little time getting there because someone might be helping you and you got to give them a chance to run away so thank you so much for watching if you want to see some more millennial on videos click right here if you want to see more from me click right above me right up here and click this kissy face right down here to subscribe and have a happy holiday season bye [Music]